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Comment 03 Jul 2019
Awesome speech. Keep it very real for those who choose to be a Buckeye. If it is too much work there is a team up north that will take you.
Comment 14 May 2019
I heard from some of their fans they want Jawan Howard. I'd rather roll with him than Pitino. Coaches who get caught cheating should be banned permanently. Didn't he already Michigan a title using illegal players?
Comment 06 Apr 2019
I too would ask about 3rd stringers. It sounds like he wants to know if coaches still coach them like first stringers. Coaches still need to coach everybody regardless of where they are on the depth chart. What would have happened with third string Cardale was ignored.
Comment 04 Mar 2019
I always look forward to see who the next stars will be. I don't mind players leaving early because we recruit very well and I like seeing new blood(good or bad). Coach Day needs to keep the pipeline going. Besides,if you don't give new blood a chance they will transfer somewhere else now.
Comment 03 Mar 2019
If he went to Ohio State he would have had only two choices. Work your tail off and produce or get out of the way of someone else. His sack numbers might of been higher as teams had to throw more against us because of the trailing(except this past season). I think he would have been a monster here with the people around him. We just have to hear him because we didn't see him.
Comment 16 Feb 2019
Heard some noise about the possibility of Tate Martell along with some other Qbs being on Netflix posing with plates of weed. I don't believe it or else someone here or ESPN would definitely have said something. Hopefully fake news. I just don't trust Martell right now.
Comment 13 Feb 2019
Two friends from work are season ticket holders up north and they hate him. They want McCaffery to start. They don't even know when they already have the best ha ha. Poll them up north and they take Haskins in a heartbeat. They would still lose because Harbaugh would still screw it up. How in anybody's world is Patterson ranked higher than Haskins. What do we have to do to get even a little respect?