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Comment 13 hours ago
Had we played more of our better opposition at the beginning of the an OOC game that had a little more spotlight, Fields probably would be in the race more than he is now. LSU had a very front loaded schedule, culminating two weeks ago against Alabama...while OSU has a back loaded schedule. Everyone spotted Burrow early after Texas and it is hard to make that ground up for anyone else.
Comment 16 hours ago
Right...Michigan is ironically the only game we could drop and still get in...but fuck that, don't need to see them having a damn parade in Ann Arbor claiming to be national champs.
Comment 16 hours ago
Sitting at 4 and knocking off the #1 (or could be 2 by then) team would most certainly get them in the playoffs as a 3 seed should OSU and Clemson go unbeaten.
Comment 17 hours ago
Joe is a good story, but if LSU hadn't been such a train wreck at the QB position for the last however many years I don't think he would be getting this much press. He is definitely doing well but I also think that the SEC is not as great as people think it is. LSU is getting all the hype due to the story while Ohio State and Clemson sit back and possibly wait to capitalize on what is an atrocious Oklahoma is. So I cheer for JB as a person but won't care when LSU gets gutted at some point.
Comment 19 Nov 2019
Exactly! Chase Young could have easily said fuck it I'm done and focused on the draft when his suspension came about. I highly doubt if he is wanting to come back after that circus for regular season games he would sit out the playoffs.
Comment 19 Nov 2019
I think Alabama's schedule is why they should be left out, nothing to do with Tua. When JT went down we still got in because we won a conference championship and had a good number of good wins. Alabama has nothing to hang their hat on with or without Tua. At the end of the day as a human I hope Tua goes on and has a great career and does well for himself. That said he should not be a factor of being in or out of the playoffs...they didn't win the SEC west and have no good wins to overcome that barrier and put them in.
Comment 18 Nov 2019
Right so let the guys sit out a bunch of games. I work in a field where I rely on my hands and eyes to be very precise in what I do...I did things in years of schooling for my profession which could have injured my hands and eyes...I didn't sit out to protect them...I went through and completed what I had to do in order to pursue my career. Sure it isn't a difference of 25 million...but should I have been injured it would have been the difference of a lot of money to me...and nobody would have been crying for me if I got injured.
Comment 18 Nov 2019
These are some pretty good points. You are right, people act like all these players became vegetables after their injuries. The majority recover and go on to make a very healthy living playing pro ball.
Comment 18 Nov 2019
Exactly...for every Nick Bosa (and he had an injury so I don't really fault him) there are a bunch of guys that absolutely flop. NFL teams are looking to make money...and bad picks don't make money so they want to see how the guys play...if they were just worried about potential than they would just allow guys to get drafted out of high school.
Comment 18 Nov 2019
Nobody is forcing these guys to play. I think the Tua injury was horrible and he had a very unlucky day and I hope that he heals up and goes on to have a great NFL career. Finebaum is right kids may see that and say "I don't want that to be me" but what are they going to do...start sitting every game out? Play only their freshman and sophomore year and sit their junior year to protect draft stock? If you want to get to the NFL college ball is how you do it. It isn't like Tua reinjured his bad ankle...this was a totally different injury. Injuries have been happening in football forever...and people blessed with enough talent go on to get paid more than most CEOs get paid...and injuries are a part of that risk. Was it dumb to play Tua...yeah maybe because he had a nagging injury...that's why it was dumb...but this may have happened if he never had a previous injury anyway.
Comment 18 Nov 2019
True but MSU has had more injuries since then and like half their team is heading for the portal. There is a lot of stuff going wrong in Lansing. I work between Ann Arbor and Lansing so I get to hear about both sides on a daily basis.