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Comment 17 Feb 2013

If this team doesn't make some serious improvements I wouldn't be surprised if they don't even make the NCAA tournament .  If they continue to play like this, they will lose out.  Matta needs to make a big change somewere.

Comment 31 Mar 2012

He's about to face an awkward point in his life.  He either has to face a future where he is the NBA guy with the hideous unibrow, or he is the guy who has to shave his unibrow. There is no easy answer.

Comment 26 Feb 2012

yeah, was trying to make a joke.  Seriously though, I hear so often that WB is the key to a deep tourney run.  I'd argue that Sully pulling his head out of his ass is the real key.

Comment 14 Feb 2012

More than anything else, I just want to see Sully dominate tonight.  


Comment 11 Feb 2012

The other team absolutely has to respect Buford and Thomas from 3.  Both of these guys have shown that they can drop 30 if you leave them unguarded.  Sully is not kicking it out like he did last year, this team has no inside out game... when the ball goes inside to Sully he is shooting it, and he is forcing it.   

Comment 11 Feb 2012

This game, to me, showed exactly how far we have to go to be the #3 team in the nation and a championship contender:

Sully, as much as I love the guy, is overrated at this point.  When has he been dominant this season?  He's been frustrated and has been forcing shots.

The two and three options, Thomas and Buford, have zero consistency... As games progress they become a chucking contest, they are not moving the ball trying to find Buford or Thomas for an open shot... they are trying to create shots when there aren't any.  The bottom line is that this is a group of very talented players and not a team.

Comment 11 Feb 2012

I'd argue that this game comes down to the act that our guys are not a team.  They're a very talented group of kids that can not play together.  It's just a few guys chucking up any half open shot they can find.

Comment 11 Feb 2012

Remember last year when they moved the ball so well?  Does anyone else feel like this team (Buford, Sully and Thomas in particular) forces way, way too many shots?

Comment 23 Nov 2011

The last two weeks have made me fear you much, much more.  I do still think the bullets may have a shutdown game up their sleeves if they can get over the whole spotting the opponents 10 points thing.  

Comment 23 Nov 2011

I'm a bit surprised that you think you'll score 30 regardless of what the bullets do.  They have been wildly inconsistant, but they have been impressive at times.  Just wondering what you see in the TTUN offense vs. OSU defense matchup that makes you think this. 

Comment 21 Nov 2011

It's not always after Thanksgiving, hell it may be before Thanksgiving more often than not. Thats the memory that sticks with me over the years though.

Comment 21 Nov 2011

nice. My dad made me the rabid OSU fan I am today.  As much as I love Thanksgiving and spending time with the whole family, my favorite part of Thanksgiving week always involves a turkey and stuffing sandwich, a beer, and watching "The Game" with my dad.  

Comment 21 Nov 2011

The set up for this game reminds me alot of 1987.  Star player suspended before the season, bolts to the supplemental draft.  Dissappointing season, worst record in over a decade.  A coach who knows its his last game goes to Ann Arbor.

Comment 19 Nov 2011
I don't even have anything to vent. The chance for ultimate redemption is next week. The greatest thing about being a Buckeye fan is that a win against Michigan makes this though season all worthwhile.