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Comment 09 Jul 2019

Traditionally, OSU is not known for a school that produces a lot of QBs.  When OSU gets a decent QB they look way better than they are b/c of all of the WR talent.  If Day turns OSU into a QB school, watch out.

Example:  in the 90s during 2-10-1 , OSU produced way more NFL talent than TTUN except at QB and O-Line

Comment 23 May 2019

McCall has bounced back and forth from the running back and wide receiver rooms, but he's settling into the backfield and could be Dobbins' primary backup for this upcoming season, though Master Teague is also competing for playing time at that spot. 

Bouncing back and forth between those rooms was something that Curtis Samuel did very well. A real hybrid should be able to do that.  . I hope he isn't exclusively a RB.  Better depth at H-B

Comment 23 May 2019

Punt return was a role he could've filled last year, but he couldn't hang on to the ball. 

I think he is talented but he's not an every down RB and the H-b has a lot of competition. 

With Haskins at QB, the HB become more of a regular slot WR.  W/ Fields at QB , we'll probably see more hybrid stuff out of the position, so that may help McCall.  He still has to block though

Comment 16 May 2019

Cover-1 base means they have a lot of numbers on the line.  That should do a decent job stopping the run b/c of the numbers. 

I think some of the confusion is that they didn't know who they were supposed to cover in man especially if you added some motion and various formations.

Pattern matching can get confusing and really difficult when the offense runs RPOs.

I would think that it would be simpler for a college team to run a zone like Northwestern does for the most part, but I would have more zone blitzes.  A zone base would be way more appealing if we didn't have a lot of 1st round talent at corner through the years.

Comment 11 May 2019

He would've been in a proper S&C program if he played today.  It wasn't his lack of height b/c he was roughly the same height as Dorsett and Payton.  Shorter guys than him are playing today. 

The Bengals didn't know how to utilize Archie.  think the Bengals drafted Archie b/c they were still more of a Bill Walsh offense.  Archie would've been an ideal Wendell Tyler, West Coast offense type of RB.   They changed their minds and went to a power run game.   By the 81 Super Bowl, they had Charles Alexander and Pete Johnson.   Little bit before my time though

Comment 11 May 2019


RB-Zeke, Beanie

HB_Archie Griffin, Joey Galloway

Ken Anderson said Archie had the best hands on the Bengals

Comment 06 May 2019

1. Murphy

2 Farley

3. Norm Macdonald

4. Carvey--Not great in moveis but Very underrated on SNL

5 Tina Fey

6. Bill Murray

7. Phil Hartman

Comment 06 May 2019

A little bit before my time.  I can remember Pete Johnson being a much better pro than Archie on the Bengals.  I'm not old enough to watch them on Ohio St.  I've watched some of Archie on YouTube when he was at Ohio St and when he was w/ the Bengals. 

Why do you guys think Archie was not that good as a pro?  Did the Bengals have a really horrible O-Line in the late 70s?  I noticed that Ken Anderson's numbers fell off a cliff around 1978-1980. 

Comment 02 May 2019

I don't know why he didn't trade down if he like Jones that much.  They didn't need a QB this year.   They could've drafted a QB in next years draft.    The Giants offense  is not all Eli's fault plus he can still play a couple more years

Comment 02 May 2019

Some of the scouts and other draft gurus have said that they have never seen film on a QB where the WRs drop so many catchable balls. 

Comment 10 Apr 2019

I was surface but I currently work for a sub defense contractor.

I got an engineering job right out of the Navy w/o an engineering degree with another defense contractor.

There are head hunters that specifically look for veterans.  I'd concentrate on defense contractors myself

Comment 08 Apr 2019

KJ is more of a traditional slot WR but he can do some of the other hybrid stuff.  He played hybrid in high school and he has gotten some carries on the ground here.  We can feed the H easier than the Z also.  Maybe if there are injuries at Z.  I like the depth at H

Comment 08 Apr 2019

In a 5 wide, I would think they would want Gill or McCall at one of the H spots, so that they would have the option to motion him into the backfield and run the ball