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Comment 19 Oct 2019
It feels like one of those years where all of our key opponents does us no favors.... Neb was suppose to undefeated & legit when we played. Msu was suppose to be undefeated when we played. Wisky was suppose to be undefeated when we play. So if this trends, psu gonna lose to um, um gonna lose to nd... Smh. Just glad the buckeyes are legit dominating and sos dont matter.
Comment 15 Oct 2019

My thoughts about the Bullet position is that it wasn't utilized because the offenses we played didn't require it. Most teams haven't been able to consistently counter our base defense. What analysts keep saying is that the seems are vulnerable if attacked but our opponents haven't capitalize consistently. Im wondering if the Bullet defense will be the wrinkle that is the counter to future opponents gameplan to exploit that "weakness". A bait, if you will, like how our offense has plays that build off previous plays to bait opposing defenses to wrongly cheat on routes that aren't really there. 

Comment 09 Oct 2019
Sorry, i gave up my dvr so i havent done the research but based on my memory, i think there is a couple of differences btw the 2 that hasnt been mentioned. Jk runs are often based on a read option/rpo look (even tho its handed off to jk). Which may affect the way the oline sets up its blocks differently. For mt3, its more hand off runs where the oline is committed to just run blocking giving a better lane. My thoughts had been, the oline blocks better for mt3 than jk. Glad to have both but sometimes id hope we use mt earlier to pound & wear out the opponents faster or put both on the field like how boren plowed holes as the lead runner.
Comment 04 Oct 2019

Too bad Football cleats are part of the shoe unlike Soccer cleats that are screwed on and replaceable.... Otherwise, it would be a cool tradition to have the defense "earn" Silver cleats to be recognized as a "member of the Silver Bullets Defense" like how black stripes are removed when they "earn the privilege to be on the team". 

Comment 23 Sep 2019

King is a Senior about to graduate. If he sits intending to transfer, I believe the school can yank his scholly... so he is "redshirting" to have his education paid and can do whatever he wants after he gets his degree without any restrictions as a grad transfer if that is his decision. 

Comment 29 Aug 2019

OP, unless Nielsen was in your home and installed hardware/software on your viewing devices, your viewing/non-viewing doesn't count. And obviously since you are talking about it, either you know nothing about how Nielsen works meaning your viewing doesn't count or you just broken your Nielsen membership participation policy by revealing you are a Nielsen Household and your viewing will no longer count. So you are good either way. 

Comment 23 Jul 2019
OP, not sure if "making the playoffs" should be given any validity since it had been subjective with no real / consistent justification why team a made it in over team b.
Comment 09 Jun 2019

Does private schools like Notre Dame have their athletic depts in this fashion, where records are private and not available for FOIA?? Or is this something completely different? Can some other corporation sue FSU for a public entity awarding this relationship without open competition for the "contract"? Are these guys getting double pay, if so, is it legal to have two full time jobs as a public employee?

Comment 20 May 2019
Id assume Ginn would never get any legitimate takers because anyony capable of competing from high school/college might be under some NCAA rule that prohibits "gambling" and any professional athlete has an insurance policy or employment contract stipulation that their multimillion dollar payday would be voided if they did.
Comment 02 May 2019

We have to remember that Urban doesn't want to be babysitting kids.... who will be enticed by the allure of everything Southern Cali (LA/OC/LV) has to offer... Its too much of a headache that will affect his health. He's too smart to endanger his health. USC can't promise that all the players will be quarantined their 4 years. 

Comment 26 Apr 2019

If there is great debate about the contribution levels of the later rounds, why not just have 3 rounds, then have everyone else be Free Agents? It gives teams better ability to build better units based on more players of similar skill sets, it gives players better leverage into which teams they want to play for because of the fit and development potential, and the networks can have different hype to fill air time because very few people stick around for rounds on the last day(s). 

Comment 29 Mar 2019

IF Arizona trades Rosen to the Giants, which 1st round pick do they trade for, the #6? if Arizona can swing that, Bosa (#1) and Haskins (#6) to Arizona? They currently have 11 picks and could trade up to get Haskins after picking Bosa too.