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Comment 18 Jul 2019

Any person, site, etc. that refers to their method of courting women as "Game" is, yes, misogynistic.  It's the very "toxic masculinity" women complain about and you, I'm assuming, decry as not actually toxic, we're just men, etc. etc.

I can honestly say that I’ve never found Game more necessary than when it’s within the context of marriage.

Lol wtf is he even talking about.  He sounds like the frat bros who got pissed they couldn't get laid in college so they developed "Game" to pick up women.  Total misogynistic snobs.

I’ve also written volumes about the all-risk proposition of marriage for men, and women’s utter inability to appreciate the all-risk sacrifices men assume in committing to marriage.

Yes, marriage is "all risk" for men and women just have an inability to appreciate their man making the "all risk" sacrifice in committing to their marriage.  It reads like nutty satire if it sadly weren't taken so seriously by apparently thousands of rubes.

So it should be obvious that under such conditions if a man chooses to entertain a lifestyle of marriage the only acceptable condition is that it be within his frame and his terms.

This is a fundamental misunderstanding of marriage.

In your single-man-sex-life Game, you have the leisure to Spin Plates, drop the ones which don’t produce dividends, and non-exclusively enjoy the ones who do. Though it may pain you to lose a particular girl as the result of fumbled Game, or to miss the opportunity of experiencing a woman due to a failed approach or consolidation, it pales in comparison to the risks inherent in lacking the long-term Game necessary to contend with women’s hypergamy in the context of marriage.

Yes, I'm sure the guy comparing women to "spinning plates" is not a misogynist at all..../s

there’s a contingent of men who’ll say that it’s impossible to perpetuate the solid Game necessary to assuage female hypergamy indefinitely, and they’d be right too

Yes, yes, very normal stuff here.

Anyone who refers to dominant men as Alphas and lesser, submissive, or passive men as Betas is a douchebag not to be taken seriously.  No one who has ever, unironically, used the terms "Blue Pills" and "Red Pills" has turned out not to be a freaking idiot.

I'm not commenting any further on this because it should be obvious.  Sadly, Frrimmel, you are lost in this world of toxic masculinity where you view women as "lesser than" and it's clear based on the posts you've shared that you view women as beings who should exist solely to meet your sexual desires.  I, certainly, would never f*** you.

Buckeye Beast, I hope you are doing alright.  Breakups can be hard, especially when it's the first time after you thought you found The One.  That emotion you're feeling means you actually cared!  It's ok to hurt.  Therapy is good as is getting back into other things you enjoy, which you mentioned.  Time, of course, is the ultimate healer and the further away you get the less it will sting.  Good luck to you!

Comment 17 Jul 2019
Do *not* read any more of that site. Holy shit, what absolute misogynistic garbage.
Comment 17 Jul 2019
You don't only need a truck to go to Home Depot lol
Comment 16 Sep 2018

Was it Tyvis Powell against Purdue in 2012?  The one where Dave Biddle called him by name on Twitter saying he needed to take a geometry class.