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Comment 17 Jul 2020

My thoughts on this hypothetical.... JT would not have transferred. If I remember correctly, Baldwin was a late add bc of decommits so he would not have joined the Buckeyes. Martell was looking to leave if he had to wait past RS-soph playing time so he would have been gone. Emory Jones may have stayed committed bc Martell would have transferred. Haskins commit would be 50/50 depending on a whole bunch of other factors. If we didn't have Haskins selling OSU, would we have Fields? or would a Haskins-less Buckeye vacancy still entice a Fields transfer bc of Burrow stats/play under Day? And if Fields transfer was not in play, Mathis would have stayed committed?

Comment 20 Jun 2020

Context.... So what you are saying is if one wait until the forest is engulfed in fire to use 100s of millions of gallons of water to put it out is better than if one uses a cup of water to put out a small fire to keep the house from burning down...  100 Million gallons is greater than 1 cup... makes sense? 

We need to stop using "stats" out of context to try to make an argument.

Comment 16 Jun 2020

I was thinking OP was going a different direction with the question.... like what if the ACC and big boys of SEC schools... UF, Bama, Aub, UGA and LSU got majorly infected where the SEC needed to shutdown their schools but B1G, Pac12, B12 were fine and minorly unaffected. Hahaha. 

Comment 16 Jun 2020

Looked like Kellerman was reading a script off a prompter and didn't realize his bit was done that his outrage was left unfinished... Anyone else see that or was it just me? 

Comment 16 Jun 2020

As the nature of waivers also clearly and explicitly states the limits and conditions of who is protected and what is being waived. This document only used the word "waiver" but didn't define it. A long, detailed, and specific document that fails to go into the definitions of who and what is protected is clearly not a waiver. 

Comment 16 Jun 2020

Finebaum said "... and I don't know if it literally says this..."  So yeah, no... he didn't read the document and made a whole argument on what he wanted people to perceive it to say so he can be against it. 

Comment 14 Jun 2020

As long as it doesn't declare waiving the right to sue, giving anyone immunity to lawsuits, or using it to deny healthcare coverage/treatment, then this type of waiver seems ok. I think it would be F'ed up if any organization says you must sign a waiver that states in legalese "you are SOL once you enter/work/participant here" by forcing a waiver of shared responsibility/accountability by the organization you are apart of. 

I'm glad it states the expectations of dos and don't dos. I'm also glad it states that students will not lose scholarships if they get exposed. The "consequences" listed if exposed are test, quarantine, help with tracing are reasonable and appropriate. So all in all, I think OSU wrote a really good "waiver". I hope this would be a standard template to all programs. 

Comment 12 Mar 2020

Health and Safety of everyone, even our student athletes should be the priority. Us fans sitting safe at home not getting entertained should be low on the list of priorities in comparison. Depending on how fast our national & local health officials can contain/minimize this health crisis, that should dictate what should happen. We should be taking off our "fan lens" and look at this with a selfless human perspective. 

Ideally, if this health issue is managed successfully over the next few months, playing a tournament during the summer would be nice. Every team could be at full strength from season injuries would help their respective teams. It would be summer break so most of these athletes will not be in classes unless they take summer classes. 

If there is still a health risk, and if this year is cancelled... it would be nice if NCAA provide an additional year of eligibility for seniors and waive scholarship limit for those number of seniors (in all winter/spring sports). It would provide more education dollars for those kids that won't be going pro.   

Comment 12 Feb 2020
Im not sure of the actual results of what happened bc of my quick search... So i might be wrong on my understanding of the process. They did say the qbs were designated (not drafted) but again, i dunno if thats what eventually happened. The xfl cant block a player from leaving for nfl. They can sue for breach of contract but if nfl's salary is greater that the penalty for the breach, xfl really cant stop it if a player decides to switch employers.
Comment 10 Feb 2020

I did a quick (non-thorough) search... I don't know if its for just to start the league or if its the business model moving forward but the XFL execs determine who they want in the league by invite only and they determine who goes to what team. So IF they want to rig the league for marketing and entertainment like the WWE, then it can become very successful with the fandom, personality, and celebrity of the players and teams they build. But then it become tainted like "fake" wrestling of the WWE where things are "scripted" or designed to maximize entertainment value and the true competition and fairness becomes obsolete. 

If it wants to compete with NFL, its salary can't compete and say if Cardale gets into a rhythm and is shown being Mahommes/Brady/Brees like halfway thru the season, NFL can just jump in an poach him effectively ruining his teams future and his teammates game win bonuses. If it wants to be a developmental/feeder league for the NFL, the same thing can happen. The best thing XFL can do for XFL is to directly compete with College Football talent from H.S. But that means it will diminish the sport of college football we all love.  

As a fan of football... more football is a good thing. As a fan of good football, I don't think it will be a good thing unless it starts paying WWE money to its employees to really compete with the NFL. 

So bottom line, I think getting an XFL team in Cbus would be a great disappointment because they would never be able to reach our desired potential based on the way its set up. XFL would exploit our city, fans, players so no I wouldn't support it.

Comment 21 Jan 2020

The punt formation draws more defenders to the line of scrimmage giving the coverage team the advantage to get behind the blockers. If the defense spread out like a kick off, it spreads the field to provide a numbers advantage for a fake punt. The punt has more hang time than a kick off so it also provides the coverage team more time to get down field. 

It would be interesting to see the rules of a fair catch and live ball. I'd assume its that of a punt so the punt returner might opt to let the ball go since its not a live ball. And for a fair catch, its where the ball is caught, not automatic to the 25 yard line. 

The average punt is around 45 yards. If the ball gets a favorable bounce or returner waives off, the ball can roll to net better field position. As to muffed kickoff, the returner has time to pick up the ball. A muffed punt, chances are the coverage team is right up on the returner. 

If its about the same, would it be better for options attempting a 1st down or give the ball back to where it probably would have been? 

Sure there's the flip side of risks where a bad snap or shanked punt/blocked punt. These decisions would be early in the game to get momentum not down the stretch to try to win the game in the final minutes. I do agree that its unnecessary risk if its for the winning score.

Comment 31 Dec 2019

Sounds like a great idea... to overturn a call, it needs to be indisputable video evidence. so if the "head ref" says "yup, i see indisputable", it needs to be reviewed and seconded by another ref and confirmed by a 3rd. 

Comment 24 Nov 2019
What i found interesting is the officiating was consistent with the okla/tcu game. Psu was down before breaking the endzone on their 1st down but rewarded & okla was rewarded 1st down on 4th & 2 when hurts was 1 yard short. And fields knee down vs ball loose and when was hurts pick pocketed, knee down vs ball out, both went to the defense. So those 2 plays really stood out to me...