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Comment 25 Jul 2017

Clemson had it where it really counted----DeShuan Watson with a go-to WR in Williams, a great D-Line-- and they put together a great season.  We will see if they can sustain it year in and year out.  If Dabo can win another Natty with a different group of guys, I think you can put him up there w/ Meyer and Saban. 

Comment 25 Jul 2017

In Schiano's case, it is better to stay here and try to win a Natty being the DC than to go to a mid-tier program and try to rebuild since he more than likely wants a blue blood, NC caliber college team or an NFL team

Comment 21 Jul 2017

LOL.  Dude, I can't stand most Texans.  I have had to work with a lot of Texans and the vast majority of I couldn't stand.  Most of them are all hat, no cattle Johny Manziel types.  The few who were cool were really cool though.  Most of the black guys I met from Texas were cool and I would take their women.

Anyways, the state produces football talent c'mon.

Comment 20 Jul 2017

There are six guys on OSU's roster right now.  We got some good guys from Texas, but I don't know if it is as big of a deal as Herman is making it out to be.  There is no doubt that if UT put a fence around Texas and got every single player they wanted from there they would be dominate.

Dontre Wilson wanted to be an H-B in a power spread offense and, back then, there weren't any good options when it came to Texas schools.

A lot of teams were not interested in JT b/c of his injury.  We took a chance on him and it has worked out really well for us. 

Anyways, it's a huge, ridiculous exaggeration that Tom Herman went in there and shook up the state of Texas and took all of the players out of Texas.   Baylor (Texas school) was up for awhile and taking some of the Texas talent away from UT and a lot of schools were going into Texas and taking players.  Historically, Oklahoma and even Nebraska have recruited Texas better than UT at times

Comment 14 Jul 2017

Yeah, I think Pryor and Braxton could have passed T. Smith and possibly Schlitchter.  I think that Art would do a better job in Meyer's offense, also.  I watched the OSU VS Stanford game from ~1982 on YouTube a couple of years ago.  Art didn't have Elway's arm but Art was a really good runner.  He would have done better in an offense that ran the option more

Comment 13 Jul 2017

Yeah, we never got to see the finished product when it came to Miller.  His weaknesses could have been improved with some hard work in the offseason

Comment 13 Jul 2017

My depth chart (p4p) in Urban's offense (Actually helps.  Most of our drop back guys were still pretty athletic)  Just going on potential

  1. Art Schlichter
  2. Troy Smith
  3. Braxton Miller
  4. Terrelle Pryor
  5. JT Barrett
  6. Cardale Jones
  7.  Cornelius Greene
  8. Joe Germaine
  9. Bobby Hoying
  10. Craig Krenzel
  11. Rex Kern
  12. Mike Tomczak
Comment 13 Jul 2017

Yeah, I don't know if the list is going by accomplishments in their career or potential.  Pure potential it would easily be Schlitchter.  Like you said, he was an actual QB and the only one on the list that the NFL used or even considered to use a 1st round pick on.  He put up good numbers in the run game just from scrambling and running some option here and there. 

Comment 10 Jul 2017

I agree with your post, actually, but I think the team still has a good chance with Braxton. 

--Braxton would have only read defenses on 3rd and longs.  On 1st and 2nd downs, he would have gotten a lot of one-on-one coverages b/c the safeties would be playing the run.

--There are some explosive run plays to be had against these 0-deep coverages.  There is no safety that you have to make miss or the safety has a horrible angle.

--Braxton's shoulder was why he was moved to WR. 

Comment 08 Jul 2017

After watching this, I like our chances w/ Miller b/c:

  1. He could throw a good deep ball.  Not as good as Jones but still good
  2. The WRs were a year younger in 2013
  3. There is a good chance that Miller would have improved his passing and RO.
Comment 06 Jul 2017

It would be interesting.  Alabama had two safeties deep for most of that game.  I highly doubt that they would have done that with Miller at QB.  However, he had a good arm for the deep ball just not an unbelievable arm like Jones. 

This offense creates a lot of 1-on1 matchups taking a lot of pressure off of the QB.  I think Miller completes most of those deep balls.  The kind of explosion in the run game with him and Zeke would be unreal even for Alabama's defense to handle. 

One big question is whether or not Meyer starts relying too heavily on the QB run with Miller

Comment 06 Jul 2017

I’ve lived in every part of the country.  Generally speaking, women from the South, Cali, and Ohio are at the top. 

The bottom would be New Jersey and New England.  Girls in New England think they are the hottest though.   I was watching college football w/a guy from Arkansas in Connecticut and he was like “Have you ever been to a BWWs in any other part of the country where there was not one waitress or bartender that was even average?”  I was like no.

Since moving to the Northeast, I’ve gotten more into Asian women or Latinas—not a huge amount of those girls around here either.   The white girls around here are less attractive but have way more ego and/or baggage.  I mean I can bring up some really hot actresses that are from around here; but, in real life, it’s pretty rare to see hot women around here. 

90% of the hot women that I've met in NYC fall under one of the following:

  • They're from someone else
  • Asian
  • Latina

However, women from NYC usually have self esteem issues.  It's not like New England

Comment 30 Jun 2017

I'd like to see the '09 alt  thrown into the mix every few years