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Comment 15 hours ago
Entire game... Dropped passes, bad penalties, coaching. Not ready for the big time. Taylor runs for 200+ against them.
Comment 07 Nov 2019
The entire Pete Thamel read is great. I know some aren't fond of the fame Burrow still has on this site but he is an Ohio kid who gave all he could for The Ohio State University, so he's good in my book. JTB could give some insight of play calling from Burrow's OC should the Bucks play LSU down the road. Go Bucks beat the turtles!
Comment 26 Oct 2019
LSU has played the toughest schedule in the country. If they can somehow beat Bama, which I doubt, they are in. If Bama thumps them and wins out, it's possible only 1 SEC team gets in. Lots of football to be played yet. Win the bye week and heal up for the stretch run. Go Bucks!
Comment 26 Oct 2019
Comment 26 Oct 2019
I'm not of the down voting type but I disagree the young guys are better than Mack. More explosive, very possibly but I wouldn't say better. Mack has an NFL body but less speed, good to great hands, excluding bad days of course and is a great blocker.
Comment 29 Sep 2019
Yup I witnessed it first hand. What a terrible feeling when you just knew that team was special.
Comment 21 Sep 2019
Predator has 3 of his own and the Bucks live in the Miami OH backfield.
Comment 15 Aug 2019
That plus the fact if you run a 12 team league maybe 18 QBs are drafted on average. If there is no consequence to picking up and dropping guys I can always find someone to stream on a bye week. That said I'm not taking a QB in the top 7-8 rounds anyhow.