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Comment 12 Aug 2019
Tbf, Malik was always a boom or bust 3-star recruit. While Marcus has a higher floor but probably not near the ceiling of his older brother. Hope he blows up though, we can never have enough ball hawking DBs.
Comment 06 Jul 2019
Cardale for arm strength(12 gauge for a reason) Troy for accuracy and pocket awareness(Haskins a close 2nd for both Braxton for athleticism (see spin move, PSU houdini TD, etc.) Pryor for frame(chiseled 6'6" 230 lbs) Krenzel for intangibles (ice in his veins and always showed up when it mattered) JT is noticably absent but he couldve taken over Krenzels spot if he showed up against Clemson. I think this is the common answer for any buckeyes born after 1990 as I dont rememeber much about the 90s QBs or before. Looking forward to the other positions, great post!
Comment 20 Jun 2019
Northwestern got lucky having Fitzgerald content to coach his alma mater. Their academics are key in getting the recruits they want that might have gone to a more traditional power.
Comment 20 Jun 2019
Nevadabuck on rivals,i believe. I used to follow recruiting a lot closer 10 years ago and he was a solid source back then too.
Comment 17 May 2019
Mike Mussina- Orioles stud who left for the money to play in the Bronx. My dad wouldve burned his jersey if that was a thing back then
Comment 16 May 2019
When they lose, I laugh at their misery. When they win, I laugh at thier delusions and look forward to them crumbling down.
Comment 15 May 2019
If you watched the NHL lottery the same thing happened. Teams in big markets moved up more than they should. Makes you wonder for sure. I dont think tanking is necessary for small market teams. Shrewd roster management and splash trades are the way mid level teams take the next step up. Not losing and hoping they get the right 19 year old. The NBAs problem is that players completely control free agency now
Comment 14 May 2019
All about the money, folks. We hear about all these guys getting immediate eligibility because they are the high profile cases. The rate is much lower for joe schmo transferring to idaho state. Cant rememeber the name or schools but a kid was denied and his mom had cancer or something like that. Didnt pay for a lawyer because it was a slam dunk case well so he thought. NCAA is a sham
Comment 14 May 2019
As someone who wants to get more interested in the NBA again, i like the new lottery format to avoid tanking. As a Wizards fan, I'm super pissed we dropped to 9 and think its rigged
Comment 10 May 2019
Hyde and Beanie. Defenses would give up trying to tackle after the 5th drive.