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I am a life long (56 yrs) die hard buckeye fan currently living in Oklahoma. I still hurt for a week when we lose! It used to be longer! Lol


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Comment 18 Nov 2019

I think just the opposite! Watch the D line in the Maryland game and you will see the pressure and sacks by multiple people. This was Rutgers and they got up 21 points in a matter of 5-6 minutes. I believe that they were playing to "not get hurt". They knew they did not have to go all out to defeat this team. They made their statement last week. Chase is unbelievable but the rest of our defense is outstanding as well. 

Comment 12 Nov 2019

Just like the defense did not sink because Chase was not available it changes the dynamic drastically! Fields causes the opposing team to have to account for his ability to run. How many times has Justin saved us on 3rd downs when he took off (quite a few)How many times did he get out of a defenders grasps on 3rd downs only to find an open receiver? (quite a few). Enough that I would say that some of those blowouts would have been competitive games and then some. Justin obviously make the running game more viable and that has knock on effects all over the field and throughout the game.

As much as Chug has shown he can throw a nice long ball, in my opinion we would be pressed at the very least and struggle at the most to come away with W's against TtuN as well as Pen u.

Please don't take this as though I think he (Chug) is a slog, he has really come a long ways however I believe the coaching staff would probably agree that there is a very large and measurable step down between Justin and Chug.

Comment 11 Nov 2019

I have to apologize to all of the posters here at 11 Warriors! After hearing all of the concerns last week coming after the announcement of Chase being suspended, I stated: "This team is a different team than any person has ever seen!" They will come out and make a statement about who they are as a team. I predicted a score of 62 - 0. I was wrong. Sorry!

In all of my 60+ years of being a Buckeye fan I have never seen a team with this much chemistry. It is almost with disbelief that I watch each week waiting for them to "Iowa" or "Purdue" a game. After they dispatched Wisconsin I made a promise to myself that I was going to try with everything I have to just sit back, watch and enjoy this season for what it is. !00% unbelievable!

This is going to be a season for the ages. ENJOY IT! This team is not only loaded they are being coached up at a level that I have never seen before. They don't believe they are entitled to anything. However they are going to take everything in their path and just leave no doubt about how good they are through their play. The other thing I enjoy watching is the amount of fun this team is having doing their thing. As I said ENJOY IT! We can tell our grandchildren how blessed we were to watch that 2019/2020 team turn the college football world upside-down!  

Comment 08 Nov 2019

This is a completely different team that will be taking the field tomorrow than any we have witnessed period. I don't want to diminish CY's ability, however this team is laser focused and will bring a beatdown early. The 3rd string will be playing the whole second half and will keep Maryland scoreless to send a message to the college football world! 

tOSU 62  Maryland 0  mark it down!

Comment 08 Nov 2019

Please stop with the "that other team did worse and didn't get a thing done to them!" For one we are not the other team. Secondly there were two players from Clemson ruled ineligible to play this entire year for trace amounts of PEDs. I know they were not 5 star players so please don't come back with they were third string players.... My point is if you are going to state something as a comparison, please be factual. Otherwise you risk looking like the HOMER you are for regurgitating something that "I read it on the internet" 

Now..... Get off my lawn

Comment 29 Oct 2019

Just re-watched the game and specifically the LB play. This indeed was one of Tuf Borland's best games. I do trust the coaches to play the player(s) that give us the best chance to win. I am not defending Tuf's speed, but as I replied to a post last week about "if Borland is in the game we are going to get run over." This game more than any other set him up for success. He was gap sound and only missed one tackle when he was being dragged down. I will say I saw more obvious holding (talking) by Wiscy's offensive line or we would have held them to zero yards!

Comment 28 Oct 2019


That is what I like about this site! We may not agree and that's OK. After reading all that posts on this site after the OU game it sure would seem to me that you were in the minority. There were a few that made statements along the line of yours...… "If you don't want Baker doing that then..." however the majority were along the lines of "Baker is a d..khead" and had no class.

At least you can take what you dish out! Thanks for the reply 

Comment 28 Oct 2019

Downvote me all you want! I have some very close acquaintances that are diehard Badger fans. They are some of the most gracious fans I have ever met. I have attended games with them as a guest and attended in my Buckeye gear even when we were not playing them. To a person they have treated me with the utmost respect and not ever have I had someone disrespect me for being a Buckeye. Just remember that they LOVE their team just like we love ours and it hurts when you lose a big game! There was no need to troll the Wiscy fans. We played a good game and did our talking on the field. That should have been enough. To add insult to injury after the beatdown that took place lends credence to all of the non buckeyes out there that say we are full of ourselves and are unbearable!

