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I’m a member of the Harbaugh fan club on Facebook and the idiot fans up north still don’t understand why I’m a Harbaugh fan, so sad.


  • SPORTS MOMENT: The game when I took my profile picture, 50 yard line, seventh row. Or Krenzel 4th down pass to beat Purdue.
  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: Bennie Wells (Best Stiff Arm Ever)
  • NFL TEAM: Browns
  • NBA TEAM: Cavs
  • MLB TEAM: Indians
  • SOCCER TEAM: 5th-6th grade boys green team Perrysburg Ohio

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Comment 30 Jul 2019

Zeke was plan B at one point.  We wanted Derrick Green who was much higher in the rankings in late 2011 early 2012.  Don’t know if he lost interest or we did, or both.  But we decided on Zeke, lower rated four star APB.  Things worked out OK with that.  We’ll figure it out.

Comment 24 Jul 2019

First college football game was 1869 Princeton vs Rutgers.  150 years of college football.  Almost every team is wearing some kind of patch, they may all be the same, but that’s the reason.

Comment 01 Jul 2019

Fields gets Thiesmanned his first play, out forever.  Buckeyes get recognized as a specialty nut and we can’t use the name so we have to become the Ohio State Horsechestnuts.  Ryan Day leaves to coach Clemson’s QBs mid season.  Meyer takes USC job and all former staff with him.  Hartline becomes Alabama’s WR coach. We lose every game but Michigan, lets be realistic, this is just a “worst case” scenario, not the apocalypse.  We finish 1-11 and never have another winning season.  Stupid Article

Comment 28 Jun 2019

One main reason I put 2002 over 2014 was that we beat the super team both years, but in 2014 it was like the miracle on ice, we still had another game.  I don’t know any fans that were all that worried about Oregon,  we had just run all over Bama, teams didn’t and haven’t done that to them since.  Both great seasons.

Comment 28 Jun 2019

2002, it was a surprise.  Since then we’re supposed to be in the mix.  The Nuge helped out in so many close games.  People gave Maurice Clarrett a lot of crap after this year, but that kid played to win every time he touched the football.  I was 26 and loved Ohio State football but didn’t always watch every game.  I caught the end of the Cincinnati game on the radio. Which for a second the announcers thought Cincinnati won, then they said he dropped the pass.  I haven’t missed a game since then.  I remember the way the whole bar erupted after the “Holy Buckeye” play, strangers hugging each other a lot of shots.  Got to watch the National Championship with my extended family mostly Buckeyes about 5 Up Northers (who were all pouting and watching the game on a smaller tv upstairs).  It was the greatest feeling I’ve ever had after watching a sporting event and to be there with a bunch of cousins and Uncles who had all been super fans their entire lives and finally Win it.  After all the great teams in the nineties that couldn’t do it, I thought it couldn’t happen.  The one year we go undefeated we have to play a super team that’s never lost?  I loved it. I loved watching Ken Dorsey get spun around like a rag doll and just try to throw the ball in the right direction.

2012 would have been nice if we would’ve banned ourselves the year before.  It would have made 2014 so much sweeter.  We would have had Bama fans claiming if we had the playoff they could have beat OSU or ND.  That’s all they would have talked about for two years until we played them as the four seed.  

When does it get mentioned that 15% of players randomly tested for PEDs at Clemson failed?  Including Dexter Lawrence.  Family members getting houses at LSU?

Comment 18 May 2019

I’ve read a lot of these, pretty good.  I have calmed down slightly, but I think I hate Michigan as an Idea now and as an adult can’t hate the players.  I did a lot of stupid shit when I was 18.  I probably hated Michigan fans more than Michigan during Cooper years.  I can’t hate Harbaugh because he’s such a Joke and so bad, but for some reason he gets a pass from media and fans.  Chase Whino-vich popped into my head, It might be the haircut.  

Comment 18 May 2019

I was born in Cleveland and lived there until I was 14 in 1990,  and I was a big Browns fan.  So I hate Horseface, not even close.  I saw this and instantly just thought “Elway!”, Like jerry thinks of Newman.  I can’t right now think of anyone else right now.  But the whole time I’ve been typing I’m still in a rage.  Thanks for bringing up old shit, I was going to have a nice day.

Comment 18 Jan 2019

Just my opinion, which doesn’t matter, but it seems like the smart thing would have been graduate and compete with Baldwin and probably Fields and if you don’t get the job then transfer.  Joe Borrow did it that way and it worked out, why take the risk when you may have been starting.  Anyway best of luck at the U they need a good QB and I hope he does great, he would have under Meyer, but I don’t think he would have played much under Day.

Comment 13 Jan 2019

The Kid is upset and has every right to be upset.  He waited his turn and then Day gets some fancy new toy, everybody forgets about Tate.  I think he was hurt when Urban, Dwayne, Justin all went to a BB game together.  He knows his style doesn’t fit as well as Fields with Day coaching.  I think he might stick around to see if Fields gets his waiver.  I sincerely hope he transfers somewhere he can play and does a great job.  Remember he wouldn’t even be the back up if Joe Borrow wouldn’t have left.  I would have loved to see Tate and Fields battle for the starting spot.  Baldwin should be a fine backup then Jack Miller gets here and we have two quality back ups.  You can’t expect someone like Martell to wait forever.  He didn’t lose a game in high school (while playing the best teams across the country) and he was the Gatorade national player of the year, he deserves a shot to play.

Comment 14 Dec 2018

It’s hard to describe why I hate them so much and that at the same time I love Harbaugh, Winovich, the whole class that lost to us in 2006 and came back to lose to App St and then us again, Desmond.  They have so many Villians it’s great.  What I don’t understand is how someone that I’ve been told is intelligent (Zach Harrison) could even think about playing for a clown like Harbaugh.  How does he get recruits?  How could anyone take him seriously?  I’ll never understand that.

Comment 12 Dec 2018

I don’t think he’s a stupid kid. I think he would rather go to Michigan or PSU but knows he needs development and has watched Larry Johnson make sure Nick Bosa was a number one pick while Rashan Gary is the exact same player he was as a freshman.  Number one high school player and he goes in late first or second round.  I think he picks Johnson and tOSU.

Comment 20 Nov 2018

It needs to be something a little more recent,  I think OHIO by the black keys would be perfect.

Comment 20 Nov 2018

He’s Right.  They are not EMO or Poppunk, or whatever they said.  It’s a great song but I do like the idea of OHIO by the black keys.  Give it a listen if you’ve never heard it.