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Comment 24 Nov 2020

Bucks get the ball up 7 with 10:26 to go.  An 11-play, 68-yard drive ensues, eating up 5:47 on the clock with mostly runs.  Jim Tressel smiles and continues knitting.  On 4th and 1 from the 7 with 4:39 to go, we don't take the FG and go up two possessions.  We also don't run QB sneak, which has worked throughout the season, even from 3 yards out.  Jim Tressel drops the crochet hook and faints.  Before the ball was snapped, when you saw Justin Fields in shotgun, what was your take?

Comment 16 Nov 2020

Gratuitous hot take: Michigan is terrible.  That aside, is this the week Ryan Day greenlights Justin Fields in the running game?  If not, will we see it unleashed before the playoff?  Please include a comprehensive discussion of Justin Fields' veganism in your answer.

Comment 12 Oct 2020
We, as fans, particularly those of us who follow recruiting, tend to carry bias from recruiting rankings forward. We give the benefit of the doubt to the higher ranked player. Despite all the talk of rankings being meaningless when recruits turn into freshmen, do coaches display the same biases in deciding who gets reps and ultimately plays?
Comment 25 May 2020

1. Latham - need a high level OT, and there doesn't seem to be a realistic plan B.  I'm sure they could pull someone from elsewhere, but we're probably talking about a dropoff.

2. JT - game-changer on DL always highly valued

3.  Malone - ditto, and we didn't take any true DTs last class and only one (Hall) so far this year

4.  Davis Jr - elite talent is always a priority regardless of position, and positional versatility means he's not a total luxury

5. Egbuka - elite talent, but total luxury

6. Wolfe - high-level blocking TE is important to Wilson/Day's offense, even if it doesn't show up in stats

7.  Burton - OG is not a position of need after taking a bunch last class

Comment 23 Feb 2020
Honesty, I think the make-or-break years have come and gone for these guys, except Gill and maybe the other WRs. When i think of make-or-breaks for this season, I think of Tyreke Johnson, Petit-Frere, and Gill. These are guys that have had excuses for not emerging, but if it doesn't happen this year, they're destined to be career backups or transfer. Most of the guys on this list have already missed that window.