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Comment 16 Apr 2012

I would like to see Shazier strip the ball out of his hands again, or maybe he does the stupid scramble of Taylor Martinez and stops only to be introduced/demolished by Bradly Roby, so sad they didn't show that in the game highlights and I can't find footage of it anywhere...I think I jumped up and down screaming SILVER BULLET!!!!! at the top of my lungs, with a diminishing chant of don't get up, don't get up...pointed towards Taylor Martinez. (disclaimer i wish no bodily injury on anyone, but hey if your dumb enough to stop running while in bounds and you get injured, thats your fault, and it does dramatically increase our chances of winning)

Comment 01 Mar 2012

Ross, great article, like many I'm extremly excited for next year and the spring game. Also to everyone else, we are truly blessed as buckeyes to have a site like 11warriors as this article was featured today on ESPN's B1G lunch time links.

Thanks to the staff and the fans for making this site great!!!

Comment 16 Feb 2012

Coach Meyer is quite the salesman, not only is this a quality pick up on the field, but the kid retains information very well. I'm sure he was told about three quarters of the stuff he said in reply to the interview, which is great it shows me that he is totally bought in to what TOSU has to offer.