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Comment 6 hours ago
Straight line speed or agility ?? From the ttun game, it looked like he had good straight line. Cardale was a big dude w good straight line but not agile enough to run the option. JT only ran a 4.7 but was agile
Comment 8 hours ago
Defense is the biggest WTF from a coaching point. What the hell are they doing w/ their LBs??? Never seen anyone else do that and it obviously doesn't work as we've seen over and over and over again
Comment 20 Oct 2018

I thought he was a Top-10 lock but he is a top-5 lock.  He really can't boost his stock that much more on the playing field. 

Comment 19 Oct 2018

I almost got into a fight with another OSU fan b/c I was having too much fun at the OSU vs TTUN game when we were up by at least 10 points.  His friend broke it up.

This is the part where i'll probably piss off some people.  I am kind of shocked at how little some people know about the rudimentary aspects of the game.  A game they obsess over.  I did say some and I'm not calling out anyone here.  There is a part of me that feels stupid about knowing and spending so much time on a game. 

Comment 17 Oct 2018

Gronk is shown blocking in the set back position in the 3rd gif down.  A good chunk of the times Gronk is just split out and the D has him in man coverage.  Not anything that special X and Os wise

Comment 16 Oct 2018

Iowa doesn't split their TEs out quite as much or have them in the set back position or put the Y in the fullback position as much.  The spread can be very creative w./ the TE b/c it is a hybrid position where you never know where he is going to line up.  Meyer's offense demands a lot out of the TE bc they have to play so many roles.  Being a fullback or a set back TE on 1st and 2nd then being split out on 3rd and medium takes a special type of player. 

I think BB and Andy Reid would prefer one of a TE that played in our system rather than Iowa's

Comment 16 Oct 2018

If you know about the different formations, then you know that the TE is sometimes used as a lead blocker.  Berry and Ferrell have 10-15+ pounds on Ruckert and i am sure their blocking tech is better.  Most people are complaining about the run game and short yardage.  Targeting the TE more is good but it's not going to be Kelce at least not this year

Comment 16 Oct 2018

We do line the TE up in the set back position right behind the line so he can be a lead blocker.  We also line the Y in the King and Queen formations in the backfield.  We also split the TE out.  Meyer has called the TE a hybrid position.  Developing all those skills takes time and you have to recruit the right people. 

Why are so many people asking why our college TEs aren't doing what the best TEs in the NFL are doing?

Comment 15 Oct 2018

Don't understand that much negativity.  I have pointed to things that need improvement, but the sky is not falling. 

Who cares what the score is.  Anyone remember Jim Tressel and his sandbagging?  I think the coaches are being pretty vanilla right now