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Comment 03 Mar 2019

rofl the Browns must be desperate, they signed Kalis to a backup center position...

Cmon Browns he is at most practice squad material... and then just a dumb guy to stand in the way... slow as dirt.

My drunk uncle is better on the field...  Well at least the Browns fans can boo him on sunday…

Seriously there are better linemen all over.

Comment 12 Oct 2018

we took the gas out of TCU and they lost to Texas shortly after... they know they are out of the picture... why play hard anymore? especially 5 game into the season? they have given up.  The big 12 is all at that level... Oklahoma is down to average... TCU gave us their best shot in years, this was a grudge game remember... 

Comment 23 Aug 2018

So many people making so many assumptions about what Urban knew, what Shelly did, what the rest of the staff knew and did...

The thing this is DV is not black and white, it is only black and white if you have picked sides.

I try to step away from being a fan and look at this without rose colored glasses and the whole issue stinks.

Ive been through divorce and had a wife who would get violent, I simply took it because I could contain my anger and remained calm.  She knew how to work the system, Courtney seems very recognizable.

Mothers don't lie, not even to cover for their daughters... that says ALOT to me.. sure Zack was a piece of cr@p but if he was a real DV abuser and Courtney was this angel, then we wouldn't be here.  The police tried to do their job. It would seem Urban was running a team, and caught a wif of the stench, knew it was a nasty divorce, and warned Zack and let the police/university do their job. Was it really his responsibility to double checked it was reported to compliance? 

And like what was mentioned before, these guys had their "articles" written the day this first came out.  ESPN aka SEC Network has their skin in the game...  Urban has consistently sided with women on everything... zero credit?  he put it in writing... OH that's just a complete joke now?   take that cheap shot because its simple to ignore the past as you try to cut off the softest pound of flesh.

These writers all have rose colored glasses on and are reviling in this, yes maybe the press conference was very legal speak and thin… but in this world its better safe than sorry.

Comment 22 Aug 2018


Brett is quickly scrambling to Courtneys place... heard screaming MAKE UP ANYTHING!  Did he yell at the dog??? We'll roll with that!!!

Did he ever miss any school event for the kids! OMG THE HORROR, He is the worst!  What else? Forgot to PUT THE SEAT DOWN!.  you were right to try to run him over! He definitely deserved that but we wont mention that one... what else? left the milk out!??? 

Comment 22 Aug 2018

Shelly being there is a good thing... Urban would definitely "stay at home honey" if he was getting canned.

This is all in the bag now...

Crazy divorces are crazy... and divorces leave a lot of hurt... stupid espn hates Urban... People try to make a buck on stupid angry nasty ex wives...  Zack abused his position and is generally a idiot... Urban isn't... case closed...  OH AND F TOM HERMAN AND HIS IDIOT WIFE!

Comment 06 Aug 2018

ROFL LETS HAVE A RALLY TO SUPPORT HIM REGARDLESS OF THE FACTS! :)  duh...   We don't need no stinking investigation!  As long as a coach wins! he can let rape and domestic abuse go! Yeah... 

I seriously hope the university wakes up and says "cmon guys"... its a lose lose for them also... if they denied it they would have the morons up in arms, and that would hit the news also... uhg

Comment 12 Mar 2018

MeatChicken is so desperate they will do anything to try to get Ohio State secrets...  If Ed had any super duper techniques I'm sure he would he would have used them at Minnesota...  They go his info(aka Urbans) and said "thanks, next"...

This info isn't super secret, its easily spyed.  

But yeah I think his success at Ohio State has more to do with Ohio State and the OL Talent and less about his prowess as a coach.

There was a reason he was let go.  That offensive play calling during the Clemson game was not pretty... that whole season was painful...  I mean i hated the guy...   I think the play calling better now and can get even better.

Comment 20 Jan 2018

Harbaugh is getting scared... he HAS to deliver... he won't.

He will bring traitor Ed on to try to steal any info on Urban... Stinks of desperation for Ed and Jim.

I hope Ed is getting paid well because if Hairyball looses he will use him as an excuse, he will only help with the OL and give Jim details on Urban/OSU.  Hairball booger eater is already throwing people under the bus in order to save face and feed the fanbase some excuses.  He HAS to win and will do anything and spend any amount of money to do it.  He was two years probably before Michigan wises up and says "durrr HEY wait a minute! I think we got snookered boss!"...