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Comment 2 hours ago

"The selection committee looked at a one-loss Alabama team with that loss coming against the final ranking No. 7 team Auburn in a very competitive game," selection committee chairman Kirby Hocutt said on ESPN. "We compared that to a two-loss Ohio State team -- obviously with one loss at home to No. 2 Oklahoma -- but more damaging was the 31-point loss to unranked Iowa. We spent a great amount of time last night into the morning -- beginning at 7:30 this morning -- talking about the full body of work. Now that the complete season is in front of us, the selection committee just favored Alabama's full body of work over that of Ohio State. It was consistent over the course of the year, as we saw Alabama play week-in and week-out, our rankings showed when we start with a clean piece of paper every week, that Alabama was the better football team."

"but more damaging was the 31 point loss to an unranked Iowa. "  I read it as the conference championship would have negated the loss to OU (since they were in the playoff that was one of the best losses you could have), but that 31 point loss to Iowa tilted the decision to Bama.  the committee specifically singled out the 31 points in their remarks.  

Comment 3 hours ago

apparently the CFP did think that it mattered (matters).  that was one of the main things they pointed to when they decided to take alabama over us even though we won the BIG championship.  the beatdown by Iowa sealed he deal.  granted we had 2 losses and they only had one, but hell one of the losses was against OU who got into the CFP.  if you get beat by 29 points by any team, either you just quit or were significantly over rated to begin with.  

Comment 5 hours ago

wow. step away from the urban meyer shrine you have in the basement and come up for air.  urban is a very good coach, but not the best coach in college football (ever heard of a guy called Nick Saban?).  Not saying he needs to be fired or retire, but the results are the results.  beat down by 2 inferior schools by multiple touchdowns.  that signifies a serious issue.  getting beat is going to happen, but getting smoked that bad exposes issues.  he even said himself that Purdue exposed them.  also, dont really give a shit that you are an alum.  you can rub one out on your brutus doll all you want, doesnt make your opinion any more valid than anyone elses.  get a grip "fanboy".

Comment 21 hours ago

maybe both auburn and ohio state are overrated?????  also, no way this team is beating bama, let alone getting into the playoff.  have you actually watched a game this year?  i understand teams lose, but the way they lose speaks volumes.  getting housed by 21+ by a athletically inferior team for two years in a row is an issue (not to mention getting blanked in the CFP by clemson).  no need to take a knee and drink water although in your fantasy world you may need to after we lose 1-2 out of the next 4 games (at best).  its okay to be a fan, but still be realistic.  you should try it some time.  put down the bong and actually have a logical thought.  and if holding someone's hand helps you come back to reality, do it.  

Comment 23 hours ago

what channel have you been watching the games on?  i must be on the wrong channel.  this team was majorly overrated.  dont think we are top 15 team right now based on the play so far this season.  cant stop anyone and cant run the ball. sounds like a bad pac12/big12 team.

Comment 21 Oct 2018

thats laughable. not sure how old you are, but if you were 20 years old, played your last down for the team, was going pro the next year and projected as a top5 draft pick, and could leave school today and have a million dollars in your bank account by close of business, there is no doubt in my mind you would have done it (whether or not you want to admit it or not).  all of us would have.  

Comment 21 Oct 2018

the signs have been there all year.  when a pitiful oregon state team can gash your "elite" defense like they did, it shows you all you need to know.  i had hoped that they would improve as the season went along, but they did not (might have even regressed).  haskins is an elite passer, but you cannot pass the ball every play and expect success when you play better teams.  i have never seen a buckeye team that was absolutely unable to run the football.  this falls on the oline.  no push at all.  not even on short yardage.  i'm not even sure if haskins went under center they could get a yard.  urban said it before, that we are an oline driven football team.  well, the oline sucks.  time to move some people around, start some new faces, call different plays because that shit show last night is what we have to look forward to for the rest of the season if they dont make changes. 

Comment 21 Oct 2018

when i watch the replays, all i see is the cb's stumbling, out of position, getting burnt.  then they look to the ref to bail them out.  how many times last night did the purdue db (dont know his name) bat down a TD pass by Haskins in the end zone?  he was beaten, but was able to recover and knock the ball down.  

Comment 21 Oct 2018

Just trying to make money.  He serves himself and not others

that's a little harsh.  the earliest he could be back was mid december in case we were going to the playoffs (not happening).  by leaving school, he gets to focus full time on the rehab and getting ready for the combine.  being a top 5 pick versus being a top 15 pick is a big monetary difference.  I would have done the same thing and so would you (and anyone else).  keep playing and risk a potential injury that could cost you millions (see the dude from ND who got injured in the bowl game a couple of years ago).   

Comment 21 Oct 2018

our oline gets zero push and often misses blocks or gets pushed back.  no one respects our run game (not that we have one).  our signature wins dont look as impressive now (tcu and psu).  hell, minnesota was running the ball down our throats when we played them and they just lost to a winless nebraska team.  playcalling is a little frustrating with the swing/screen passes, but when you cant run the ball, you do what you have to do.  what is crazy is running it on 2nd and long when you have almost zero chance of making any decent yardage with your running attack.  it just sets up 3rd and long.  nebraska and maryland pose real threats since our defense is bad and always has an issue with a mobile qb.  both teams have pretty quick qbs.  sparty will make it a long night (especially if the weather is shit since we cant run the ball).  TTUN will crush this team in November.  that is going to be really ugly.

Comment 21 Oct 2018

exactly.  we were blitzing alot last night and still couldnt stop them.  that back 7 is fatal to this teams playoff or big championship chances (not to mention the oline).  i think he could shuffle the oline to find out who is nasty enough to run block.  play some true freshmen and see if they have anymore fire in the belly and can get some actual run blocks. changing the defensive scheme might be difficult, but it cant get much worse.  they do not have the personnel to play man this year.