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Comment 07 Dec 2019
A lot more passion in the college season, younger players with more emotions. Also the second game is usually a championship, so the teams are upper echolon.
Comment 07 Dec 2019
What was the game against Illinois? I think we arent executing at all while they are at a near perfect level. We still have more talent but they are better tonight so far.
Comment 04 Dec 2019
The comments are ridiculous(i expected nothing less). I guess ohio state really wanted Don Brown last year but settled for Mattison. (Yeah like we were blown away by his defense that couldnt guard a drag route.) Paying players and online classes are why the bucks are more motivated, etc. I guess delusions are better than unending dispair.
Comment 30 Nov 2019
Not sure whats up with the d but it seems like Patterson first read has been there each play so far. Need to get him to hold the ball so Chase has time to get there. Zone up
Comment 27 Nov 2019
Then the debate would be which of the 5 2 loss teams in one region gets the 4 spots or something similar. I do agree leveling the conferences (4 superconferences, 8 team pods, etc.) is the best way to move forward though
Comment 26 Nov 2019
Cold and rain levels the playing field regardless if the strengths if either team. Having the better player doesnt matter if he slips out of his stance and gives up a big play. We still have the edge but i dont think well be very comfortable until late in the 4th quarter.
Comment 25 Nov 2019
Which is smart on their part. They should then be looking at ways to increase income so they operate in the black without borrowing from the future. Putting a team together that might have fans want to show up and watch might help. I say kick them out of the BIG asap unless they strike gold on their next bottom shelf coaching staff.