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Comment 09 Aug 2020

I think they they just wanted to position themselves that they did everything they could...but you know not their fault. What always bothered me was coaches and staff some are quite old and definitely should not be exposed to the risk.

If you are a millionaire 65 year old coach with a family...why would you risk it? 

Comment 08 Aug 2020

Heard his father on Detroit radio...tried to get him to say something that would make the locals happy. But only had good things to say about Day and staff. Day dynasty is only just beginning. 

Comment 13 Jul 2020

A couple weeks ago Gene was still talking about 50K in the Shoe...just not going to happen.

A simple HS graduation party in town resulted in 45 a week...and business closures and people (rightly) concerned if the kids had any contact with seniors...which it appears they might. 

Comment 13 Jul 2020

We are probably 2-3 weeks from the Oh $h!t moment of C-19. Where the reality of no vaccine and rising deaths counts hits the decision makers square in the face. Everything including football and in person classes will be under review.