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Comment 23 Jul 2012

the good news is that the team is locked into columbus for 30 more years of misery!!!

Comment 23 Jul 2012

if i didn't have season tickets, i wouldn't know columbus had a "hockey" team (emphasis on quotation marks.)

Comment 20 Jul 2012

this was an "i'm comin' for you, lennox" reference. thank you. mike tyson should be the fourth- most quoted person in history after only twain, lincoln, and einstein. just a beautiful human being.

but as for the subject at hand, we're naive if we think this only goes on at the university of miami penitentiary. as a john grisham character put it in runaway jury, "trials are too important to be decided by juries."

college football is too big of a business to be left to amateurs.

Comment 17 Jul 2012

give 'em the guillotine. no, but seriously, we need them to stay or our basketball strength of schedule will suffer. plus, can we really place a value on how much revenue we generate by having access to the University Park market? i mean, there are tens of people there that we simply cannot lose.

Comment 10 Jul 2012

poor argument. meyer gets legal information on his players. joe pa ran the happy valley 5-0. do i need to explain to you the difference?

don't understand your sandusky argument at're just saying words.

Comment 10 Jul 2012

i have to admit i didn't read what you wrote. you may have written something coherent, but i'll just save myself the waste of time and say you didn't.

 the truth is that urban meyer can walk into the franklin county prosecutor's office anytime he wants and find somebody that will cooperate with him. i have no problem with this fact; i'm simply making an objective statement about the nature of things.

moreover, please keep living in your "innocent until proven guilty" world of fairytales, lollipops, and unicorns- jerry sandusky thanks you for withholding judgement.

Comment 09 Jul 2012

you mean "jump to conclusions mats."

moreover, i think you have a bit of a backward perspective of the justice system. yes, sometimes unfounded charges are brought against an individual; however, those stories of reckless prosecution are featured on cnn because of their rarity.

i'm assuming the victim (yes, she was a victim. i'm afraid naivete and idealism have dissuaded you from the "map" jump.) had bruising indicative of assault, which will make this an open-and-shut case. moreover, the fact that meyer has already dismissed the kid from the team tells you all you need to know- outside of the authorities, storm, and his impregnated punching bag, nobody else knows as much as urban. as the state's de facto governor, i'm sure he has had access to evidence to which we "civilians" are never privy.

today, thankfully, the locker room has one fewer thug. goodbye, so long, farewell; may your child be so lucky as to have you go away for awhile.

Comment 09 Jul 2012

you can find anzalone's comment in the recently-released best- selling "things bad athletes say after poor combine performances," brought to you by vontaze burfict and Maurice clarett

Comment 01 Jul 2012

matta went on the record as saying he's never had more problems with a player than with that buffoon.

Comment 01 Jul 2012

by "pure recruiter" i mean if you look at the coach in a vaccuum and remove the allure of history and facilities. we have a good tradition, but nothing like duke, kansas, ucla, et al. we also have great facilities, but cameron and phog allen are in a different ballpark than the schott. if you put matta at unc or uk, he would absolutely mop up.

Comment 01 Jul 2012

if we're going to be honest, i would rather be at duke, as well. i absolutely bleed scarlet and gray, but the opportunity to spend a little time at one of the best universities in the world (even though this kid doesn't give a goddamn about academics or he never would have gone to miss st.) and the opportunity to play for one of the 3 best coaches of all time on tobacco road is too much to pass up.


that said, i don't want him anyway. he rubbed me as a "me first" guy, and kosta koufos and bj (i will never call you byron, bj) mullens have shown us that "me first" guys don't win championships. let him have durham for his 2 years. let him play for one year and bow out in the sweet 16 after he's forced to ride pine this winter. we'll take our lumps at first this year as amir struggles to fill the void. but, aaron craft is the type of kid that i'd go to war with; he'll win when march (and maybe even april) come(s). and thad is thad. he's arguably the best pure recruiter out there, and he'll bring in another oden-type class soon enough.

Comment 24 Jun 2012

cuban's kind of a cheeseball. that grin belongs in lambda, lambda, lambda. bright guy, though.


he next needs to go on PTI and rip those pseudo- intellectuals apart. whenever i call wilbon dumb, everybody always counters with, "he went to northwestern!", like that fete should bestow magical genius powers upon a person. espn needs to disband all accessory programming immediately. they need begin showing 12 live sportcenters a day (because that still is the best program on television- great anchors, brilliant episode construction), show as many live sporting matches as they can (provided none of those feature women playing basketball or 55 year old men rolling 10 pound balls at white cylindrical-like objects while everyone involved pretends that the process involves even the semblance of athleticism), and fill the remainder of that 24 hours with penis- enlargement infomercials, because those are just the tits.

Comment 12 Jun 2012

this list went on a little too long. loyola marymount vs. smu? i chuckled pretty loud at that one. who writes a list to 54 anyway? what an arbitrary number. 

Comment 17 May 2012

i forgot to mention that, in the glove compartment, there's an empty Chik-Fil-A wrapper encasing what's left of Herbstreit's integrity.

Comment 17 May 2012

if i knew how to link images, this contest would be over.


nonetheless, it's probably betty white driving. that bitch is everywhere these days.

clayton bigsby is riding shotgun. he hates them. they stink.

mark may and nick saban were initially in the two rear passenger seats. however, they have since moved to the back of the van. may is giving saban a ZJ. if you don't know what a ZJ is, you can't afford it.


Comment 15 May 2012

i really don't care about these early rounds. i have 29 favorite nba teams. i don't care if al qaeda wins the nba championship (provided that lebron has enough integrity to not play for al qaeda. if he does sign with al qaeda, i would then root against al qaeda; i would want the miami heat to win just to spite him.)

Comment 10 Mar 2012

anytime zack novak gets exposed, i have to smile. he probably should have been thrown out of the game today after kicking ravenel when they were on the floor together (i would estimate with about ten minutes left in the 2nd half.) same old, same old from the scrub who was suspended for elbowing buckeye guard pj hill in the mouth during 2009.

Comment 02 Jan 2012

one- that's one of the 5 toughest places to play in the country.

two- the officiating killed us. 

three- we just plain played badly.



they don't hang banners for games in december.