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Comment 13 Jan 2016

This was all in the context of freshman playing and not redshirting, i admitted zach was an anomaly, not to mention the fact he was a senior at this point. There's no way of really knowing if a player is going to be who you think they are when you recruit them though. Curtis Grant was a 5 star who never really got it until his senior year. Steve Miller was a highly rated DE who was a back up for most of his career until his senior year when spence officially got kicked off the team. Darron Lee was the lowest rated player in the class and came in as a safety, they didn't know he'd be an effective replacement to shazier when they got him in the class. Brionte Dunn was a highly rated RB who still hasn't lived up to his potential, i'm sure they thought he could potentially be 3 and done when he first got here. Its not an exact science to know when someone will realize their potential, so if you can potentially get another year out of someone, you go for it to build depth and stability

Comment 13 Jan 2016

lol nice to bring your wife in here. Players screwing up plays happens more than you think. In fact evan spencers block to spring Elliots 85 yard run against Bama shouldn't have happened, he was lined up wrong, but went in there and blew up a lb despite being out of position. The game that you describe sounds like they were playing out of necessity, not because the coaches decided they should get PT and not redshirt, which is my point! Ash not using schemes is different because he completely revamped the defense and you have to ingrain different philosophies until they become second nature. Zach Boren moving to LB is an anomaly and was more of a product of who he was playing over, Curtis Grant was playing THAT poorly. 

You do understand that my whole point is not to just play freshman so they dont redshirt right? Not that this NEVER happens, but more that if they dont need to, they wont throw someone out there who they aren't comfortable with in nearly every situation. This all started because someone said we shouldn't redshirt period

Comment 12 Jan 2016

yes i do watch football, and no it doesn't happen all the time. The coaches will condense the playbook to play to the backups strengths, not because they dont know the playbook. Gibson also got injured, so off the field issues weren't the only reason. Trying to compare high school teams to Ohio State means literally nothing. 

Comment 09 Jan 2016
No. First williams plays horrible competition so he dominated like he should have. Second AP was a generational type RB who did what antonio did against 10x the competition. Williams will be really good here, but hes not AP or like AP, completely different styles.
Comment 06 Jan 2016
What freshman enter a game outside of STs without knowing the playbook? They have to know it or the coaches wouldn't trust them to play
Comment 06 Jan 2016

It doesn't make sense for them to burn a redshirt for a player who can run 3 plays of the playbook really well and then get lost the rest of the time, even if they take him out at that point. They want to put guys out there who can perform every function of their job, otherwise they are a liability. I understand and agree with the point of garbage time, but once again there are only so many people you can put on the field at a time. Should you put in your second team on one play, your third team on another, and then your fourth team after that? Or should your second team get as much experience as possible in case someone from the first team goes down? Same thing with STs, if you are one of the 10 best at getting downfield to either block or cover a kick then good we want you out there, but i dont want to put you on the field if someone is better than you, just so you dont have to redshirt, that's a liability to the team.

Comment 05 Jan 2016

why? because you can only have 11 people on the field at one time and why wouldn't you play your best players over those who aren't ready? Just because you might be physically ready doesn't mean you are mentally ready. We got 3 years out of Michael Thomas, 4 years of Vannett, 4 years of Chase Farris, 3 years of Tyvis Powell, 3 years of Cardale, 3 years of bradley roby, gonna get 3 years of Marcus Baugh, 4 years of Brionte Dunn, i could go on forever. Not everyone is a 3 and done type player and you dont know who is when they show up for their first camp. Torrance Gibson has never played WR in a real game before, do you trust him to run the right route to the T so that there isn't miscommunication between him and barrett? You want an OL out there who isn't used to complex zone blitzes? You want a DL in there who has limited moves to combat a seasoned OL? how about a LB who's never had to cover a TE or slot receiver that's bigger than he is? Your theory has huge flaws

Comment 05 Jan 2016
You guys should be good next year. 10 win season at least which would be the first time you had back to back double digit win years in a looooong time. I still dont trust your OL, your RB situation is bad, and your DL is still pretty small with your NT. Lbs aren't returning but you should have a good secondary. WRs are good, not great, but your TEs are always a mismatch. Wont beat us with it, but you should beat the rest of the conference
Comment 17 Aug 2015
Since when is zach smiths kids face timing with ND LBers? Kelly trying to get pay back by getting the kids involved? New low IMO
Comment 10 Aug 2015

seeing brax make the move is gonna make it easier for him to transition to that role to help his draft stock. He could be a star at WR