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Comment 07 Oct 2019

I imagine she submitted it as Bama, Georgia, LSU, and Bama, and then after much discussion they realized that Alabama could never play Alabama because that would mean that Alabama would have to lose. Since that is an impossibility as far as ESPN is concerned and has never occurred in history, at least as far as those in the the editors room could remember, it was concluded that Clemson would take the fourth spot in the playoffs.

Comment 06 Oct 2019

That whole explanation was bullshit, and finishing with some nebulous concept of "forceable contact" as the reason why it was the right call was absurd, especially considering the commentator didn't even explain what this is. Whoever the ex-ref was that they had on the commentating team started by saying something about if he had open hands (or something, can't quite remember this one) then it wouldn't have been a penalty, and then said it depends on if the player sees the hit coming or not to decide if it's blindside. If that's true... I don't even know what to say. How the hell is a ref going to be able to know one way other whether a player saw the guy coming in a situation like this one??? It was a joke of a call, and the idiot trying to defend it on tv was the cherry on the top. They don't sign your checks anymore, my dude. You can disagree with the calls.

Comment 23 Sep 2019

Harbaugh's press conference has to be a pretty clear sign of the end of days for the _ichigan hopeful. Rarely have I seen a press conference after a loss that was just so utterly devoid of any semblance of hope, anger, determination to get better, clear identification of the issues at hand... I guess it was lacking in what is commonly defined as leadership from your head coach under such circumstances. It's like he was so beat down he didn't even care anymore. He looked like a man who has checked out. I don't know how you come back to practice after looking like that in the game as a team, and then in front of the media/world postgame and inspire them to get back to work. Hopefully the players have more fire than Harbaugh does.

Comment 22 Sep 2019

The narrative can bend whichever way they want. Buckeyes run the Big Ten? It's a weak conference with a bunch of mediocre teams. Buckeyes struggle or (god forbid) lose in the Big Ten? See! We told you the Buckeyes weren't that good.

Comment 21 Sep 2019

That Yahoo article is a great read. I had no idea about this when it happened:

Gattis’ early struggles should be pinned squarely on Harbaugh. The offseason coronation of Gattis as a great hire included these delicious details in a story in The Athletic – “There was no interview. No face-to-face meeting. No get-up-on-the-board-and-show-me-how-you-run-this session. Not even a tell-me-about-your-offensive-philosophy discussion.”

Harbaugh basically put the future of the program on a 20-minute phone conversation, which is a bit like getting engaged after the first drink on a first date. And he did it knowing that Nick Saban had an opportunity to promote Gattis to the same job and declined. That’s impulsive and reckless even by Harbaugh’s standards, and was begging for more skepticism from an athletic director and administration who’d already seen a pattern of bad hires and dysfunctional offenses.

Comment 20 Aug 2019

Nice lack of context. He went 5-0 at Tech before getting injured. The team floundered without him and according to him, he had no contact with Kliff Kingsbury after his recovery about the starting QB job. He claims he was ready to play earlier but with no explanation was not named the starter as the team continued to lose. Eventually he returned as the starter at the end of the season. He then slid down the depth chart before the season started behind Davis Webb and incoming freshman Patrick Mahomes, and given the fact that he hadn't been offered a scholarship for the upcoming semester, guessed that he was not being given a fair shake to win the starting job. The guy wanted to play, and he wasn't going to be given that opportunity at Tech.

Comment 05 Jul 2019

It's shorthand. It's nice for the fans to have a sense of how these kids stack up and it makes for good fodder for blogs but the coaching staff will have done their due diligence in watching the tape or seeing these guys in person when possible. They have a sense of whether or not each guy is a good fit for this program, and for the three star kids they have a belief that they will grow into something greater than the player they are now. I don't think the coaching staff from any school cares one bit about the star rankings for their commits.