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Comment 26 Aug 2019
Mix in some sausage with ground beef and make sure you cook the onions in the rendered sausage fat. Also during the last 15 or so minutes, add a bit of molasses to sweeten it. I just do a tablespoon at a time. It gives it a great color too.
Comment 27 Apr 2019

This is such a bad take.  NFL is a legal monopoly.  NCAA is essentially one.  There is no where else to go.  Clarret tried.  Didn't work.  The AFL that recently filled tried to become a minor league.  NFL wouldn't have it.  Your example works great in a free market.  The analogy fails with the monopoly that is football.  

Comment 30 Apr 2018
"I'm not sure what it really says other than there is s 50/50 shot that any 5* player will actually be productive. Considering that there are only 30-40 5* recruits every cycle, 15-20 could be complete busts." That is not at all what the data says. It's 50/50 they get drafted. Many on that list who aren't drafted had very productive careers. Some of those listed didn't and some got hurt. 5 Star recruit only means this kid has a really good chance of having a really good college career. This data actually illustrates that.
Comment 02 Apr 2018
Do it and don't look back. It can be really fun if you remember they are 5 and most are there because their parents signed them up. Most won't have much intrinsic motivation and will just want to be outside playing with their friends. When you practice try your best to make sure no one ever just stands around. Have stations and play mini games.
Comment 22 Feb 2018
Chris Spielman has said Joey Boss is the best defensive player he has ever seen play for Ohio State . That should carry a ton of weight. The clip of him vs Illinois getting triple teamed is insane. As dominant and he was, he is vastly underrated. I would bet a decent amount of money if you asked Urban this question, it would take him about 3 seconds to easily answer Joey Boss.
Comment 09 Feb 2018
As someone who believes in recruiting ranking and probably could be considered a star gazer, tonight is a perfect example of why in certain cases, stars matter less than others. Look at all the receivers above. It seems like almost 1/5 of any top x# of players in the 2019 class are receivers. It makes sense because these are the easiest to evaluate. The 16th best WR in 2019 is 88 overall. That's better than Tyler Friday who was the 6th best at DT/DE ranked 93 overall at a debatably more important position. Just saying in general there is no way a a receivers are that much better or more valuable than everyone else. It is simply a misallocation of top talent in these recruiting rankings.
Comment 22 Dec 2017
I'm thinking Little Bosa will end up on this list next season. He will have to play most snaps because the depth isn't there and he might be as good as his brother. No doubt two Bosas could be in this list if it is revisited next year.
Comment 20 Dec 2017
You are totally missing the point. Every player on that list minus the one who has been hurt was a spectacular talent who would start on any team in the nation. That is what you get in a 5 star recruit. You get a player who has a very high probability of being a player who has a significant impact on the team. Not every five star is going to be a Heisman winner or 3 time All American. When you try to use Bell or Washington as evidence of your theory you are doing it wrong.
Comment 18 Jul 2017
Start here and read anything by Kenji Lopez Alt. You can get the smoke flavor by adding liquid smoke in the bag. To get an amazing sear without overcooking at all, put the meat in the freezer for 10 or 15 minutes and then get a cast iron skillet hot as hell with a lot of butter and your favorite seasoning. I cook four chicken breast every Sunday sous vide and just throw the bag back in whenever I need a quick, delicious, and healthy meal. I can't state how amazing this thing is.
Comment 17 Jul 2017
Definitely buy one. Zip lock bags work great. Be prepared for this to change the way you eat. I have a hard time at grill outs anymore because everyone over cooks everything. You literally can't over cook with sous vide. Chicken at 145 is amazing! It is also fully cooked if you leave it in for a couple hours. Chuck roast at 140 for 2 days will make you never use your crock pot again. Steak at 133 and seared to hell will be better than anything you have ever had unless you visit places with dry aged $80 steaks. Just do it! I have convinced several friends and they all rave about it!
Comment 14 Jul 2017
#1&2 - OSU football players are only students and not employees because of an archaic agreement. A 5* football players market value is probably higher than 95% of OSU employees. Also your math is totally wrong because the NCAA and OSU, Bama, etc are totally different entities. Both OSU and the NCAA profit of these amatuer athletes but it is hard to tell how much because they pay accounting firms to hide their profits. #3 who cares! If a player makes his school money by using his likeness he should get paid. Big Ben should still be getting paid by Miami because he put them on the map and they still use his like to this day. #4 Once again who cares! NCAA basketball players should still get paid. Also SCHOOLS still get paid. OSU makes money every time they are in the CFP. Through donations, merchandise, and Nike contacts, OSU gets paid. #5 who cares about fairness! This isn't communist Russia. Let those who bring in money be able to get paid or at least earn money from their likeness. #6 Title 9 is an issue. My counterpoint is that mens and womens sports coexisted under that law before football and basketball became multibillion dollar organizations. I don't see why it can't work if everyone can at least profit from their likeness.
Comment 05 Dec 2014

He is referring to Jim Mora Jr.  

The Michigan scout guys confirmed it.  I believe it was Webb.  UM people are now referring to him as a backup plan.  If so good for them but it seems a bit delusional to me.  After the last coaching search all these big names that were supposedly interested all ended up staying put but received big raises.  

When the Michigan job opens I bet all these agents become giddy.  They know they can say their client is interested in the job and Michigan is willing to pay huge.  The school then has to give an extension and a pay raise. Les Miles and Bob Stoops have made millions doing this.  Les Miles uses Michigan like a dirty whore lol.  I wouldn't be surprised if Harbaugh and Mora are doing the same.  When the raiders come calling he can say $7 mill and GM duties or I go to Michigan.  

Comment 25 Oct 2014

Anyone think JT might have a slight injury?  We aren't throwing the ball at all and we have had like 4 different QB's today.  It would explain a lot if he had a minor shoulder or something similar this week in practice.