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Comment 11 Feb 2020
Guess you think we should still be going hard after Evans in the 2020 class. Sometimes the coaches do know something about a recruit that would be in bad taste to go public. Sometimes the coaches know its a waste of time/resources to try to persuade a guy that doesnt have legit interest. Sometimes a recruits overrated and i think LJ has earned my faith in making that call.
Comment 12 Jan 2020
I use to be into both sports(played both in HS) but interest has faded the past 5-10 years. Partly because the Orioles are terrible with little hope for better. Mostly because ive really gotten into NHL hockey. Id prefer watching playoff hockey over most football games by far and if your teams decent regular season games are fun too.
Comment 04 Jan 2020
To some extent sure but i hope he still puts the team first. Edit: All players are looking out for themselves. The great ones know that the teams success will lead to more individual success.
Comment 04 Jan 2020
Coombs liked field and boundary if i remember correctly.(I should know as a Titans fan but i cant recall much talk on the corner scheme since hes been there.)
Comment 04 Jan 2020
Dont think Tyreke's a slot guy. If hes the 3rd best i think they slide Wade back to the slot when we go 3 CBs
Comment 01 Jan 2020
If we forego talent and just talk about styles its an average comp. Teague is a poor mans Eddie moreso than a poor mans Beanie
Comment 27 Dec 2019
No...please no. Well, at least no jumping celebrations in the end zone afterward.
Comment 27 Dec 2019
His arms and legs just seem out of sync but whatever works for him. Similar style running back as Brandon Saine, might be a little smoother out of cuts.