If this was the fighting franklins or ttun, then smack talk, troll, prod and poke away!! For all of those that disagree,  think back and remember the end of the Oklahoma game and how you felt when a flag was (attempted) planted in the shoe! I posted this because I was asked today what I thought abou

Comment 22 Oct 2019

When I mention big running plays that is relative. We have not experienced the 60-80 yards like last year but have given up about 12 plays between the 10 to 21 yard gains. So you are correct to say that we have shut down the big plays and that just helps my argument. Tuf has been a part of those defensives. 

I don't have any problem with people pointing out that Borland has made mistakes, however my rant is for those that make this type of statement: 

"If  Werner and Borland play, we are in trouble against Taylor.  They don’t have any track record of success in gap integrity protection."

This statement is what spurred my rant! 

Comment 22 Oct 2019

I am absolutely sick and tired of people on here bashing Borland. I have taken the time to go back and watch our games paying specific attention to our linebackers. Borland is one of the best run stopping backers on the team. The big running plays that have been given up this year have been when he was not in the game or the play was toward the opposite side of his gap/assignment.

In my opinion Tuf is the best backer for Wiscy. He is gap sound against the run and hits the hole hard. That is what it takes to tackle a RB like Taylor. I am not defending Tuf when he has to match up with a RB out of the backfield or a receiver (there MAY be better options). This coaching staff has DEMONSTRATED that they will play the best player. They have not shown favoritism at all.

After seeing the team from last year and absolutely seeing this transformation overall, I am CERTAIN that if the coaches believe that Tuff is the best backer for the position then I trust that!!  All of you that don't like the fact that the COACHES choose him to play week in and week out..... Go watch that team up north! Slam the players and slam the coaches because YOU know better! Just please stop regurgitating a talking point that someone else has stated. If you would  have watched over and over each game and the linebacker play you would have noticed that Tuf has graded out 96% (my scoring system) of the time being where he was supposed to be. (yes I too have seen 3 plays over 6 games that he made a wrong read so I am not putting him on a pedestal.

Rant over

Comment 11 Oct 2019


 Thank you! I could not have said it better. I love Browning and he has tremendous upside but he is NOT there yet. He takes the wrong gaps at times and that has led to 3 of the longest runs against us this year. All you have to do is WATCH each and every play and focus on the linebackers and you can see this. Browning is either Boom or bust at this point of his career. Borland is consistent and rarely get beat to the proper spot and makes sure tackles 99% of the time. Browning is a year away from being spectacular but he is not there yet. For all that say "well how's he going to learn if he is not in the game? Its called watching game tape and a ton of it. 

Comment 09 Aug 2019

I actually want to be Robert's friend! Reading his comments makes me feel very fortunate. I too lost my father at a time when I was just becoming a young adult.My father was just becoming a friend after years of him being an alcoholic and abusive person. His advice about surrounding yourself with good people is fantastic! I know it sounds like I am rambling but this post really hit a special place in my heart!

BB is now my favorite Buckeye of all time! I don't say that lightly

Comment 06 Aug 2019

I will say this for you (and I am being sincere) you do wear the glasses from time to time (as we all do) at least you are not one to think that Michigan has been "just a few unlucky bounces" from beating the Buckeyes in the past 15 years and having the better team ./ Even when the score has been close at the end the vast majority of these games were decided well before the 4rth qtr and the Buckeyes have handled Michigan just like any other team in the BIG.  

Comment 05 Jun 2019

I really appreciate Coach Day in the manner he talks to the press. He stays away from ""he's the best, we want to..." etc.). It seems to me that he answers the questions and sets expectations with those statements. I like the fact that he has put the onus on JK having to be good for the first 6 games. It also puts emphasis on the O-line needing to gel rather quickly in the run game. This will allow our new QB the time to be efficient understanding the plays and developing into a leader.

I think it would also set up the back half of the schedule to show new wrinkles for the more loaded part of said schedule and have potentially new game planning that causes the opposition to have to guess at what we are going to be throwing at them.