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Comment 24 Jan 2012

Completely agree, Ted. There is no commercial entity on Earth that I more wish would go down in flames than ESPN. What a garbage dump that network has become.

Comment 13 Jul 2011

Solid post, M Man. For the record, I thought the UM violations were pretty much a joke, especially in the greater scheme. I haven't been to MGoBlog for months, although I do appreciate most of what Cook does. He gets preachy on certain subjects, and any dissention to the ideas he posts is usually shouted down by the herd there. Dogmatic groupthink isn't very compelling.

I don't think OSU will get a postseason ban, but they may get some scholly reductions. Whatever it is, bring it on. More than anything, I am tired of the hypocritical media OUTRAGE!!! Tressel screwed up, but spare me the "I am shocked, SHOCKED that gambling is going on in this establishment!".