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Comment 14 Jul 2019
Well obviously I was saying this as a joke, but since you had to get hurt over it, as a former D1 college football player...I can tell you it does happen. And if it happened at the non power 5 school I played for it happens at the majors...and I know this because believe it or not...when you play college sports you tend to know others that play for bigger schools. Though this was all of 11 years ago so maybe things changed. Anyway...if you want proof just dig in a little may not always come in the form of straight money...but perhaps one is paid quite well to mow lawns, clean a house, wash some cars, or caddy at a local club that offers generous tips...for carrying clubs a couple rounds a year. Perhaps it isn't hundreds of thousands like a college scholarship but of you really want to get into a pissing match I can. Anyway thanks for no input.
Comment 06 Jul 2019
Lol, on words. I live up here...actually not too far from Ann Arbor. The talk has already started as to how they have our number this year. I plainly told one co worker...until Michigan has significant success against us, I could care less about what your fans think.
Comment 04 Jul 2019
Clemson is shit? 2 national championships in 3 years...and they beat our ass whenever we play them. You are delusional...I don't see how Clemson is falling off...they have an easy road in the ACC and they are recruiting like crazy. I could see Bama falling back a little before Clemson just because Clemson has the easier road on a yearly basis.
Comment 16 Apr 2019
Luckily we are stocked with talent left over from Urban. Day needs to do something special this year, just my opinion, in order to keep the recruiting train rolling. If he struggles and drops 3 games we will be on a level playing field with the upper tiers but not with the elite teams. Our classes could look more like TTUN, Penn State instead of Alabama, UGA and Clemson.