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Comment 05 Dec 2019

Announcers hardly mentioned us... somebody had to say OHIO for gods sake.  ESPN would have looked like horses's ass's had we not said O-H-I-O!!!!  And we just can't have that.

Might need to re-watch this game... I'd like to hear again how Tar Heels lost/not we won, how the kid with the sniffles is, and mostly... more about Penn State basketball!

Comment 26 Nov 2019

Dude.  Players can respect players.  But we ain't players.  Screw them.  You respect them?  Fer what?  Getting lucky and winning when they shouldn't have?  Claiming pre-helmet wins?  Phantom championships?  Paying players?  Delusional fans?  Premeditated Dontre Wilson mugging?  Freakshow Jim Harbaugh?

Respect.  Ha.  No thanks.  Crush.  Them.  Marcus Hall all day.