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Comment 28 Feb 2014

A week of DJ Skull Sessions? I know what I'm doing every morning at work between 8:00-8:15 (the same thing I do every week, but I'll be slightly more excited).

Comment 24 Feb 2014

I'm all for guys overcoming college rivalries at the next level - I even applaud it. But Lewan just seems like a bad person, period. It would serve Mewhort well to not get too close to characters like him if he desires success at the next level.

Comment 04 Nov 2013

The most painful part of the whole process is starting as a clear #2, taking care of business, and dropping two spots. When's the last time that happened, if ever?

Comment 15 Oct 2013

And the "Ironic Commercial of the Day" goes to...

Drum roll please...

The Kohls French inspired commercial featuring slender models as a lead in to the Biggest Loser clip!


Comment 07 Jan 2013

This site is becoming like having Netflix and Hulu streaming capabilities, but for free.  I'm like a giddy little kid on Christmas!

Comment 20 Sep 2012

"He sucks as an NFL QB and is talked about way too much at ESPN."

Right there is the issue I have with him.  It's mostly due to ESPN overhyping the guy and covering what he had for breakfast every day.  I see 11W as a refuge from the garbage, and I consider anything having to do with Tim Tebow (post-Florida) as complete and utter garbage.  Minus when he does something significant, such as in the playoffs last year.

Comment 19 Sep 2012

I move to ban any and all Tim Tebow metions from this wonderfully beautiful site.

Do I hear a second?