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Third generation Buckeye living deep in SEC territory. Dreaming of the day when l return to the promised land.


  • SPORTS MOMENT: 1/12/15. Nuff said.
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Comment 20 Jan 2015

This is great.  When Miller went down, a good friend of mine (who's an SEC fan) told me that I should just cut my losses and accept that this was just going to be a rebuilding year for OSU football.  I laughed him off and told him where he could go shove it.  After the VT game, all I cared about was beating TTUN. I almost couldn't even enjoy that win though, because I was so upset over Barrett's injury.  And then the B1G Championship Game happened.  And then the Sugar Bowl.  And then the National Championship Game.

This past season has just been such an incredible gift.  Thank you boys.  GO BUCKS!

Comment 06 Dec 2014

So excited for tonight!  I can't wait to see Cardale finally have his moment to shine too. 

Is it gametime yet??? 

Comment 05 Dec 2014
Born and raised in Louisiana. My dad, his parents, and his sister are OSU alumni, so naturally my brother and I had no choice! (Not that either of us would have had it any other way!) I'm back in Louisiana now for medical school, but I'm hoping to be able to make it back to Columbus one day. I love 11W - it makes me feel more connected
Comment 29 Nov 2014

I keep telling myself this……..no matter what happens next week, I'll still love my Buckeyes. COME ON, CARDALE! WE NEED YOU!!!

Comment 26 Nov 2014


But really, 8-1 since I actually started caring about OSU football.  The younger generation has been really spoiled as of late, huh?

Comment 26 Nov 2014

Cornbread and oyster dressing is delicious. That's all you need to know.

Comment 26 Nov 2014

Thanks guys, now I'm hungry...

  1. Green bean casserole. 
  2. sweet potato casserole
  3. oyster dressing
  4. Mama's pecan pie
  5. pumpkin cheesecake