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Comment 23 Jul 2019
OP, not sure if "making the playoffs" should be given any validity since it had been subjective with no real / consistent justification why team a made it in over team b.
Comment 09 Jun 2019

Does private schools like Notre Dame have their athletic depts in this fashion, where records are private and not available for FOIA?? Or is this something completely different? Can some other corporation sue FSU for a public entity awarding this relationship without open competition for the "contract"? Are these guys getting double pay, if so, is it legal to have two full time jobs as a public employee?

Comment 20 May 2019
Id assume Ginn would never get any legitimate takers because anyony capable of competing from high school/college might be under some NCAA rule that prohibits "gambling" and any professional athlete has an insurance policy or employment contract stipulation that their multimillion dollar payday would be voided if they did.
Comment 02 May 2019

We have to remember that Urban doesn't want to be babysitting kids.... who will be enticed by the allure of everything Southern Cali (LA/OC/LV) has to offer... Its too much of a headache that will affect his health. He's too smart to endanger his health. USC can't promise that all the players will be quarantined their 4 years. 

Comment 26 Apr 2019

If there is great debate about the contribution levels of the later rounds, why not just have 3 rounds, then have everyone else be Free Agents? It gives teams better ability to build better units based on more players of similar skill sets, it gives players better leverage into which teams they want to play for because of the fit and development potential, and the networks can have different hype to fill air time because very few people stick around for rounds on the last day(s). 

Comment 29 Mar 2019

IF Arizona trades Rosen to the Giants, which 1st round pick do they trade for, the #6? if Arizona can swing that, Bosa (#1) and Haskins (#6) to Arizona? They currently have 11 picks and could trade up to get Haskins after picking Bosa too. 

Comment 06 Mar 2019

(NCAA/Universities) Provide continuous Mental and Physical healthcare and/or insurance for all players until another "higher risk" job/activity supersede the risks of playing college football. Like if a player goes on to play pro football/other sport after college ball, join the military, job as law enforcement, etc, they forfeit it. If a player goes on to live an average life, like most players do, they should not have to pay high healthcare insurance bc of their college football injuries (immediate or delayed). 

Comment 14 Feb 2019

Love that this coaching staff will go the extra mile to recruit a kid who is deserving. But I was scratching my head thinking, isn't this the exact reason why OSU has a private plane for head coaches to use? Doesn't Day have that in his contract like Meyer, Tressel, etc before him? Private planes for "extraordinary" travel... 

I don't want to diminish our coaching staffs efforts but using a private plane doesn't do that. It would just be a different path of effort for the same results... 

Comment 30 Jan 2019

To adequately respond to the OP, one would have to break commenting policy and dive into racial/cultural/political nuances to dig deeper into the argument of depopulation (and how it relates to recruiting). So I will forego that and just say....

It would go back to relying on the guys (even the least paid ones) making more money than most small business CEOs to go back to doing their jobs. Coaching up players, drawing up schematic advantages where you have strengths and opponents have weaknesses, using creativity in play calling, adapt to the players skill sets, etc. instead of relying more on the speed, strength, and size of the student athlete's natural abilities. 

I'm not saying its zero sum as it relates to recruiting and coaching, but coaches would need to go back to earning their paychecks to incorporate both aspects and not heavily relying on recruiting the 5*s. 

Comment 24 Jan 2019

Current OT rule, must go for 2 starting 3rd OT. Switch to starting 3rd OT, each team gets 1 possession to kick FG from the 15 yard line, but can go for fakes for 6 pts. 

Comment 17 Jan 2019

Not familiar with his academics but my cousin took AP courses in high school and attended a community college while still in high school. He graduated in 1.5 calendar years. But he was not part of an athletic program. So its totally possible. Just not sure if he had the time with football. 

But it sounds like his lawyer is openly admitting, there is no legit reason, i'm just throwing things against the wall and hope someone at NCAA likes one of my many possible reasons.

Not saying Tate did this or it applies to Tate but... it sounds like the lawyers is saying if you are an ass/jerk and make yourself unlikable because you treat others poorly, you can say "see, everyone hates me here, i need to be able to leave and play immediately". and that is a transferable justification. 

Comment 16 Jan 2019

I think that student athletes, like all students, that transfer should be able to continue in all their pursuits at the new school without any "waiting period". But based on current NCAA rules status, I find it a difficult case to make if that's the argument being made (claiming Lgendary/Hall of Famer coach retires being replaced by unknown 1st time head coach is reason to leave.)

Lets look at what's going on, OSU, "first time" head coach with a 3-0 record as of today. That Legendary former coach is still on campus, part of the program as Asst AD. The football program, on the offensive side is relatively intact with 1 change, albeit it is his position coach.

Miami, "2nd time" head coach, once at Temple, now at Miami, with a 0-0 record as of today. Completely knew program to him. New HC fires the entire offensive assistants from last years program. 

So that argument doesn't hold any water. 

Comment 15 Jan 2019

If the 11W scholarship is up to date and correct, we are sitting at 86 scholarship players. So that makes Tate #86... So i guess that makes him 86'd...

Comment 13 Jan 2019
I reserve my judgement on Tate until the fall... 1) we will see if he remains on the team or transfers out to another school by then 2) if he remains, we will see how supportive of the TEAM he will be 3) if he leaves, we will see how much support the team has of him on another team (like love/support of Burrow @ LSU) Was his leadership and brotherhood just in his head or is it reality... it will all be revealed in Autumn 2019
Comment 13 Jan 2019

Don't know what to make of it but in that article Tate mentions his sister getting tweets about him, and there was the Fields liking his sister's IG pics with people commenting about that. Will that be his argument for hardship (sexism/misogyny toward sister) trying to piggyback off Field's experience of racism? 

Comment 11 Jan 2019
If Tate stays at least until after the spring game, it would be interesting if the coaching staff would split the team into, Team Scarlet RPO/Read Option offensive with Wilson/Martell on one side vs Team Grey Pro/Air Raid offensive with Yurcich/Fields on the other side.