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Comment 01 Jul 2020

My preference: 0 team tournament. If Ohio State wins the Big Ten, they go play the Pac 12 champion in Pasadena. The SEC champion goes to play a top-rated challenger in the Sugar Bowl, the ACC champ to the Orange, etc.

If we must absolutely have a tournament, then every conference champion should get a bid. NO at-large bids for teams that play in a conference but do not win it. Also, any independent team ranked in the top 10 of a mathematically peer-reviewed, open source ranking system should get in - my particular favorite here is the Bradley-Terry Method, with a score differential included, but one that decreases by points(say, logarithmically - each succeeding point is worth less of a bump.) A pretty good version is here.

Seed the conference champions and any independents that qualify that way - most years, you'll have 10 teams, occasionally, you'll have 11. It would look like so, based on a 2020 calendar:

On December 12th, Army vs. Navy; 8 hosts 9; 7 hosts 10; 6 hosts 11[if only 10, 6 gets a bye as well]

On December 19th, 1 hosts 8/9 winner; 4 hosts 5; 2 hosts 7/10 winner; 3 hosts 6/11 winner

On January 1st, 2021 - tournament semifinals

On January 9th, 2021 - tournament final

Comment 13 Jan 2020

It's pretty simple, to me at least:

1) Tickets are expensive to buy and ensure you'll be in the game(ie, no scalping - seen too many fakes at that point).

2) Going to the game is an ORDEAL - driving and parking is expensive and takes forever in and out; COTA bus is incredibly slow(and I live on the South End, so it requires a transfer on gamedays).

3) TV clarity is getting better and better, and I can flip around to five other games on commercial breaks.

4) My house has a nicer bathroom, cheaper and better food and drinks.

5) Honestly, there's a significant portion of the OSU fanbase in the area and stadium that are aggressively unpleasant.

Comment 06 Nov 2019

The CFP, at four teams, has had 7 of 10 semi-final games as 3+ score blowouts. So yes, adding four more teams to the pile will likely add a bunch of worthless blowouts.

I agree a ton with Kirk Ferentz from that article, actually:

I don't know what we've gained by expanding it other than the obvious, financial [reasons]. It's almost become an industry, this whole playoff deal. I don't know how the game of football is any better right now. I'm not sure we've gotten a truer champion. What I don't like about the playoff system is that there's kind of a pull that if you're not in that final four, what you're doing really doesn't matter that much. It takes away from a lot of really good experiences that are going on in college football. I think we're creating a mentality that, to me, takes away from what the game is all about.

Comment 30 Dec 2018

NCAA rules currently only allow a CCG in two situations:

1) A game between the champions of two divisions that have played round-robin in their division(B1G, SEC, ACC, etc.), and

2) A game between the top two teams of a single division, where every team played a full round-robin in that division(Big XII)

Now, that could be changed, but until then, this idea is a non-starter.

Comment 30 Dec 2018

I think this is misguided. We were told that a 2-team model would remove the doubts when they put in the Bowl Alliance and then the BCS. It quite obviously didn't. Then, they said that a 4-team playoff would remove the doubts, and clearly people feel it didn't.

It feels to me like a bunch of people want an 8 team playoff not because they think it would actually crown the best team as champion, but because they want OSU to be in.

I, for one, do not want college football to turn into college basketball - the basketball tournament may be fun for people, but it regularly has teams who didn't win their conference regular season or tournament in a position to win the whole thing, and in doing so, makes the regular season significantly less meaningful.

Comment 13 Sep 2018

I don't think Ohio State should name ANY coach head-coach-in-waiting. Head coaches in college football have more stringent recruiting restrictions on them than assistant coaches do, and they also passed a rule that any head-coach-in-waiting has to abide by the head coach restrictions, not the assistant coach restrictions.

If a team wants to have a "wink-wink" handshake deal with the next head coach while said guy is still the OC, that's fine, but absolutely no for formalizing it, for me.

Comment 25 Jul 2018

I'm also 33, and the Rose Bowl is still amazing to me. I'd much much prefer a reversion to the previous system instead of the Bowl Alliance/Bowl Coalition/BCS/CoFoPlOff.

When it comes to bowl games, I'll watch the Rose Bowl every year, I won't watch many of the others.

Comment 18 May 2018

I'm quite annoyed that TCU killed the home-and-home series. On campus sites are always better for these non-con games than neutral sites.

I think it'll be a good game, closer than I'd like, but I'm glad Haskins will have a couple games to get his feet wet before going up against that defense.

Comment 06 Nov 2017

The running back issue is more than just the last three losses:

In Meyer's tenure at Ohio State, OSU has had the QBs run the ball more than the RBs in the following games: 2012 UCF(W 31-16), 2012 Michigan State(W 17-16), 2012 Wisconsin(W 21-14, OT), 2013 Wisconsin(W 31-24), 2013 MSU(L 34-24), 2014 VT(L 35-21), 2014 Indiana(W 42-27), 2015 MSU(L 17-14), 2016 Indiana(W 38-17), 2016 MSU(W 17-16), 2016 Michigan(W 30-27, OT), 2016 Fiesta Bowl(L 31-0), and 2017 Oklahoma(L 31-16).

Their only losses when the RBs had more carries than the QBs were the 2013 Orange Bowl, 2016 PSU, and the 2017 Iowa game. In this Iowa game, OSU's RBs only had 1 more carry than the QBs, and that only happened because Williams got 4 consecutive carries to end the game.

So, Meyer's teams are 8-5 (should be 8-6 with this Iowa game) when the QBs have more carries than the RBs, and 60-3 (should be 60-2 with this Iowa game) when the RBs have more carries than the QBs.

I cannot believe he hasn't seen these numbers, but I don't understand why he hasn't adjusted to them.

Comment 13 Nov 2016

I mean, I think a committee is a stupid as all get out way to decide it, and that the playoff is a nonsensical farce that is really designed to make more money for the big schools(which is does fantastically), not actually name a national champion(which is does terribly).

So, OSU getting in would check both of those boxes. Moving CFB closer to NFL-style stuff makes me like it less, not more.

Comment 13 Nov 2016

Could they? Yes. Would they? Probably.

Should they? Absolutely not.

If a team is in a conference and is not the champion of that conference, they(and the rest of their conference-mates) have determined a method of selecting the team that is most deserving to be in, and OSU will have failed to accomplish that. If a team is not the most deserving team of their small subset of college football, they are not the most deserving of a crown for all of CFB.

OSU getting in would be the same as Alabama getting a second shot at LSU a few years back, or Michigan getting a second shot at OSU in 2006. It should not happen.

Comment 05 Nov 2015

Their secondary is actually pretty darn good, now that they're healthy. I expect to see Minnesota load the box against Zeke, bring pressure from a ton of different angles to try to confuse Jones, and play a lot of Cover 0 or Cover 1 with the corners on islands.