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Comment 17 Nov 2015


Heading up from ATL with may other sparties in tow for this weekend.Equally looking forward to partying with many of my buckeye friends this weekend. IF you have to be happen to be near Schmoogate look us.. we will be earing green and drinking Ramzy's weekly situational bourbon of choice.

Anyway I will be breaking down the game later in the week for Southern football frenzy on ATL.

Here are quick thoughts on MSU Season and viability for Sat:

This MSU team has a number of issues and the $50,000 question is will Coach D willing to accept they cannot be addressed during the season and completely focus on the areas that are working.

What does that gibberish mean? Basically MSU is a big 12 team with a very good DL. MSU has to score 40+ points to have a chance.

The cornerstone of MSU is a Solid aggressive Def. The DL has had good year. Not a great year. The expectation was that this would be one of the best units in the country. They are in top 20 in Rush Def, sacks, hurries, etc. Teh 2nd component of the MSU's Defense is the No-FLy Zone which has been is giving away Premier status at alarming rate.

The vaunted Pass defense was dealt 3 hits this year..1) losing the remainder of their NFL DB's to attrition.2) Losing the next guys up to injury: Vayante Copeland (out for year), D Hicks for most of season. 3) Loss of Narduzzi moving up Harlon Barnett to be Co-DC which has not worked well for grooming young DB's. MSU has rotated 4 True Freshman with little to no experience.The biggest issue is that MSU still beholden to play press coverage with little over the top support. All of this together has been a disaster. . Imagine your 2013 Pass D.. now imagine it much worse.

The combination of porous pass def and a nonexistant Special teams.has put all the pressure on the offense this season. Philosphoically, MSU has tried to maintain a balanced offense, win TOP and turnover battle. But with injured offensive line that has been band-aided together since week 2, the run game has never developed. Thur It has become the Connor Cook Show. He has played really well. And actually should have been given the green light more often. See last series prior to punting to Neb ( throw the ball once - win)

What does all this mean : For MSU to spring the big upset sat.

They would need to score 40+ Points, Throw for over 350 yds. Run for 100+ just to keep silver bullets honest. Win turnover battle, and keep score close in 4th Qtr.

Can it happen? Sure .. Will it happen? That is why there is 2 TD spread and plenty of bourbon at our tailgate.

See you Sat.



Comment 30 Mar 2015

Thanks Guys... Have been enjoying Ramzy Tweets thru tourney. This year has been a total surprise, after last year's failure


Comment 28 Jan 2015

Looking forward to November 21st.... Then again I am a Sparty.

Good Luck and looking forward to visiting the shoe in november.


Comment 28 Jan 2015

Looking forward to November 21st.... Then again I am a Sparty.

Good Luck and looking forward to visiting the shoe in november.


Comment 22 Jan 2015

Just something for you guys to enjoy. Michigan coaches in first year vs MSU

Hoke 2011 - Loss

RR 2008 - Loss

Carr 1995 - Loss

Moeller 1990 - Loss

BS 1969 - Loss

Elliott 1959 - Loss

Last winner was Bennie Osterbaan's mich 48 national title team.

BTW - Will be coming up to sparty -brutus game with about 10 football fans from across the country for most of them the first time to the shoe.

Comment 19 Dec 2014

Sparty Here - The irony is that Ed pretty much ripped on Cook's footwork, Our ability to close, and DB play in every game he covered us.
We are what are record says. We lost to 2 better teams, and we not one of the top 5 teams in the country. he could make a case for last year, or make a statement that if there is a 8 team playoff, MSU if they got hot and addressed their Secondary could play for title..


Comment 19 Dec 2014

Frank -

Agree at the pro level. My feedback was college only.

Comment 18 Dec 2014

I have to say I was surprised by the list since it was fan voting. I was expecting to see Troy Smith rather than Chic Harley. As an opponent watching OSU and reading on history. My 4: Cassady, Archie, Pace, Harley.

 Pace is one of top 3 OL in the last 40-50 years along with Munoz, and Hannah.

Comment 12 Dec 2014

From a Spartan...

QB - Smith

RB - Griffin, George

WR - Carter, Galloway

TE - Dudley

OL Pace, Stringer, Mangold,  HIcks, Parker

DL - Big Daddy, Stillwagon, Will Smith, Bosa

LB Spielman, Hawk, Gradishar

DB Tatum, Doss, Winfield, Springs

P- Skladany


Comment 09 Dec 2014

Trust me guys.

Dantonio has a very warm spot for OSU, and has internally and externally shared that they absolutely deserve to be part of the 4 teams. Our Entire staff and support groups is filled with OSU bloodlines, and the feeling for both Tressell, and the School has always been with  highest degree of respect.

Right now our players and coaches are playing a fine line in giving respect to Baylor/Cotton bowl, while not disrespecting the BIG/OSU.


Comment 09 Dec 2014

MSU Right now is poised to have long term success primarily due to the face of having alignment between Board/ President/BIg Donor/AD. That was the case from infancy until Duffy stepped down in early 70's. Then President Wharton and the football advocates which help grow the school from land grant college to a international university fractured. And despite success in perles era, 4 distinct groups former - Academic admin, Board ( Joel Ferguson), Football boosters, and AD/Coach wanting all power. It was very ugly behind the scenes. Wasn't until late 90's ealry 00's that we began sorting out our power struggles and aligning. Then Hollis/Izzo/Dino were able to build on strong foundation.

This is where I see a big issue in A2 right now, and a little bit in Neb. If you don't have a strong foundation, even a great coach/Ad can't sustain success long term.


Comment 09 Dec 2014

I will take a 1 point win all day. Thinking for us to win 45-38... Not sure we can win a game in the 50's.