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Comment 18 Feb 2018

Wild but had Nerdwestern been able to hang on to a 27 point lead vs MSU...we still would be in first place. No super team this year...ncaa will come to guard play, matchups and some tourney luck. But must have a third scorer...Tate and KBD pulling the wagon...but need Kam (or someone) to step up. 

Comment 18 Feb 2018

Didn’t keep track but some where front end of 1and 1...really a killer when you are trying to climb back from 5-6 down...miss the front end and they get a bucket

my opinion of the team has’t changed a great will stop when they meet teams with strong guard play...if I had the horses I would press OSU guards as much as possible...want to play half court and allow OSU to get it inside we have a good chance...

Random thought...KBD would be a great pick and roll player...if only we had a strong point guard

Comment 15 Feb 2018

Daughter forwarded me an email from one of her main teachers at a well known BIG 10 university....after ten years is now making the most ever and is now lucky enough to just teach at one university instead of driving to as many as three different ones a pay $52,000/year...kind of like football is the profession and teaching is the hobby

Comment 14 Feb 2018

Said it before...but next year on and off the field is huge for ttun...will determine if they compete with OSU or become Iowa with a winged money canon 

Comment 14 Feb 2018

Won’t happen time it will be ‘happy to write a LOR to your next employer’...

I am not one to be critical of coaches...but the mid season switching around of positions is not a good look for a Schiano or someone stepped in. Surest way to not get a raise is have someone else step in and do your job. tThat being said..was his first year in there is his mulligan.