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Comment 2 hours ago

I can attest to that. Have had tears in both knees. The 2nd one made me retire from strenuous sports. Wore a derotational knee brace after surgery on the 1st one which protected it from future damage but it also did nothing to stabilize the other knee. Tough situation for Nick as it does make one wonder if there is something the body can't hold up to.

Comment 18 Sep 2020

Sam Webb & John Bacon on Fri 9/18 morning "shocked & befuddled" that McCaffrey left at this time. Well, boys, did you ever consider he just had enough of Jimmy, like so many before him?

Now the SCum radio guys are trying to keep the SCum fans calm by saying it will be a good thing for Milton as he won't be looking over his shoulder and won't be afraid to make a mistake. SCum Spin Doctors at their finest !!

Comment 11 Sep 2020

um is notorious for getting 3*s in the fold early then dumping them as higher ranked players become available. Jimmy is a master of this. I don't think OSU needs to give up a scholarship for a 3* WR when, as others have said, the focus should be on other positions of need. Stud, having missed on several top OLmen, maybe should be looking at a grad transfer down the line.

Comment 25 Aug 2020

What a joke. I was there in 1972 & don't remember the article or anyone else suggesting it. OSU became really good just before that & I'm guessing it resonated in the student's mind so he came up with a dream story. Don't recall any stories like that in the Bruce & Cooper years. Time & Change.  Laugh at all those suggesting OSU leave the B1G. The Cfr is more than football. Other schools have won titles in other sports. Research University along with most other Cfr universities.

Comment 20 Aug 2020

Enjoying my morning Kona coffee while listening to Iz on here. Great choice on the Iz song. Helped pacify me after digesting all the Warren garbage. We have several CDs of Iz. Great performer. Always bring one of his CDs when we head to Hawaii so we can play it while on the Islands. Hope OSU gets to the Maui Invitational in the future.

Comment 06 Aug 2020

Parents have done well with their children. They are in one of best school districts in the state. William is a high-character young man as you would imagine. Would be an outstanding get both on & off the field. Won't be easy for the Bucks as mom also went to the uofm.

Perhaps Harbaugh will stop recruiting him like he supposedly did with another local 5* young man this year. :)

GPS HS definitely has moved up competitively & will have a difficult schedule this Fall. Hope they get to play as I would like to take in a game in the area.

Comment 04 Aug 2020

I have a 15" piece of wood goal post from the 1969 Rose Bowl (National Championship year). That along with the Program, Ticket  & Pennant are a display case in my Buckeye Room.  I had to fight 20 minutes against others trying to get their hands on the piece as we tore down the goal posts. Only negative is that it has the USC colors.