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Comment 23 Jan 2020

How different is this team if Jallow isn't out for the season? Not that he was a huge cog, but solid, athletic defender, gives you more room to sit Muhammed/Washington and less need to rely on the freshmen.

Not in full panic mode.  They need to fix the turnovers. Young still isn't at 100%. We know they can play well based on the out of conference schedule.  Keep working on the basics.  12-18 FTs doesn't help (Minny was worse, but still...)

Comment 21 Jan 2020
The talent level in year 1 and 2 was awful. Year 1 he took over Diop and not much else. Year 2 he had a recruiting class but I think many recruits were already committed by the time he was on the trail. Year 3 is where the rubber meets the road. These are largely his players now, so overachieving going forward is no longer a positive, unless there's an injury bug.
Comment 18 Jan 2020

He's recruited well, maintained off court discipline (for the most part), and has seemingly overachieved with the talent level he has.

On the negative side, they have had more games with scoring droughts than I've seen from anyone (last year? 2 yrs ago? ... finished one game with no score in the last 8 mins, then started the next game with no points in the first 12 minutes).

It looks like when Kyle Young is active and can score, the team wins. Sure there's more to it than that - too many turnovers from the guards, and no real 3pt threat - but I'm hopeful the Young will be healthier in a few games and we get back to what we saw in December out of this group.

(and to say the BBall IQ is 0 is asinine, "no offense intended") 

Comment 18 Jan 2020

I think I read that Jerry Palm suggested 10 Big 10 teams could make it this year, as there's so much in the middle and just about no one is winning on the road in conference.  Serious concerns about ability to score... Carton looks at times like he can create off the dribble, would love to see that developed (a la Mike Conley in 2007).

Comment 14 Jan 2020
It always makes me wonder when we see each version of a sport one upping itself each year. Maybe it was a fluke in the 80s with all the super bowl blowouts and now we have historic comebacks and last second lead changes in virtually every game. Seven game world series, extra innings, all road victories for the first time. Imagine what would be improbable and historic and it's likely to happen...
Comment 06 Jan 2020

Guessing it will not be the 18th, as Stadium Blitz is putting on a race there that evening -

Comment 07 Dec 2019
Visited with my dad this summer, was a nice afternoon. Couldn't find Paul Warfield - is there a map anywhere, of the various nameplates? I know they are in rough chronological order. Sad to see a few had been willfully destroyed (maybe drunk souvenir hunters).