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Comment 3 hours ago

Thank you.

A demographic observation/perception like that could be useful in the right context, or a more relevant discussion, but it’s a pretty gnarly generalization to just throw out there. 

I’m also not meaning to assume any malicious intent

Comment 14 hours ago

Wow, I need to check out Annie Haslam, then. 

Live music is amazing. Whenever I need to really chill out I put on over-ear headphones and listen to studio cuts loud as I can handle, cause there’s all kinds of added effects from taking in that way. But when I’m cooking or studying or doing anything where I just need some pleasant background noise, I throw on live sets. Avett Brothers, Grateful Dead, Anderson .Paak. 

Live music seems to me to be under-appreciated with my generation

Comment 22 May 2019

Y’know, it’s interesting we humans think we boss this planet, when really we’ve got maybe 10% of it to play with

Comment 22 May 2019

That’s awesome. Sorry to hear about the rough spot. I’m not even old enough to have been in that position, but I have had one or two life-changing songs in my life, so I can relate to that

Comment 22 May 2019

GoT soundtrack?

Kidding. What kinda music you into?

Comment 22 May 2019

Do you sometimes feel like a sea otter or whale, Zim?

Comment 22 May 2019

Haha well, username checks out.

I will admit that sometimes the yield is frustrating, but it’s fun to try new stuff. AndI’ve started to cook multiple servings that I will then heat up to help fill the next couple days, which has been working well for me

Comment 22 May 2019

Nice. Georgetown is a really pretty strip. I had to go into the city most days last summer and I liked to take time to walk around the waterfront before hopping on the metro, when I could. 

Comment 22 May 2019

Cooking is a good one, too. Whenever I can afford the time, I spend 30-45 minutes making a full-course home meal. Cooking 3-4 things at once means I truly don’t have any attention to spend on anything else during that time, and at the end of it: ain’t nothin’ that tastes as good as home cookin’

OP: no idea why I might remember this but aren’t you the guy who just is about to go to Georgetown? 

Comment 22 May 2019

Music/instruments. Maybe you have to really love music, as I do, but I can sit at a piano/keyboard and forget about the whole world for hours if I want. I don’t even really know what I’m doing, I just sit down with my iPhone or computer and listen to music or find tutorials and try to learn to play songs I listen to. I’ve been doing the same with ukelele and guitar, lately.

I don’t have any experience with lessons or training, I just imitate what I’m listening to until I put pieces of songs together. Sometimes I only learn 30 seconds of a song, and I’ll play that for 15 minutes until I get better at it. But I can tell when I get better, and it feels good. Literally any amount of practice every day makes for improvement, and it’s a 100% relief from the world, at least temporarily. 

Comment 21 May 2019

So, she made an assumption that the Iron Fleet was still at Kings landing and it was an obvious mistake

See, my problem isn't Dany the character making a military mistake. What's the saying about the military, "nothing ever goes according to plan"? 

My problem is the writers of the show, who you are strangely defending, explicitly saying afterwards that there was essentially no logic behind Dany getting ambushed by Euron. Apparently, in the mind of the writers of the show, Dany, the most powerful person in Westeros and who is on a warpath to conquer the Iron Throne, just kinda sorta forgets to worry about one of the strongest elements of her opponent's forces. Characters in any kind of story can't naturally forget things. If a character forgets something, it's because the writers choose that they're going to forget that thing. 

Comment 21 May 2019

Man, you won't give up will ya?

I know better than the show runners how to write and produce a tv show

Nope, I don't, and I've seen few, if any, people make that claim here. But I do know lazy writing and glaring plot holes when I see them, and I think I can be rightfully disappointed when a show that spent years being so meticulous and thoughtful suddenly has plot holes and shitty character development OUT THE ASS in it's final season. 

Asking people here to not be upset about season 8 is like asking people here to not be upset about the Buckeye's defense last year. Maybe you have a point about not focusing on the negatives, but damn if the Buckeyes were't hard to watch on defense last year. 

You're going to great lengths to defend this show, so I'll give you a proper chance:

If you can convincingly justify this ^, then I'll be impressed and I won't have any desire to be critical anymore. Deal?