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I was born in Toledo, Ohio. Moved around to different states as a child because of a crazy childhood. Somehow we ended up in south Mississippi. But Ohio is at my heart n I love my Buckeyes. In midst of bandwagon bama fans everywhere I go, I represent.


  • SPORTS MOMENT: 2014 Alabama vs Ohio state being the only buckeye fan in a bar full of bama fans while cheering my boys to victory.
  • NFL TEAM: Saints
  • NBA TEAM: Lakers

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Comment 05 Jan 2019
fear the nut common man. Do put that championship on Barrett that was cardale. Barrett showed us what would of happen if he played when he faced Clemson. Good defenses made Barrett look silly so many times. If Barrett played Wisconsin we wouldn't have blown them out nearly as bad and more than likely get left out the playoffs. The Wisconsin game got us in and that was cardale showing us how to properly us Devin Smith and opening the running game up. Defenses had to respect cardale. The clemson game Barrett should have been benched just out of desperation saban had the guts to do it for tua, Meyer didnt. I love Meyer but he can be blindly loyal.
Comment 01 Oct 2018
It's almost like Urban tries to prove a point to the 5 star kids and play the hard working older guys that aren't nearly as good. jt Barrett struggled bad against Clemson never once got took out. Arnette seems to be a hard worker but Wade seems special and yet he's behind Arnette. Tyreke Johnson seems like he has that it factor but he's not "game ready" you see bama and Clemson start freshman if they are better players. Constantly taking older guys spots making headlines with it. Urban seems scared to make them calls. I never see him bench guys.
Comment 01 Aug 2018
Common man stop putting people on a pedestal. Everyone has skeletons. Especially when it comes to family. You don't know these people personally. It's looking bad for Urban. If Smith wasn't Earl's grandson he would have been fired long ago n that itself shows blind loyalty and a tendency to favor people. I fully believe Urban is capable of trying to change smith. He sent him to counseling, which is very telling.
Comment 07 May 2018
I think burrow can be our Alex smith. Maybe a little slower but better deep ball. I think he's the best qb n has shown it every chance he's gotten. Just bc Haskins has all this potential they love him. Who's to say burrow wouldn't have brought us back against Michigan. I believe Barrett was just that bad smh. I'd love to see burrow start. But urban don't want him to transfer so he's acting like he had a chance. But he's hype Haskins every chance he's got
Comment 03 May 2018
A little off topic. But McCall is one of my favorite buckeyes and seems to have something special every time he touches the ball. But he's going into his junior year n still buried on the depth chart bc of seniority. If hill comes back next year which he probably will bc Campbell will be gone McCall will still be on the sidelines majority of the time.. I really hope mcall is given a chance in start at the h back position. I have a feeling they'd start hill bc of seniority. I'd love to see McCall get his chance.
Comment 28 Jan 2018
Absolutely lb u. They believe stats tell you how good a player is lol. Stats can be very inflated. I'd bet any amount of money if u started haskins or burrow for 4 years 2 of which he had Micheal Thomas they would break most of Barretts passing "records". Urbans players always break records bc his style of coaching. Barrett was a product of the system if I've ever seen one.
Comment 16 Jan 2018
I love how you said he's the first buckeye to win pfwa player of the year award since.................. Last year????? Way to go marshon and pat. Crazy to think the defensive rookie of the year and offensive rookie of the year could potentially both be from Ohio. Speaks valumes of the talent in state.
Comment 13 Jan 2018
I love Jones remember being very happy when he committed to the Buckeyes. While he has the potential and NFL wanting him I honestly believe BB Landers will be the one to put up crazy numbers (if he starts) it seems like every time he got in he was getting tackles for lots or in the backfield. He beats his man off the ball almost every time. He's a little bowling ball. Very excited to see what these two can do next year.
Comment 12 Jan 2018
Idk why they're down voting you buckey4ever21 it's the truth. Bamas receivers suddenly looked elite with a accurate qb. Can't believe they're still blaming the receivers. Watch last year's spring game. Those same receivers jt couldn't hit were being thrown open by burrow and haskins