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Comment 04 Jul 2013

Probably because it shaves more than 15 minutes? You can't take the Amtrack from Chicago to Columbus because Columbus is currently not served by trains. You can take a bus, but that will probably take you about 8 hours. If you drive fast, you can drive yourself in a little over 6, but then you're also stuck with a car in Chicago, which is a huge pain in the butt.

Under this proposal, the trip is 4 hours, and you'd be easily plugged into Chicago's subway system.

People also commute into the city daily not far from Plymouth, so this could easily be quite the boon for folks living in Northern Indiana. Daily vehicle traffic the south shore highways suuuuucks

Comment 04 Jun 2013

I really dig the thrust of this article, and I'd have to agree that overall, Gee has been a great president for Ohio State, and calls for him to resign over something like this (or be fired) are hacky, and probably come from people who don't really understand what a university president does.

That being said, I don't really know how fair it is to give Gee credit for the switch to semesters, or say that the undergraduate student experience was a driving force. While I know Gee had suggested the move back in his first stint with the school, all of the articles I found seemed to indicate that consolidating the state's academic calendars was the real reason for the shift. Can't really call the guy a blazing reformer for that. I'm also not sure he should be lauded for taking a pay cut, given that he has the highest base salary of any public university president in the US.

I still love the guy though. He's a hell of a salesman and we're lucky to have him.