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Comment 17 Nov 2019

They're the new Alabama with a weak schedule.

I really hope Clemson comes stay out slow and gets KO’d in the playoffs, cause if they win this year Dabo and Co. might learn how to repeat this 10-game preseason routine and do it for the next couple years. ACC doesn’t have any obvious contenders on the immediate horizon.

Comment 17 Nov 2019

LSU does still have A&M, though. Ain't over til it's over. Obviously that is just another variable that would help Bama's case but is unlikely to go their way, but still, a 2-loss LSU makes room for Bama to slide in at 4. Would be interesting to see a decision at the end of the year between 2-loss Pac12 and Big12 winners, 2-loss UGA/LSU (SEC Champ. loser), and 1-loss Bama. Let's see how Bama looks against Auburn; I still think they're in the hunt.

Comment 17 Nov 2019

Why is Bama out? OSU lost a Heisman contender at QB and then lost another before making the playoff in 2014. Bama needs help, but I honestly don't expect their offense to fall off a cliff just cause it's not Too anymore. They'll put themselves in position to take that 4 spot if the other conferences fall their way. 

Comment 16 Nov 2019

Reminds me of a flash bet my friend got sent on NBA opening night.

Bet was straight up: will LeBron score at least 1 point against the Clippers? 

Sure felt like an easy bet (and was, of course), but damn I was inclined to believe the Illuminati knew LeBron was about to break his leg on his bike that morning or something.

Comment 15 Nov 2019

Yeah, Garrett deserves punishment, but absolutely no sympathy for Rudolph. 

When someone takes a weapon from you you should definitely waste no time in approaching them and giving them a reason to use that weapon on you. Especially when before they took your weapon, your head was protected, and now, your head is unprotected. 

Comment 15 Nov 2019

I agree, the tackle on Rudolph is being exaggerated and then used as a foundation for justifying Rudolph escalating things. It’s not a violent tackle, he even cushions the dude’s fall.

Comment 15 Nov 2019

Not biased, and I didn’t “want” to see anything, but I did see multiple things differently than you. With all the replay angles, I don’t know how so much of this is up in the air. 

The hit is late, but even calling it a “hit” is exaggerating. Certainly a late takedown, and unnecessary, but really not very violent. Not as violent as the Joey Bosa hits on Mariota and Kizer in ‘15 and ‘16. 

Rudolph immediately goes for Garrett’s helmet once they’re on he ground. Tugs at it multiple times before Garrett stands up and starts pulling at Rudolph’s. From there, it looks bad for Garrett. And Rudolph does nobody any favors, including his two lineman who are about to have the situation under control. 

As for the Rudolph "charging" Garrett, the guy had his frigging helmet -- again, after a dirty-ass hit.  Not sure what else he's supposed to do.

Anything else. What’s Garrett gonna do, never give the helmet back? Bedazzle it? That is a situation that will obviously resolve itself if either party just had the maturity to be the bigger man. 

Comment 07 Nov 2019

So you’re telling me that at the end of this year if OSU stays 1 and say one of PSU/UGA/LSU ended up in the 8 spot, you wouldn’t be even slightly nervous and wouldn’t deem the matchup worthy of a quarterfinal game?

There is a vast imbalance between the top of CFB and the rest of it at the moment, although upsets do still happen, and teams do go through cycles of success. Expanding the playoff at all might ease some of that imbalance. Regardless, every postseason in every sport has matchups with obvious underdogs, yet upsets happen and the games still have to be played.  

Comment 07 Nov 2019

Don’t you think seeding/home field advantage is motivation for the big games during the regular season? I feel like I hear all the time from players and coaches in the NFL that they are awareness of their positioning to get home field advantage. 

I listened to Klatt’s comments and, while I do think that the current structure of cfb lends itself to relevance during the regular season, I think that effect is more inherent rather than produced. Cfb is football, it’s violent, the seasons have to be short and conclusive, and it’s at a great medium where the quality is good and the play is exciting, while there are still plenty of teams and regional dynamics for fans to engage with. 

I like the 4 team playoff, and I didn’t hate the BCS, but I think the FBS is big enough for the playoff representation to be a little more inclusive. 

Comment 30 Oct 2019

Fields’ age is a great benefit, for sure. I do think Fields throws with better touch, although they both kind of look like they aren’t using all of their athleticism yet.

Comment 30 Oct 2019

Right, I get that. Didn’t really address that aspect in my post, I’ll give you that. 

And I think my point about the rankings is a demonstration of your argument, and be rephrased as just that I see the perceptions you describe evident in week-to-week top 25 rankings, which serve to perpetuate the SEC’s lofty status year-to-year, despite that the actual depth of the strength of their conference might be fluctuating greatly.

Comment 30 Oct 2019

I watched the Oklahoma-K. State game and had the thought that Fields and Hurts look very similar when playing sometimes. Athletically, mechanically, visually. Which I think is good, although in terms of projection, I don’t know if Hurts will be an NFL star.

Comment 30 Oct 2019

I think the real problem is that the straight up top-25 rankings do a poor job of accurately evaluating everyone. 

As others have said, the SEC is often top heavy, but, they also recruit well and win bowl games, so people assume the SEC teams are relatively more talented. However, the fact that SEC teams get put above comparable teams from other conferences becomes a problem when the gap between slots in the rankings is not actually as big as the gap in performance of the teams.

Many recent seasons of cfb have unfolded where there are 3-5 elite teams, and then a noticeable distinction before the next tier of teams. The SEC is often compared favorably within each tier of teams, so the result is they often have teams in proximity in the rankings, allowing them to prop each other up. 

So, perception of the SEC’s talent advantage, as well as some unfortunate performances and mismatches in cross-conference games, really help the southern teams maintain high rankings year-to-year.

Comment 28 Oct 2019

That's the thing about overthinking things. When you're in the midst of overthinking, you don't have the poise to realize it.