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Comment 19 Jun 2019


Fortunately we had quaaludes and Crazy Mamas.

Comment 13 Dec 2018

I wonder...?

Will TOSU vs West Coast team... in the cherry New Years Day Rose Bowl time slot... get better ratings than a playoff semifinal?

Predictions anyone?

Comment 13 Dec 2018

So you're saying it's NOT parking tickets?

Comment 03 Nov 2018


Who wrote this?  You a foreigner?
Ohio has only 3 cities better than Omaha???  Three?  Am I the only one who has been to Omaha?  Holy shit man there's 10 cities in Ohio better than that place.  Omaha is Middletown with untimed stoplights.  Dayton smokes the place.  Akron too.  And Athens and Canton and Lancaster and Lima and Toledo and et cetrea...  and even freaking Sandusky.  Hell, Upper Sandusky gives Omaha a run for it's money.
Three.  Ha!