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Comment 30 Oct 2015

I have traveled to and spent time in about probably 40 states for work.   The Midwest has salt of the earth genuine people (80/20 rule applies).  Family oriented - proud work ethic - great values.  Think South Beach has that...or LA....or NY City?  We are not flash over substance.

The ones that trash O-H-I-O - either never spent a lot of time here or just compare weather.  But our schools/traffic/affordability/and cities offer a lot to many.  My house in San Diego would be 5x's more expensive - but no doubt their weather is great.

Comment 23 Oct 2015

Read that Herman isn't thrilled that they are undefeated and the stadium isn't selling out...quote came from him.

Still a bit peeved that he accepted the invite to bama to review film and go over what he saw in their scheme to attack their D in the playoff game...wish he would have said no thanks too busy with my new program...but i guess networking is the name of the game in the coaching circle.

Comment 16 Sep 2015

as an unwritten rule - some larger schools (verified through former players I know) put the athletes allotment for tix in their locker and if those tix are left there and unused they are replaced with cash.  Been going on for decades.

The better the player the bigger the wad.

I think pay for play is coming - i don't like it - but with the billions being made off tv contracts - something has to give.

Comment 01 Jul 2015

I just want one play vs. Hawaii where all three are on the field somehow - would be awesome PR  - if the play worked that is.

Cardale in the shot gun - pitches to Miller on the jet sweep - who pitches to JT coming around on a reverse - who throws it back to Cardale in the back of the endzone....Touchdown!    Cardale then dunks it over the goal post for the final exclamation point. (would be worth the 15 yds)

i'd pay a ton to hear Paul Keel call that one on the radio.

Might be on ESPIN top plays for a month!

Comment 21 Apr 2015

I am from the area and know his team and players on it well. Great kid..great size (more like 6"9")..all good - more like a 4 yr. kid that will need to work hard but will get better each yr. unlike __________.  fill in the blank.

This is not a Sully type recruit to come in and bang a double double each game as a frosh..but with he and funderburk in this class - their combined size - it will help the inside out game cuz he likes to shoot it too.

Comment 14 Apr 2015

A great dive restaurant with great food is the Thurman Cafe - eat a Thermanator in front of your daughters and they will be impressed.

Comment 05 Feb 2015

I know it's a rivalry - but really not sure i even care about what any of them think. And why even post that crap here. We won it all and they aren't close.  Harbaugh will get them better - but by the time he does that the NFL will offer him even bigger $ to come back.

As far as recruits and players - The best RB to come out of michigan in years was a qb there. So they don't develop kids - they don't win consistently anymore - all they do is b%&ch and moan that we steal their best - pay kids - have horrible academics..and whatever excuse make them feel better for a quick post or tweet.

As we all took the upside down W out of ichigan - let's do the same with their news and biased views keep the hairy rat info for their lame Go Blow board.

Comment 05 Feb 2015

And 2016 and 2017 will be loaded as well.  He will gun for the #1 recruiting title in '16. Urb has the trophy to prove what hard work and leadership does for a program.

I liked his interview yesterday on ESPNU - said he won't use the word "perfection" this year  - but will ask for more leadership to rally the troops as he knows everyone will be gunning to knock us off the lofty perch.

He just gets "it" - whatever that "it" is.

Comment 19 Jan 2015

Seems like a good fit for both guys.  I have met Tress a few times - and we talked a good bit in an airport layover in Boston.

Good guy - class act - a true fit at YSU.    It also give the buckeyes a place to send some kids who don't work out for whatever reason...and they will be taken care of.

Comment 18 Jan 2015

Visit all you want...this is the best program in the country.

but the $ec does pay to play...when is the ncaa ever going to come down on someone in that conference.

spend a few weeks going undercover in the state of undercover boss...and see how the pastors and the moms get paid.

Comment 18 Jan 2015

Not even close...Meyer>tress.

First off head to head we saw what happened need to relive that nightmare.

Second to tress field position ( punt was most important ) was everything  to Meyer keeping drives alive and scoring is most important...hence 4th down aggressiveness.

tress loved the field goal...Meyer the touchdown.

Tress hated style points..and played not to lose many times...Meyer plays to win and win big.  Modern era likes style points..tress never gets us into the playoffs.

who could recover better when staffs get poached? I don't think tress ever recovered from losing dantonio.

Who develops qbs better? who would you rather listen to? be motivated by? Enjoy watching a game coached by?

Sorry guys they r both good ohio men...but Meyer > Tress.  By far.

Comment 18 Jan 2015

A smart nfl team will pick him or invite him to camp...Christ if Edelman can b a kent st qb and make it...spencer can make it.

I predict New England 

Comment 18 Jan 2015

One would think Braxton will be somewhere on the field...if not qb...where?

could he be the deep threat? Jalin and dontre plus Dixon provide lots of depth in the Percy Hardin role..but if millers shoulder isn't a go...his legs will be used somewhere.

IMO..his shot in the nfl is not at qb...not with those injuries...and his progression reads are not even up to JTs.

Comment 09 Jan 2015

Love JT Cardale and Brax - maybe only two seats at the table though.

I'm surprised IF Braxton leaves that there is no chatter about heading to Houston with Herman.   Instant starter, huge stats, and around a familiar face.

I still think Urban will talk to him after Monday night - but maybe they know something about his shoulder or he has distanced himself from the program and it has rubbed people on the team the wrong way.  Obviously i'm speculating - but he does not look engaged and maybe his selfishness or self loathing (not blaming but noticing) is shining through during this tough time.

Following Winston @ FSU or heading to the SEC would seem strange -  but I'm sure they are making him feel wanted.

 But that's why you recruit studs every single year at QB - because as we have seen this year - Next man up!

Comment 08 Jan 2015

there is a lot of smoke around this and lsu and other schools - so prolly there is a fire.

Don't like that Braxton looks - uhhmm - well not fired up let's say.  I understand he is a young man going  through a difficult time - but man you invested so much in this program - smile and get fired up a bit - you are part of a great team and university.

And I have to think urban might re recruit him after the game - win or lose.