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Comment 23 Feb 2020

I was curious what everyone's feelings on that were. When I saw it, I thought it was the right call. He tried to kick Wesson in the head, and the only reason he didn't connect was because his leg wasn't long enough. He fully extended. I thought, well sure, that's clearly a tech. Then I went on twitter to see what other people were saying about it and it was like 90/10 saying it was a ridiculous call. A lot of the tweets were from basketball writers, so you'd hope these are people who know the game a bit. Saw people saying that Cowan had an understandable emotional outburst at the non-call but that it was restrained. To my view it was only restrained by the physical limitations of his body; he was actually trying to kick Kaleb in the head.

Anyway, that's what I thought. I recognize that we're not an unbiased group here, but what did you guys think?

Comment 06 Jan 2020

I graduated in '96 from an Ohio HS. There were set course requirements to receive a regular diploma or an honors diploma. If you didn't take many electives and focused solely on the diploma requirements you could fulfill them all in three years, even without summer school or other extra study. It wasn't common, but there was a girl who graduated in my class who did this. I think the diploma requirements were along the lines of 3 years of math and science, for example. It was doable in three, I just don't think they publicized it at all. Obviously there is an advantage for top level football players to get onto their college campus early so they would be planning and working with their HS to take this route from their sophomore or junior year on.

Comment 05 Jan 2020

Technique matters on the D and O lines. More than most positions in college football, technique and skill trump athleticism in the trenches. And when you're being coached by the best in the world, another year under LJ's tutelage can only help your technique. Good for Davon and good for the Buckeyes. Happy for him as well.

Comment 22 Dec 2019

Does anyone know if there is a way to do a single game, pay-per-view kind of thing for this game to stream to a computer? I'm overseas and usually use, er... 'legal gray area' streaming sites to watch but the quality can sometimes drop precipitously. I'd rather just pay to (hopefully) get a high quality stream. Any ideas?

Comment 18 Dec 2019

This was a great read. Unless you are a VERY good salesperson, most people can smell a sales pitch. And you know that when someone is trying to sell you something they have their own best interests in mind, not yours. Finding out what these guys want out of their school, and what the parents want for their kids and talking about how tOSU will support them in these specific ways is going to be way more effective than giving them the ol' razzle dazzle promising playing time, trophies, and a certain NFL contract down the road, or crapping on other programs/coaches, or using high pressure sales techniques.

Comment 18 Dec 2019

Maybe this has been posted in the comments somewhere already, but I have to believe that the season this team has had has answered any questions some of these recruits may have had after Meyer left. While it may not have been made public, replacing a hall of fame coach with a first time HC would definitely have given some of these guys a moment's pause. If this season were a disaster, or even just not quite as spectacular as it has been you have to think some of these guys would be reconsidering their options not being sure that Day and Co. are the right group of leaders to entrust their future earning potential to.

Comment 16 Dec 2019

Solid business decision for him. It doesn't matter how good you are on the line of a team like Rutgers, you're going to look worse than you might actually be if the guys to your left and right are getting blown up constantly. I don't know enough about how he was evaluated prior to this season but he's been rock solid at the most important O-line position and part of a dominant line overall. I'm certain he has a better projected draft grade after this year.

Comment 06 Dec 2019

Wisconsin Injury Report

Nose tackle Bryson Williams, who has been out since the Iowa game, is now listed as out for the season. On Thanksgiving day, he announced on Instagram that he is out for the season.

Apart from the Williams news that came out last Thursday, the injury report could be a lot worse. CB Faion Hicks and OL Cole Van Lanen are currently good to go after being ruled questionable last week.

In more recent news, WR A.J. Taylor is listed as questionable after a right leg injury took him out of the Minnesota game. Similarly, Rachad Wildgoose is only questionable after missing all of Saturday’s game with a left leg injury.

Just like Taylor, OL David Moorman is questionable with a leg injury that took him out of the Minnesota game.

UPDATE Friday 8:34 a.m. CT: The new injury report released on Friday morning contains some tough news for senior WR A.J. Taylor who has been downgraded to “out for the season.”

Comment 06 Dec 2019

He says that it's impossible to focus on stopping any one Ohio State player.

This is really the key to this Buckeyes team. There is no simple formula to beating our guys. You can't look at any one player or type of play on either offense or defense and think that if you just take that away you will have a chance. Michigan performed the most consistent and obvious holding of Chase Young since the nurse handed him to his mother for the first time in the hospital and they still got wrecked by the rest of the D line. Play close to the LoS? Now Olave, Wilson, and Bin are behind you for the TD. Play back to stop that? J.K., and KJ are going to feast on the middle of the field. You really have to try to do it all, and on top of that hope that the Buckeyes will make some mistakes. This has been such a fun season as a fan.

Comment 06 Dec 2019

how entitled are you to judge that without ever having any stake in it?

Yep, agree with this. None of us know what it's like to be at that level of your sport. I'm not going to judge a guy for decisions he makes that I have no way to relate to. Additionally, changing camps/trainers/gyms to stimulate your training is very common across combat sports. You can be at one gym for your whole career and have a ton of success, but changing to a different gym is going to introduce you to new ideas, ways of training, mental approaches, etc etc. If you're a guy like Snyder who might feel like he's slipped a bit, or needs to shake things up to reach a new level of performance, I can understand why you might make this switch.

Comment 05 Dec 2019

The man is also out there playing 3D chess when everyone else is playing checkers. PSU comes into the game against us with a strong run defense and a suspect passing defense. Expecting that Coach Day would look to exploit their secondary early and often they came out prepared for an aerial attack. How does Day start the game? JK Dobbins down their throats all the way down the field.

Comment 05 Dec 2019

The drumbeat over there is that Ohio State pays its recruits and so Michigan will never be able to compete with the Buckeyes as they are a bastion of morality and righteousness that would never do such a thing. That's their story and they're wrapping it around them like a warm blanket woven from delusions, assumptions, and sour grapes.