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Comment 08 Jul 2020

Time will tell, but I gotta believe he can & will.  I think he's a genuine enough person & recruits & their parents will know that he has their best interests first & foremost.  Not to mention we have assistant coaches like L.J. & Hartline who have set him up quite nicely to finish strong.  Let's not forget the kids in this class who have already committed.  They have been great recruiters in their own right and will push as hard as ever to perhaps sign the best college class of all time.  In Day I trust.

Comment 06 Jul 2020

All very valid questions. I guess my top 2 would be who wins the QB2 spot & what the new look defense looks like with Coach Combs calling the shots.  I think if all the running backs are healthy, Sermon,Teague & Crowley will more than suffice for a strong run game, especially with our road graders up front. The development of the freshman WR's will be fun to watch as well. Just give me some football.

Comment 28 Jun 2020

The amount & level of ability at linebacker is crazy good.  I think we'll try & rotate 7 guys to keep them all fresh and somewhat happy.  Here's to hoping the young Bucks will be patient and learn from the upperclassmen and stay away from the portal.  Good things will come all in good time for those who put in the work & grind.  Looking forward to seeing this unit thrive this year & beyond.

Comment 27 Jun 2020

I love hearing things like this about the Buckeyes staff. It's the little things that they do that goes a long way in making recruits feel special and wanted, & it's not just football stuff, but life stuff as well which is ultimately more important.  Not only do the recruits get it, but obviously so does the staff. So glad Coach Stud is still here.  It wasn't too long ago that some wanted him to be replaced.  Seems like Coach Day nailed this decision as well. Who has it better than us? Go Bucks & keep the train rolling.

Comment 19 Apr 2020

You were correct about K.D. (Kelton Dansler).  I lived in his apartment complex in the mid-80's & we became quick friends. Looks meaner then almost anyone I know, but a sweat heart none the less.  We played on the same flag football team with several other Buckeye greats including Art Schlichter, Ray Griffin, Al Washington, etc.  I took him home for a weekend to Shadyside OH.  We went to all the local bars & had too much to drink some how :). I was to far gone to even take my socks off. He took off my socks & threw a blanket over me & gave me 2 aspirins, just an awesome, awesome dude.  Some of you may remember him as a bouncer at Mean Mr. Mustards. Kuddo's to a great Buckeye & even better person, well deserved.

Comment 06 Aug 2019

Yea, and McCall is running with the 5's.  Coach Day is making everybody earn their spots and nothing is just handed out. I like it, I think it's great to keep everybody hungry and fighting & scrapping for a spot. May the best man win.