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Comment 16 Jan 2013

If he was this dumb, how did he stay eligible at a great university like Notre Dame?

Comment 16 Jan 2013

2014 ESPN Headline: Ryan Shazier's eyebrows never existed.

Comment 16 Jan 2013





Comment 16 Jan 2013

You can't use apostraphes in twitter names, silly!

Comment 16 Jan 2013

A gay, samoan, Mormon from Hawaii going to college in the middle of nowhere in Indiana. Now I've seen it all.

Comment 16 Jan 2013


Comment 16 Jan 2013

Maybe he was dating her through World of Warcraft or Second Life and she died in the game.

Comment 02 Jan 2013

Johnny, it was I who suggested this GAME CHANGING segment. You can message me here or @MatthewOSU for my prize!

Also, I am going to send in the best AMA question to the show now.

Comment 24 Dec 2012

They lost to two teams that I could easily see in the final four. I certainly wouldn't be surprised at all to see The Jayhawks or the Blue Devils with the crown when its all said and done. They both have all the pieces needed.

Comment 07 Dec 2012

I recommend as a brief segment on the 11Dubcast a reading of some interesting stuff people have bought off Amazon through the link.

They do this on a podcast I listen to: The Film Vault.

It's a good reminder that this exists and may inspire people to buy.

Comment 07 Dec 2012

I think a lot of is close enough to "parody" that they could get away with it.

There is a site (I have no affiliation to) that does a lot of wrestling related shirts. They aren't shut down becasue there's no trademark infringements and all the art is original. But its close enough that you know what/who the shirt is about.


Comment 07 Dec 2012

I shall finish my xmas shopping using this link. I agree that it's not visable enough currently.


(unless I adblocked it. In that case I semi apologize)

Comment 01 Dec 2012

What are the pros and cons of basketball divisions anyway? I know for example the ACC does.


It doesn't seem like as a big deal in basketball comnpared to football becasue of the differences in the size of schedules.