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Comment 31 Dec 2016

I didn't expect them to win this game in all honesty. But I never thought that they would get stomped like this. Once Jordan went out, you knew it was going to be difficult to move the ball. But wow...this is bad.

Comment 26 Nov 2016

 Maybe it's a good thing. Maybe it'll force him to make a change at quarterback. Just for this game. Michigan was built to be JT Barrett. I love the guy. But it's not working today vs this team. We're not gonna beat Harbaugh every year,  i'm from the Woody and Bo days and I know what it's like. But I'm not ready for it today 

Comment 26 Nov 2016

I love JT, but it seems to me that he's waiting for that pristine moment when someone is wide open. I'd like to see him throw people open  or into tight windows. We've got to throw deep to back them off

Comment 20 Nov 2016

 One of my favorites goes back to the game in 1984. About a week before the game I decided that I was going to get a sweatshirt made that said Michigan sucks on it to wear.  I went to the local lettering place in Mount Vernon and talked to a little old lady who ran the store and told her what I wanted. I told her I wanted "MICHIGAN SUCKS"  in red letters on a gray sweatshirt. She was very old and I kind of apologized to her for saying sucks, but she laughed and said she agreed. On the Friday before the game I stopped in to pick up my sweatshirt. The same little old lady was working,  and when I walked in she said I have your shirt ready.  I was kind of in a hurry and she just handed me that sweatshirt in a paper bag and I took off for a night of partying with my friends before the game.  I remember as I was walking out she was kind of laughing and said have fun and GO BUCKEYES. I just sort of threw the bag in the back of my car and didn't even look at it. The next morning after a night at mean Mr. mustards partying with my friends, We got ready to go to the game. I got the bag out of my car and much to my surprise she had change the wording to  FUCK MICHIGAN  instead of what I asked for. I couldn't believe it and of course I wore that shirt with pride.  That was a great game that day as we resorted back to the Woody Hayes style and pounded the shit out of them 21 to 6 I believe.  I'm not sure what happened to that sweatshirt, but all these years later in my mid-50s. I still agree with her. Fuck Michigan. 

Comment 23 Oct 2016

 It's a disappointment.  There had to be an incredible amount of bad breaks for this to happen, and they happened.  I've been watching the Buckeye since 1968. So I've been through a few of these. Honestly I'm going to  be bummed out for about 10 more minutes. It's just another game out of an 11 other regular games.  There really only is one THE GAME.. For me, for my dad before me and for my kids now, it's ALL about beating Michigan.  We do that and all is right in the universe as far as I'm concerned.