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Comment 06 Dec 2017
Nice piece. The inconsistencies really hurt this year's squad. Hopefully we can play our best game and beat USC, sending the seniors out the right way. Excited for the game and for the 2018 edition of the Buckeyes. The future is bright!
Comment 23 Nov 2017
Very good film study. This game is definitely going to come down to the Buck's controlling the tempo on offense and limiting Michigan's production on first and second down. I hope the interior dline and LBs are sharp this Saturday, they need to have their best game.
Comment 21 Nov 2017
I hope I'm not late. When was the last time Michigan won a game where the other team was favored by more than ten points? Under Jim Harbaugh, what is Michigan's record vs top ten teams?
Comment 19 Nov 2016

Didn't really expect this to be a walk through, but the line play is a bit disconcerting. What is it about bad weather that makes our guys shrivel up. Even the tackling has been sub par. Need to open up the second half with points, the faster they can take the crowd and momentum out of this, the better. The longer MSU stays in this, the more likely MSU will be windmailing by the end of this game. 

Comment 13 Nov 2016

Ohio State, last year, also lost a game it should have won.

Ohio State needs to win these last two, and if they don't get in, even after beating both MSU and UM, well then, the blame falls squarely on Ohio State, because just like last year, Ohio State lost a game this year that it should have won. 

With that said, I have a hard time seeing the committee leaving out the Bucks if they win out. But I will echo the sentiment I've seen on here tonight, I think this Tuesday's rankings will be somewhat indicative of where Ohio State's fate rests. 

Comment 10 Mar 2016
This group, and any for that matter, would get destroyed by any NFL team. They would be dominated on both sides of the ball in the trenches and the receivers would have a tremendously difficult time trying to get separation from corners and safeties. The only position player that might have success is our punter.
Comment 04 Jan 2016
The whole point of these forums is to discuss these issues, amongst many others. Tweeting your opinion at the players is crossing the line, but amongst other fans what is the issue with stating your opinion. It's as if anything but praise is shunned on this website. Apple and Marshall could have certainly used another year of development, and there isn't a thing wrong with saying that.
Comment 20 Nov 2015
In regards to their run last year. Had they beaten OSU they would have had a clear path to the B1G championship game, and a win there might have gotten them in. They certainly were in the running to make the playoff, and so they were competing for the national championship. This year they are, again, competing for a national championship.
Comment 03 Nov 2015
Hopefully an Ohio State beat down. I think the D is going to have its way with the Minnesota pass attack, and I'm interested to see how we stack up against their rush attack. Offensively, I think Cardale is going to make the best of this situation.