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Comment 15 Nov 2019

Field of Dreams is a great movie.  Cant believe no one has mentioned Hoosiers.  Just watched it the other day on a plane flight.  Great sports flick.

Comment 23 Oct 2019

very little chance a 4-5 loss team wins its conference championship, but even if that did happen, they obviously beat some decent teams to get there.  get rid of the biased committees.  settle it on the field.  if you cant win your conference, you have no room to complain.  i prefer 6 (5 conference champs and 1 wild card).  committee can seed them or use a computer formula to seed them and the top two get a bye.  if you go to 8 or more teams, that is when you will see a watered down product.  too many. 

Comment 18 Oct 2019

why would it kill the old rivalires?  they could still play those games as one of their out of conference games every year.  on top of that, if you lost that game, it wouldnt matter since you still started conference play with a clean slate.  kind of like preseason, but way better.  think of the games you could get in weeks 1-3.  no more fcs cupcakes. real games. 

Comment 15 Oct 2019

Awlin, great post.  we lost our dog back in april to cancer.  had him for 9 years.  I always wanted another dog (had one when I was a kid) but Ii waited until I knew I was retiring from the military to get one.  there is no beating a good dog.  whenever i had to leave town for training or business, I never worried about my wife not being safe.  that dog protected her like a bodyguard and I knew that.  he was truly a member of the family.  i agree that no matter how shitty of a day i may have had, that dog would always cheer me up when he greeted me at the door.  we too are in the process of buying our "forever" house now and we would like to adopt another dog to share it with, but I am afraid i will judge the new dog against our Hayes (yes, named for Woody Hayes) and that would not be fair.  we are taking a stray cat Hayes "adopted" before he passed.  we donate money to the rescue shelter in el paso every year (where we adopted him from) so the dogs can get a nice meal on thanksgiving and christmas (turkey).  we've done that for years and will continue to do that.  hayes really loved his turkey.  he would stalk my wife the week of thanksgiving and whenever he heard the refigerator door open (no matter the time or where he was at), he would come running because he knew he was going to get some.  not sure if we are even going to do thanksgiving this year.  too hard. 

Comment 02 Oct 2019

But this is the chicken and the egg argument.  If Justin Fields did not play CFB, what exactly would his likeness be worth?  Same as mine i expect.  Nothing.  You can sit back and call the NCAA and the ADs greedy all you want (and I will agree to a point), but they provide a platform for the unknown player to increase his/her value while at the same time paying for the ability for other athletes to be able to compete while at the same time giving the player the opportunity for a free college education, free top of the line medical care, free food, fee lodging, etc.. Sounds like both of them are making out okay to me.  Be it pure greed or just wanting to "push the envelope" some people will never be happy until they destroy something.  

Comment 02 Oct 2019

Come on.  $10k each five years ago and none of this would be happening?  Do you think someone is going to stop at $10k?? This is Pandoras Box and there is no going back once it is enacted.  Remember they almost unionized NU football team a couple of years ago.  Sure the players will make some money, but if you think the NCAA is taking advantage just wait.  Phil Knight can give out shoe endorsements to 5 star recruits if they come to Oregon.  Boosters will make sure that there is a never ending supply of "autograph" seekers for top talent.  Dont think Jerry Jones wont get in on this action and ensure that his beloved Razorbacks are'nt getting top level talent?  This will destroy CFB as we know it.  Once the flood gates are open, look out.  This will be nothing more than semi-pro with all of the headaches of a pro team.  Who wants to sign the next AB??

Comment 30 Sep 2019

I dont see how clemson would make the playoff with a loss.  when A&M falls out of the top 25 (which they will) they will not have played a ranked team all season (WF is ranked, but not sure if they stay that way).  Also the ACC is the worst league in FBS bar none.  the ACC has been bad before, but clemson isnt crushing them like in the past either.  

Comment 25 Sep 2019

do not like no auto bids for conference champs.  if you win the conference youre in.  otherwise what is the point of having conferences at all?  dont want to see 8 SEC teams in the playoff down the road.  do you?

Comment 25 Sep 2019

6 is the right number.  Power 5 champion and the top group of 5 team or a wild card.  let them rank the teams like they do now, but if the group of 5 team is not ranked in the top 15, then the highest ranked non conference winner can get in.  If Northwestern beat us last year and won the championship, they should get in.  got to win your conference otherwise what's the point of conferences?

Comment 25 Sep 2019

Not necessarily.  college football is seeing attendance dropping.  some of that has to do with the overall cost to go to a game and some of it has to do with the fact that it is very convienent to sit in your home and watch the game.  Another reason attendance is fallling is the schedule for many teams.  Playing the sacrificial lamb to ensure you get a certain amount of wins, helps your team (sometimes) but does not excite the fanbase.  with the conference champs getting the auto bid, why wouldnt teams schedule more than one great OOC every year.  think of the impact on attendance, recruiting, etc. if we played Notre Dame and Alabama in OOC during a particular season.  if you lose one or both, who cares?  you can still win your conference and get in the playoff.  there is no reason to play the Miami of Ohios, Florida Atlantics, etc.  I know people point out that those games help the smaller schools fund their athletic departments for the year, but the whole letting players profit off of their likeness is going to kill those programs off in the long run or at the very least result in even more separation between the have and have nots.  Hell, Rutgers, Purdue, Illinois, etc. may not survive the change.  Besides, letting a panel of "experts" pick and choose who gets in the playoffs is garbage.  Determine it on the field.  Win you conference and your in.  

Comment 15 Jul 2019

i agree about the lunar camera story.  its amazing that its only been 50 years since we landed on the moon.  seems like it was much longer ago.  those pictures are amazing.  been watching all of the programs about the apollo misisons leading up to the landing on smithsonian channel and others.  what those people did in achieving that is mind boggling.  cant wait to see them get back to the moon in  a few years and mars after that (if i am still alive). 

Comment 15 Jul 2019

agree that the RPOs made it difficult to run block, but they could not even run block on 3rd and 2 or goal line when everyone knew they were going to fire off and try to muscle the ball into the end zone.  i dont ever remember seeing a more frustrating oline when it came to run blocking.  they were subperb at pass blocking however and kept haskins upright most of the time.  they seemed to lose their nastiness when it came to run blocking.