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Comment 20 May 2020
So glad to hear something positive. I hope people still realize this virus is still going on and we all keep that in mind when going out. I dont want to go back into quarantine and I so want to see us on the field again and continue the misery of them up north.
Comment 03 May 2020
As a head coach you need to adjust. The good ones know how. Remember Saban complaing about player safety because of teams running up-tempo offenses and now he does. You can keep your core beliefs but you can change with the times by who you hire as assistants. We proved that with our defensive change with Schiano.
Comment 03 May 2020
I dont believe he is injury prone,hell ,NBA players miss more than that due to"load management". Some things take a little more time. Somebody will give him a chance.
Comment 03 May 2020
I dont believe he is injury prone,hell ,NBA players miss more than that due to"load management". Some things take a little more time. Somebody will give him a chance.
Comment 27 Apr 2020
Its about coaching.Gary was a 5 star as well as Peppers and Peoples-Jones I am not sure but I think he was also. In my opinion they did not live up to the hype or ranking. Harbaugh and his coaches should take some blame for Patterson and the others for not elevating them. Our coaches do a much better job than theirs. Why any QB would go there is beyond me.
Comment 03 Apr 2020
I visited mgoblog awhile ago. They actually had fans believing their 2021 class should be ranked number 1 because their 2 recruits in the class(at that time),had a higher point average than our 15 recruits. Are they really that stupid? Their average is dropping fast as they get more 3 stars. It would not matter anyways because they cant coach them to get better.
Comment 03 Apr 2020
Their recruit from up north should be an effective pass rusher. Offensive linemen are going to be laughing and saying WTF? I am sooo very sure Coach Johnson doesnt teach that technique.
Comment 28 Mar 2020
Went into the enemies camp to hear their reaction to Henderson. Good grief!!!! Some of the fans up there think their class is better than ours because their average number is higher than ours,all 3 of them against our 15. I would hate to be in quarantine with them,sounds as if they already have a fever and dilusions. Plus they think Edwards is automatically theirs because we got Henderson. Georgia will have something to say about that.imo.
Comment 28 Mar 2020
Very good job at selling the school and program. I sometimes feel arrogant that every prospect should want to be here but that is not the case. What is most important is that whoever we get(or settle for),is on our coaches to coach them up to levels no one expects. If we only went by rankings we may have passed on Pat Elflein . Imo that team up north could have all 4-5 stars but that would be it. How good would Gary,Peppers,or Peoples-Jones be had they gotten our coaching and been in our culture. You can have the best most expensive cuts of meat but if you dont prepare it right it still is going to suck.
Comment 06 Jan 2020
What could have been here. Now he is way more than just another former football player. I wish people didnt have to fall all the way to the bottom before making the right choices and trying to help others. Hopefully you connect with some of these young people to avoid more negative statistics.
Comment 04 Jan 2020
What about Tyreke Johnson,wasnt he a 4-5 star cb? I dont know who starts but I still believe someone is going to take over. Wade is now setting himself up to be a top 10 pick next year. Our buckeye track record speaks for itself. Plus with Combs imo teaching him we will be fine. We have already passed the torch from Bell,Lattimore,Conley,Apple,Ward and Hooker. Only the faces change,the results remain the same.
Comment 29 Dec 2019
I feel some of these coaches are cashing in on our success. I really hope they dont do well. I think they are taking credit because of our talent level. Hopefully they all find out schools do not have our talent level. Look at coach Ash and coach Grinch. Maybe Coach Day should ask for a longer commit than a 1 and done. It is not fair to the young kids they recruit. I am sorry for the sour grapes but after the bullshit calls last night,now is NOT the time to bail out. Hopefully we get get some big time hires who want to be here.
Comment 28 Dec 2019
I have to go with Bama. If the ttun pulls one out of their ass their fan base will proclaim them the true national champ. For that reason only I want to see Bama break them in half.
Comment 19 Dec 2019
The Ohio State staff is a machine. Everyone is important and needed to keep this thing of ours rolling. I am so glad to hear Pantoni is happy here and also hearing Hartline has no desire to go anywhere else. Make sure our assets are taken care of to avoid more turnover. Now if we can get some coaches to feel happy and feel they are HOME and avoid more turnover it would be perfect.