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Comment 07 Dec 2019

Gonna say if they played anyone other then auburn week 1 a game they should have won, they would be number 4 in the playoff. That said if Clemson loses I think they should be in this year. Some year someone should be rewarded for playing good teams out of conference, and not having chickenshit Saturdays. 

Comment 08 Jan 2019

I am siding with Tate on this entire thing they bring Fields in fine. Osu has no idea if he will even be available to play. Tate has been here busting it for two years dude is a competitor (aka like mayfield) and all he sees is the new guy chummy with the old guy out in front of everyone at a basketball game. Fields hasn’t even touched the osu playbook yet let alone ran plays in live action and played well like Martell has. Martell is a competitor and ain’t gonna put up with this nonsense. Also don’t mess with other guys family etc. Day has gotta squash this stuff right now before it gets ugly and dudes start taking sides like Haskins already did.