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Comment 07 Dec 2017

 Prayers for a full recovery go out to him. From watching him at Ohio State and for the last few years iin the pros, I was always wondering if he was going to get seriously injured someday.  The speed and the ferocity that he brought to his tackles at times made me worry for him.  I love, played football and I’ve been a Buckeye fan since the late 60s.  But lately I’ve been looking at the game a little bit different.  The Sight of him on the field trying to roll himself over and then realizing that something was seriously wrong was heartbreaking.  The way that he came in to that tackle with his head down and with all the force that he had behind it certainly lead to his injury.  As I am typing this I am watching my youngest son practice soccer. He’s mentioned football a few times but I tell him that I would prefer he not play like his older brother.  Hopefully we will get some good news soon. The fact that they haven’t released any more good news is a little bit worrisome. Prayers out to him and his family 

Comment 28 Oct 2017

I coached football for many years, and games like this where the talent level is equal or close to equal. You can’t make stupid mistakes and give up big plays.You also need a few breaks.  It’s definitely not over. But we are going to need some of those lucky place to go our way.

Comment 23 Sep 2017

Is it me or does Borland  look like he's just in a better position Than Worley in the first two games? Lesser talent he's going against for sure..but