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Comment 16 Oct 2019

A little late for this, but still worth mentioning...

Hands down, the BEST Buckeye bar in NYC is in Williamsburg, Brooklyn @ 4th Down, 750 Grand St.  It's crazy how many people who are visiting NYC on holiday will drop by 4th Down to catch a game. So much better to watch there than with midtown tourists in a crowded bar no real New Yorker would ever step foot in. Get the real NYX experience... 4th Down for the win.

Comment 24 Nov 2015

Hey bucknutzone - really cool, I bought your book. Funny enough, today I was googling "Buckeye trees in NY" and they are native to NY as well. I'm going to plant some on some property up in the Catskills to remind me of home... perfect timing, thanks!

Comment 23 Nov 2015

You can tell your local butcher to spatchcock the bird. I get it done at the North Market in Columbus. Like he said, it basically makes the bird lay flat so it cooks evenly. The Caja China is fueled by charcoal, and the charcoal is on the exterior and the heat penetrates inside. It's not a smoker, it's equivalent is kind of like how they bury a pig in Hawaii. They cover it, and put hot coals ad rocks around it, and then bury it fully. On the Caja China, you don't get the smoke flavor, but you do get incredible tender meat because the moisture is sealed in, and you get a seared crispy skin too. Perfect for whole pigs.

The big green egg is baller! What kind of wood do you use?

I am saving up my dollars right now for one of these:  http://www.grillery.com/customers.html

Comment 23 Nov 2015

Agreed, really hope Cardale can go to a good NFL team and eventually develop into something special. The promise he shows in the right offensive scheme is unlimited! Would be great to get into an NFL team with zero QB controversy and sit behind the starter for 2-3 years before he steps into the limelight.

Comment 23 Nov 2015


I second the spatchcock. I'm dry rubbing 2 birds, injecting them with marinade, then throwing the spatchcocked SOBs on the Caja China for a couple hours.

The first with lemon rosemary and maldon salt underneath the skin, the second jamaican jerk'd like we're high on the cliffs of Negril.


Comment 23 Nov 2015

It's easy for us to evaluate Cardale and JT from their success last year, but if you evaluate them this year based purely on 2015 stats it's very much a toss up as to who the best QB is in passing, rushing, etc. 

I have legitimate questions if JT fully recovered from last year's injury, affecting his ability to push off and throw the ball accurately. The drop off from passing success from last year to this year is huge, and I don't think anyone has really addressed this. Who knows, maybe it's an issue, maybe not. He clearly didn't perform well enough in practice to earn the job early in the season. Just a thought. Obviously, love him as a leader and QB.