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Comment 15 Aug 2019
That plus the fact if you run a 12 team league maybe 18 QBs are drafted on average. If there is no consequence to picking up and dropping guys I can always find someone to stream on a bye week. That said I'm not taking a QB in the top 7-8 rounds anyhow.
Comment 28 Jul 2019
Corny "Flam" Green is a classy dude. I met him in the airport on the way to Glendale in 2006. We ended up sitting next to each other on the flight from BWI to Phoenix. We talked about everything from our kids to Buckeye football. He invited me to come to a cookout with some of the guys he played with while we were out there but I unfortunately had plans and couldn't go. We still keep touch on Facebook and occasionally when he comes to town. I hope Haskins kills it in Washington until they play the Buckeye Saints in the NFC playoffs.
Comment 20 Jul 2019
They started in on ole crazy Jim early in the a.m. after his ignorant comments. Mikey Golic was roasting him as was whomever else was on with him that day. I listen to them on my short morning commute occasionally. They definitely pointed out how much of a coward move it was. Twitter was abuzz over his stupid comments as well. I'm excited for Day to start his own ass kicking of TTUN as well. GO BUCKS
Comment 16 Jul 2019
My best friend has had major engine issues on 2 Subaru vehicles at just over 100k each time. He gets oil changes and regular maintenance as well. Not saying all Subaru vehicles are like that but his 2 new ones were.
Comment 29 May 2019
One of my favorites ever as well. I saw it in personfrom the end zone view in what seemed like slow mo. The 2002 season seemed to have many plays like that though.
Comment 21 May 2019
When the Colts drafted Parris, it was one of the best fits possible. Their offense should be very strong with Luck, TY Hilton, Mack/Hines and an improved OL. Their defense should be improved as well.