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Comment 01 Dec 2018

I could do without all the ehhhhh women... reporters. And THAT is my opinion. Oh and I’m right.

Comment 26 Nov 2018

I too have been reading their blogs. To you um fans who want your “coach” fired, please please please don’t. To you who are contemplating jumping off a building, you’re welcome to use my balcony

Comment 26 Nov 2018

I proudly have a     Michicant     bumper sticker on both of my cars year round. Many thumbs up constantly. I have no reason to drive into their state so I never do also I can’t take the smell.

Comment 26 Nov 2018

You are wrong on this one. Seeing their fans stunned and tearing up and shocked and upset is a staple of their program. I absolutely love these shots for I hate Michigan, their fans, and the mothers that bore em. It goes along with every Buckeye win over them, Sparty win over them, Gamecock win over them, Toledo Rocket win over them, Appalachian State mountaineer win over them... you get it. So if they’re crying I love to see it on camera I never get enough!  Go Blow

Comment 25 Nov 2018

Change the setting to a poker table. Urban would own his house. Strangely Harbaugh did not cry over calls not going his way as he always does. I believe early on in the second half that it was futile  To the TV network who airs next years game could we have more shots of their gullible stupid stunned fans, they are priceless.

Comment 18 Nov 2018

The idiots from north of Toledo have had zero to be proud of the last 15 years. Many of their football players in this recent 20 years have spent 4 years without once beating The Ohio State University. As Zeke Elliot said it isn’t even a legitimate rivalary if only one team always wins. The memories of Countless TV shots of stunned fans as their team found various ways to blow games have been rewarding to me. Witness South Carolina last year, Michigan State and of course the Tressel and Urban eras.As I hate them and the mothers that bore em. So yes I enjoyed the wolverqueen moniker. Thank you Tke Buck

Comment 10 Nov 2018

Zackly.well said. Much more likely than a DH rush is a successful hook and ladder play. And as you said Everyone in attendance knows it

Comment 10 Nov 2018

Exactly not even first round if he leaves after this year. I love the kid but completely inexperienced for the first round of the NFL

Comment 10 Nov 2018

Not to mention zero QB run threat the offense with Haskins has become very predictable and consequently easy to contain and control by good defense. Bring on Martell

Comment 10 Nov 2018

I would like to give Martell the offense completely in the second half v maryland and if successful surprise harbaugh with him as starter

Comment 13 Oct 2018

Yes this game was ugly but blaming urban for struggling through a long list of injuries including Bosa cooper and others the buckeyes aren’t their usual deep selfs. They can’t rotate without drop off in many positions. I think the more surprising thing is they’re 7-0 and I believe that isn’t luck it’s coaching through these many injuries and concussion protocols. 

Comment 13 Oct 2018

This was different. Minnesota had their way running and passing except for the last 5 minutes of the 4th quarter. The only thing positive from the buckeyes was DH and the receivers and a few timely turnovers. Every other aspect was very ugly to watch. 

Comment 12 Oct 2018

Who knows the real truth. Saying that I have been together with my wife for 46 years. She is a lady. Many females today expect males to act a certain way, possibly without ever themselves  spending one day   conducting themselves deserving of ladylike treatment. In todays pc environment the male is never given equal consideration. 28  months seems like a strong sanction and maybe for good reason, but because this story is from the left coast who really knows or can say

Comment 11 Oct 2018

The heavy XXXXL lineman may not be in on passing downs. He would definitely be exposed and obviously winded after very few running plays. Even if a 6’ 9” person is 330 lbs, imagine making that guy carry around 80 extra pounds of dog food. Why would the Minnesota staff not have him on a program to trim some weight off. I can’t wait to see him play, but I don’t see how he could be a factor.

Comment 08 Oct 2018

Did anyone else look in on the Maryland game Saturday? There were oodles of empty seats and even a few empty sections at the out house. After years of being blind to their average teams and at many times below average coaches, while the Buckeyes have year in and year out have piled up wins and populated the NFL with countless players, maybe some of the fans of that team have figured it out.