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Comment 01 Jan 2018

Let the shatting on the playoff/ESPN committee begin.

UCF/Nebraska coach fires first:

Comment 01 Jan 2018

Just so there is no confusion on my loyal ties, class of 1987. Reshape too good buddy Christ.

Comment 31 Dec 2017

Well Officially hammered thank you Browns as I may not make it to New years.

Comment 31 Dec 2017

I would state that the Merman, is the worse announcer in the US.

He should stay in the great state of Utah.

Trevor Matich = Garbage, Duche, Nut sweat, Porn trash.

Comment 31 Dec 2017

Amazing that Indy was worse than Houston.

Indy beat Houston twice and is ranked as the worse team due to SOS.

The Parade is on.

The Lake Dip is on.

The Draft is where hope will once again spring eternal for Browns Fans.

Comment 31 Dec 2017

Perfect Season.

I love how Sashi brown players are so terrible.

Comment 31 Dec 2017

It will be good to see the crow leave.