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Comment 15 Apr 2019
Was not the main attraction, but fun the last couple of years with the push up competitions, 40 yd sprints, and that time the alumni QBs came and did a longest heave demo. Not sure if that happened this year (had family obligations). You might get a local band or two outside after, but I think they want ppl out of the Shoe asap to get it cleaned up and locked down.
Comment 11 Mar 2019
Objectively? New head coach New QB, lack of depth at QB Loss of #1 playmaker/safety valve/lightening in a bottle Campbell Loss of other to WRs and RB Question marks at LB and DL The future is certainly bright, and we have a ton of talent/potential. I think in retrospect Campbell is as close to a Percy Harvin as we're seen in many years and his lots will be felt deeply. I wouldn't be happy with 9-3, but wouldn't be terribly surprised by it either, due to growing pains.
Comment 10 Mar 2019
Not throwing him under the bus, but there games in a row we haven't scored a basket prior to the first tv timeout. I gotta put that on the coach for not having a go to play drawn up and ready, or a TO to settle the kids, or something to get the offense going. We see they can score at times so despite a lack of talent, this is not a co-rec squad. He squeezed blood from a turnip last year (granted with KBD), just seems bewildering why this year was so much worse down the stretch. Maybe there was less room for this team to improve compared to opponents. I don't think we've had a lead since the Iowa game. I put a lot of that on coaching. Happy to see what happens next year, but less convinced of his in game ability than his recruiting skills.
Comment 07 Mar 2019
Lots of role players, not a lot of true scorers/finishers. I wondered why, when they were in the bonus with 8 mins left in the first half and NWs bigs on the bench, why we were wandering around the perimeter and having up 3s instead of going inside. I like Holtmann in theory, but rapidly losing faith in him as a coach. (Yes, easy to say from the couch)
Comment 05 Mar 2019
Yeah, watching the bubble this year... Woof. No one seems to be asserting themselves. Remembering that Syracuse team that stormed through the big East tourney a few years back (Gerry McNamara?), It was fun watching a bad team with good talent got hot at the right time. I'd rather see hot teams, regardless of conference than "deserving". I'm not sure what to think about this OSU team, but CBS likes them and Minnesota... And sometimes Indiana... Can't be all bad. I think we get Rutgers in the B10 tourney, if they lose that is say they don't "deserve" to make the NCAAs.
Comment 02 Mar 2019
Curious how long we went at the end of the first half without a bucket. There were a couple of free throws but it was a long time and only 6 baskets the whole half. Herns was intimidating but I think a lot was mental knowing Wesson wasn't playing. They've gone long stretches with him on the bench so it's not like they're not used to find deep on the bench. Had gotten hopeful after the last win that we might have some much needed outside shooting. Credit to Purdue, they were on and went for the kill.