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Mesquite, Tx (via Liberty Center, Ohio)

MEMBER SINCE   August 30, 2015

Class of '86. Met Woody on campus and for 2 minutes he focused 100% on my academic experience in a sincere and friendly manner. When he dotted the "i" for Script Ohio I cried like a baby. Live in the Dallas area and my wife is amazed at all of the fans and alumni present wherever we go.


  • SPORTS MOMENT: 2004 Alamo Bowl in San Antonio with my father. My dad coached high school football and was my position coach. We watched Ted Ginn destroy Oklahoma State. Dad said that the pep rally before the game was as much fun as the game itself.
  • NFL TEAM: Dallas Cowboys
  • NHL TEAM: Dallas Stars
  • MLB TEAM: Texas Rangers

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Comment 19 Jan 2020

Right on.  This was a great year watching Buckeye football.  I expected one or two losses early on and the team would get stronger through the season.  They far exceeded my unreasonable expectations with a new head coach, new defensive coaches, turnover at the offensive line and a talented but inexperienced QB.  Getting in the tournament was great and it is never a given for any team.  Ask Alabama.

Comment 16 Jan 2020

Howdy!  Greetings from Mesquite.  I had inlaws out by Elmo and Wills Point.  Welcome to Eleven Warriors neighborhood.  I have been in Texas 30 years after graduating from OSU and I would not have it any other way.  I am fortunate to experience the best of both.

Comment 10 Jan 2020

Have you ever seen a person who is obese lose 20% of their weight quickly?  The loose skin gets in the way.  This young man is managed with nutrition and exercise to maximize his potential and minimize the risk to his long term health.  You are exactly right that a couple of years would be safer and not have the enormous folds of loose skin flopping all over.

Comment 07 Jan 2020

The husband of a co-worker reported back that the Covelli Center was rocking.  He got floor seats a month ago for about $20 each.  The people next to him paid $200 to be there.  Get your tickets early.  I agree with Buckmark that Hoffman was the MVP.  He fought to the end.  I have no idea how he fought off 2 cradles and then avoid a tech fall by pointing back in the 3rd.

Comment 04 Jan 2020

As a freshman in 1981 I really enjoyed the music/reading room.  Many afternoons I would check out an album to play on a small turntable to listen to music while studying physics and calculus.  I remember the Violent Femmes concert in the ballroom around '84 which was a good show in an awkward venue.  I was thankful that the espresso doubleshot was available in time for my 8-10 AM Institutional Finance class at Haggerty.  The new Union is beautiful.