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Born in Detroit Michigan but was raised right as my father was born and raised in Canton Ohio. Always watched games with him but become die hard in 97 when I started playing football myself for Cass Tech in Detroit. I currently reside in Milwaukee where I'm raising my two kids that same way and constantly reminding these folks here who the king of the hill is. Go bucks!


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Comment 05 Jan 2017
Two things I hope comes out of this. I hope OSU schedules a home and home soon for them and I hope Alabama blows the doors off of Clemson on Monday night. Clemson was dirty and did extra stuff after plays ended and one player seemed like he was trying to rip jt's head off during a play and refs did nothing about it. If we just got our butts handed to us, that's one thing but I'm not going to root for a classless team and coaches that seem to allow that type of act in the name of winning
Comment 01 Jan 2017
When urban was hired, I was like great the offense should never be an issue again. It will be wide opened, a point scoring juggernaut. Never did I think, at that time, we would get blanked in a game. He needs to make changes or he will be left behind. Texas will be going for the same type of athletes now, so is Clemson with 3 victories over us all time, 2 by the current staff. Either you are getting better or you are getting worse, nothing hardly stays the same and I trust that urban will answer the call.
Comment 01 Jan 2017
I agree wholeheartedly but do you trust this coaching staff with tempo plays? They couldn't even get plays in with 40 seconds on the play clock, let alone run tempo. To run tempo they had to be ahead of the chains but instead they kept having jt throwing swing passes to the outside to Weber, or backwards passes to Samuel and lose yards. Someone pointed out last night that with Jordan's injury, the next play he comes back in, they run jet sweep where he is tasked with pulling to the outside to block. Really? How did that play work out for you? And yes let's run jet sweep every time jt is under center....
Comment 31 Dec 2016
As much as I would love to have chip Kelly, no way he is going to be an offensive coordinator. Helfrich if he is still available would be key, or Wilson. No more recommendations from the current staff, go and get someone with some imagination on offense and can develop our qbs, wrs, tightends and offensive linemen. I feel horrible for the players and this is on the staff for coming up with this game plan with more than a month's time
Comment 31 Dec 2016
Still holding to some faith we can turn it around. Defense is starting to get to Watson now.
Comment 31 Dec 2016
They can't run the ball now because they down 3 scores, they keep doing swing passes with weber when he is a north south runner. Wtf? I'm at a lost for words and you would think by the score that we threw 2 ints. I feel bad for the players and hope some sweeping changes are made to this staff, win or lose
Comment 31 Dec 2016
Scoreless for the first time. Offensive line can't block, defense can't stay off the field so now they are tired, kicker can't hit anything. Idk if they can get back into this game. They missed their opportunity to run the ball by being cute and now they are down 3 scores so now they have to pass. Clemson's d line is owning us up front.
Comment 31 Dec 2016
Bringing in the new year with this garbage effort. It's not over with yet but damn its not looking good. And Clemson gets the ball in the second half
Comment 12 Dec 2016
They don't always follow the comic book, but I highly doubt Negan is done away with in one season. He makes the governor look like a kindergarten teacher and kirkman has been waiting for this timeline in my opinion. This might be a season and a half to two season story arc.
Comment 08 Dec 2016
Growing up in the hornet's nest called Detroit, my father would make sure we loved and respected Ohio. Every time we would visit his hometown of Canton he would make me take my hat off as we crossed the state border. If the buckeyes were playing, my dad woild find the game, even it that meant buying special antennas for the TV. As a kid, I mainly would ignore it as I was more interested in playing videogames or being outside, but I really gained interest when I saw Eddie George play. To me, it was like watching superman playing football and I was a diehard ever since. Now its something I share with my brother and dad and I know it won't last forever but I cherish these moments every year cheering as loudly as I can. I want to take my dad and brother to the game but they are too afraid something will happen to the car since it has Michigan plates on them. Lol
Comment 26 Nov 2016
Play hard and smart and OSU will win. We have the better team and we are battle tested. let's go bucks!!!