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Comment 5 hours ago

You can add Carson Palmer as a person who wanted out b/c he wanted to win instead of striving for mediocrity

Maybe a day or two after the season I called Mr. Brown and said, ‘Hey, can we talk? You have to be aggressive in pursuit of winning,’ ” Palmer said. “I told him how I was feeling. I wasn’t getting the answers I wanted. We get into it again and it’s getting heated. I’m frustrated, I’ve been thinking about all this for a couple years but it’s coming to a boiling point for me and I’m sure the same for him.”

Comment 12 hours ago

Meyer was playing some 10 vs 11 run game there at the end especially w/ Cardale and Haskins.  If you are going to run 10 vs 11, do it right and run it out of pro formations like Day is doing.  They still run some read option out of the spread and it looks like a real read.  

One of the weaknesses of the 11 vs 11 run game is that it is hard to feed your tailbacks and the quarterback could wind up getting most of the carries.  I think Day just decided to stop playing around and run some more pro sets.  

Dobbins 60 carries

Teague 29 carries

Fields 25 carries 

That is really a nice balance and a really nice sweet spot

JT was carrying the ball more the the 2nd RB and almost as much as the starting RB

Comment 12 Sep 2019

I would think it would hurt MAC teams and other small schools around the country.  It wouldn't hurt the blue chip football programs, but I think it would close down smaller programs particularly football.  There are plenty of people who went to school on athletic scholarships and got degrees, but never played professionally. 

Comment 10 Sep 2019

I was talking about this last year.  Maryland confused our defense w/ who covers who, getting guys in space and motioning players, but really, they just ran the football. 

I think the defense now will be able to just anticipate the snap and play this year

Comment 09 Sep 2019

It's a good base.  Mix in the one high coverages like Cover-1 man, Cover-3 match and Cover-3 zone.  Get good at disguising those coverages.  

I don't like the Cover-2 because Borland is our Mike or even if Browning is in there.  He's not the tallest or fastest dude.  You need a tall, fast MLB to drop back to fill the "hole" and turn the Cover-2 into a quasi Cover-3

Comment 05 Sep 2019

I hope Day decided to get a huge lead then sandbag last Saturday

Comment 03 Sep 2019

I think they will run more zone read when its not Florida Atlantic. I think that mixing in more regular hand offs and old fashioned play action passes will not allow the defense to get into a rhythm.   When everything is built off the inside zone read or the outside zone read, it looks like some of the LBs start timing the dive-pull-pitch in the run game and the dive-pull-throw in the RPO game

Comment 15 Aug 2019

I like the different personnel, but keep the coverages simple.  In the two worst defenses performances last year(Purdue and Maryland, they had everyone worried about matchups, speed, getting to the QB, etc; but, really, they put up big numbers in the run game. 

I like a one deep and four man front.  With that, you can play Cover-1 man, Cover-3 Rip/Liz, and Cover-3 Zone.  Mix up some man, pattern match and zone

Comment 13 Aug 2019

Probably could've won a Natty w/ him at QB back in the 2000s, but i don't think you can nowadays.  His arm is good enough for the majority of teams across the nation and it's probably better than a lot of successful dual threat QBs in the past, but he should probably just use this as a wake up call and move to wide receiver.  His Sparq and shuttle times are elite