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Comment 21 Nov 2019

I would think this tweet would constitute using the likeness of whomever is #10 at the moment (Amir Riep?) which is an NCAA violation and was a central issue of the O'Bannon lawsuit.

No. Wearing a jersey does not constitute using the likeness of a player. Making a video game that includes a player that wears #10, looks like Amier Riep, and has the attributes of Amir Riep--different story.  

Comment 08 Oct 2019

Can we stop with "I watched film." You didn't watch film. You watched the TV broadcast. What you see on TV is not what the same as the 22 man film.  I'm sure if our staff graded both Borland and Browning as champions, they saw something on the film that you didn't see on the broadcast.

Comment 27 Jun 2019

Maybe take a deep breath and try to compose your thoughts before blasting them out on the internet. My brain is bleeding from trying to interpret your post.

Comment 28 May 2019

If the instate student makes OSU a 'profit' and the out of state and international students make even more for OSU, why do any tax dollars go to the university and what is OSU doing with that extra money to benefit the State of Ohio?

Tax dollars go to the University because it is the fourth largest employer in Ohio with an economic impact of over $15 billion.  https://news.osu.edu/analysis-ohio-state-generates-152-billion-in-economic-impact-annually-for-the-state/

Comment 11 Feb 2019

You are being purposefully obtuse. He pushes her twice, and then drags three people who are trying to hold him back to get to her. The only reason he doesn't hit home is because he hits his friend, knocking him and her on their asses. 

Comment 11 Feb 2019

The kick wasn't crazy, but everything leading up to it was. He leveled his own dude, and his boys had to restrain him from getting to her. It was violent.

Comment 30 Dec 2018

Because he left to recover from surgery and get ready for his career? He had a season ending injury. I personally have no problem with him leaving under those circumstances, and I don't feel this impacts his legacy at all. If anything, I will always question what this season could have been if he had not been injured against TCU.