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Comment 13 May 2018

Hell yeah!! Anyone happen to have that video where Schiano is screaming in the locker room? That one was pretty hype...

Comment 24 Apr 2018

Series would have been over a long time ago without Bob. I still think the jackets are 1 guy away from seriously being able to beat caps and pens (probably not consistently though) 

1. Stay out of the box

2. Figure out your penalty kill 

3. Figure out the power play

Comment 19 Jan 2018

I have a close friend at Upper Arlington high school that told me Goodwin didn't exactly choose to leave. Said he and his mom had a sit down with Holtmann and coach said he would still honor his commitment solely out of respect to thad and that he is gonna bring in his guys or something along the lines of that. Obviously wasn't that exact wording, but still sounds like a strange situation. Heard his mom walked out of the meeting crying 

Comment 26 Sep 2017

My apologies... I'll make sure I "really follow the team" next time. It certainly isn't privy knowledge now but it was the day after it happened (when I knew). The point is that Thad had character that a lot of coaches lack nowadays...not sure if you caught onto that or not. 

Comment 26 Sep 2017

Trying not to name any names here but I was told by a reliable source close to the bball program that a certain point guard was offered a large sum of money to go another school while he was trending toward OSU. ...was told the recruits father asked Thad to match the offer and Thad said no. Gotta respect that and hopefully Holtmann is the same way.

Comment 20 Sep 2017
First harbaugh vs urban matchup..and we go up there and pummel them. Was at this game and I seriously heard a TTUN fan cry out after the game "oh my god we're never gonna beat these guys" thing I have ever heard
First harbaugh vs urban match up..and we go up there and pummel them. I was at this game and I seriously heard a ttun fan cry out after the game "oh my god we're never gonna beat these guys" thing I've ever heard to this day 
Comment 14 Sep 2017

100% agree. I have a hard time believing Kevin Wilson's great play calling and creativity (see IU and Okla.) just disappeared since he started coaching here. Offense is Urban's baby and he need to take his hands off a bit....

Comment 11 Sep 2017

Well there aren't exactly a bunch of Tom Hermans just sitting around waiting for a job. I think Kevin Wilson is a pretty damn good coach. Offensive problems look the exact same as they have the last 2 years...who is the common denominator? Urban needs to take his hands off and let Wilson run the O (play calling). I think its pretty obvious that receivers create very little separation AND Jt is not gonna cut it in the passing game.