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Comment 27 Aug 2015

This is one of the more interesting loopholes in the NCAA bylaws. Basically Zeke can own trademarks, but can't profit off of them while in school (obviously). However, under TM law, if someone infringes on your make you risk losing legal protection of said mark (basically use it or lose it). Therefore the athlete MUST be allowed to protect any mark he owns, even while in school. This is where the NCAA runs into trouble... Let's say a wealthy booster comes along and opens up Zekes Crop Top or prints up shirts containing any one of Zeke's marks. The NCAA must then allow Elliot (or any other collegiate athlete that holds a mark) to keep the proceeds generated from any lawsuit or settlement regarding the mark. The door is now open for boosters to "settle" out of court for massive sums of money, effectively paying the athletes for attending any university. Not a bad recruiting pitch, come to OSU, get a trade mark, get a boat load of money! 

Comment 29 Jan 2014

With allegations of a Hoke cover up, this Gibbons case becomes more interesting. The Hoke honeymoon is over in Ann Arbor and it looks like UM could be having some buyers remorse. Hoke has never won anywhere, boasting just 2 more wins than Urban Meyer (with an extra season under his belt), an overall record of 76-63 and a bowl record of 2-3. After his 11-1 season, UM has gone 15-11. 

After finishing a career worst 5th in the Legends, UM takes their dirty secret out from under their carpet. What else? Hoke is said to be the one with the broom. 

Likely, UM has a clause in Hoke's contract allowing for termination without compensation for this type of situation. Coincidence Gibbons is allowed to kick until Hoke's worst season and the UM-Hike honeymoon has ended? I think not.