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Comment 4 hours ago

all they got is SP8...who always gets hurt...Peters who may be ok if they can protect him...and McCaffery...who Stanford passed on....

Comment 19 Nov 2017

I expect the line inching up towards game time...esp if weather looks decent. I will hear more next week...but I fully expect Kan O’Korn and Alex Malzone in dire emergency. 

To crazy even for Hairball to play SP8 or Peters at this point. Just take the loss and move on to a bowl game and start planning the European spring vacation...

Comment 19 Nov 2017

None of the OC staff helped there career marketablility with the Iowa game plan....let’s pick on Josh Jackson and see how that works out. 

Comment 19 Nov 2017

Funny the car I was listening to the wtka game wrap-up...this is where they start the excuse train and set the (shemy hall) talking points for the know..we’re young, officials, just a play away, wait till you see_____ he is going to be a three time Heisman winner...and they get on a rant about how jack harbaugh started crying after the punt return for a touchdown...I honestly thought they were talking about Crazy Jim’s Dad

 Family is so nuts, the thought of his dad crying about bad punt coverage didn’t even surprise me...

Comment 18 Nov 2017

Ann Arbor is on verge of a melt down...the thought of going into The Game with Kan O’Korn is driving them nuts...make this happen and give them an epic beat down. 

Weber running wild...would have half this town committed.