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Comment 29 Dec 2019

This is my vote. I understand the call for pressure on the punt block, but you cannot run into the punter in that situation. We were getting the ball back with short field and instead we bail them out and they score two plays later to take the lead.

Not blaming the call, but it's not one I agreed with at the time or in retrospect.

Comment 27 Nov 2019

They didn't let him talk, but the guy sitting between Desmond and Greenberg said the most important thing that everyone else is glossing over: "What's scary is they turned it over three times and won."

That's 24 points (we don't realize a TD, they scored 10 points off the other two turnovers). That difference turns a 28-17 game into a 35-7 game.

Comment 05 Feb 2019

Adnan Virk was fired by ESPN after an investigation into a company leak. Virk was escorted Friday from ESPN’s Bristol campus after the network determined that he passed information about its baseball coverage to the sports blog Awful Announcing.

A story written Jan. 28 by Ben Koo reported that ESPN was not going to expand baseball-specific studio programming because it didn’t anticipate high ratings for it. The story also detailed negotiations between ESPN and Major League Baseball about coverage.

from https://www.washingtonpost.com/sports/2019/02/04/espn-fires-rising-star-adnan-virk-after-investigation-into-leaked-information/

Fired because he leaked that ESPN was going to trade a 7pm Sunday Night Baseball start time (vs 8pm) for less Baseball Tonight episodes (Adnan Virk was a host on Baseball Tonight).

Comment 18 Jan 2019
Because in this individual year Ohio State has more elite NFL prospects, that makes Ohio State a more talented team? Wins and NCs are objective measurements, probably the two most important in terms of evaluating program success. Clemson has been the, very obviously, better team over the past couple years.
Comment 24 Mar 2017



(b) A player or goalkeeper shall not be allowed to “bat” the puck in the air, or push it along the ice with his hand, directly to a teammate unless the “hand pass” has been initiated and completed in his defending zone, in which case play shall be allowed to continue. If the “hand pass” occurs in the neutral or attacking zone, a stoppage of play will occur and a face-off will take place according to last play face-off rules provided no territorial advantage has been gained.

Comment 27 Dec 2016

They're in the same category in that they're both starters in the league, which is a pretty elite category. I don't think anyone will try to make the argument that Hyde was/is a better back, but that's more of a testament to Zeke than it is a slight on Hyde.

"Game breaker" may be the wrong term, but I think people had the same confidence in Hyde and Zeke to get yards when necessary. I remember Hyde carrying that 2013 team through games, especially Northwestern. It's why there was "controversy" in the 2013 B1G Championship game in the decision to let Braxton keep the ball instead of handing it off to Hyde.

Comment 26 Dec 2016

I'm not worried about Weber. He's not game-breaking/Zeke/Hyde, but he's a freshman and he'll only get better.

The problem is with the OL pass protection (especially RT), WRs unable to get separation, and JT not being able hit a receiver in-stride on any 15+ yard route.

Our passing attack is lackluster, and no matter how good our OL is on running plays, if we can't get a pass game established, teams will stack the box and it won't really matter how good our run game is.

Comment 26 Dec 2016

Pretty sure it's this - http://www.downtowntempe.com/nye2016

Mill Avenue in Downtown Tempe is a destination for New Year's Eve and the various activations the bars and nightlife venues are planning will still create a "block party" type of atmosphere. However, Downtown Tempe Authority isn't producing a large scale event or programming entertainment on NYE.  

Comment 26 Dec 2016

Just to pile on this, I was able to get two rooms at the 4* Hyatt Regency in downtown Phoenix for $103/night for Dec 30-Jan 1 through Priceline.

Stayed there last year and it was fine.

Comment 23 Jun 2016

Nike also has the Ohio State Championship Headwear Box Set for $75 when you use coupon code ZOOM25 when checking out


They tried selling this for $350 (!!!), but at $75, $25/hat isn't a terrible deal.