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Comment 08 Nov 2019
Comment 21 Oct 2019

I wondered the same thing.  How much of his work current work is a result of his ability and how he or hasn't  progressed, and how much is due to the lack of development that he could have received under Meyer / Day?  I would venture to guess that if he had been here for the past 3 years, he is probably a whole different QB.

Comment 18 Oct 2019

What a great memory for you.  I played a couple of times against Herbstreit in high school.  He was a year older than I am, but we were in the same league .  His team was always very good and killed us both years that I played against him, but I still vaguely recall tackles that I made against him after all of these years.  He even left the game for a few plays after one of them - probably the highlight of my very average HS career.  :)  I must have mentioned it a few (dozen) times because my wife still thinks it is funny to ask "Didn't you tackle him in high school?" when he is on TV.  Enjoy your high school career - it goes fast and you will remember it forever.

Comment 14 Jan 2019

I think you may be misled about his articles.  I have not seen anything pro-OSU from him - maybe ever.  There is a complete fake Twitter account that is a 100% copy of his profile and pictures, but it is run by someone else.  That often has a lot fo Pro-OSU tweets and links on it.  The pages look essentially the same, but you can tell if it is the real one by the actual @ name...  TCT2323 is the fake one.  Brett_McMurphy is the real one.

Comment 05 Dec 2018

Only my personal guess, but I presume most people thought he would be solid just based on his brother alone.  I actually started to get a little worried when he made a big deal out of his QB Bailey picking Tennessee over TTUN.  I wondered then if that opened his interest to Tennessee even then...

Comment 18 Jul 2018
Loved North campus- 12th floor Drackett Tower in fall of 89
Comment 17 Jul 2018
Alumni here - BSBA 1993. I don't think I am necessarily any more of a fan of the teams than anyone who didn't attend the school. However, in my case, I suspect I am a bigger lover of Thee University than some who didn't attend just from having 4 years of daily experiences there. I have many great football related memories, but even more fond memories that relate to my time at OSU that are not necessarily specific to sports. If you share my passion in good times and pain in lower Buckeye times, then you are a Buckeye to me- with or without ever stepping foot in a class there. OH
Comment 21 Jun 2018
Comment 21 Jun 2018

Not sure how to actually embed a tweet, but here is what he tweeted - 

I swear I hate when coaches be lying to kids. “Punch your ticket!” Ummm to what? [] years of losing to both of ur rivals? [] [] yep that sounds great!!! [] . Pls tell me how r u gonna get a WR 13 touches per game & ur base offense is [] [] / [] [] / [] [] Personnel?

7:53 AM - 20 Jun 2018