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Comment 14 Jun 2019
Rather than looking at # of 3s, I'd look at rate/% of shots that are 3s. (Random article says 37.5% of all shots in 2019-19 were 3s).The shot clock changed in 2015, so you'd see more shots overall the last few years (less those games where we go 10 minutes without scoring).
Comment 12 Jun 2019
In this context, overrated is a term without meaning (like "creepy").
Comment 30 May 2019
Getting a different point of view on what is important, and some networking are definitely worth it. 2nd round is a crap shoot, and getting someone in a front office to keep an eye on you during the year may pay dividends.
Comment 29 May 2019
Nope. Personally I find A-rod to be awful. He spent the Indians-Astros game trying to call what the next pitch was going to be, then backtracking 90% of the time when he got it wrong. He's no Bernie Kosar when it comes to insight.
Comment 29 May 2019
I have a vague recollection of a failed fake punt on 4th in the early 2nd half when we were up 20-14 on a team we should have been crushing, but too many cans of freedom since then...
Comment 15 Apr 2019
Was not the main attraction, but fun the last couple of years with the push up competitions, 40 yd sprints, and that time the alumni QBs came and did a longest heave demo. Not sure if that happened this year (had family obligations). You might get a local band or two outside after, but I think they want ppl out of the Shoe asap to get it cleaned up and locked down.