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Computer programmer, college football fan.


  • SPORTS MOMENT: Holy Buckeye!
  • COLLEGE BASKETBALL PLAYER: David Maurice Lighty, Jr.
  • NFL TEAM: Which one has the most former Buckeyes?
  • NHL TEAM: Columbus Blue Jackets
  • NBA TEAM: Miami Heat, since Shaq days. And now Cavs, too.
  • MLB TEAM: none
  • SOCCER TEAM: The Columbus Crew

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Comment 09 Sep 2019

See what happens to your team when you cut Braxton Miller?

Comment 29 Jul 2019

Oh, I forgot back in 1990-ish OSU did not yet have cable in the dorms.  Very few OSU football games were not shown on broadcast TV, but for some reason this one was (@ Indiana on ESPN). 

We tried all week to find a place that would have it on, but came up short.  Thankfully a Maintenance guy that we were cool with, allowed us to watch it at his apartment.  We took a bus there, and got a ride home from someone.  The cool Maintenance guy slept through the whole game.  lol  Ended up being a 27-27 tie.

Comment 24 Jul 2019

Wait, so it's all or nothing?

Because there are no commercial breaks or timeouts or any lulls in action.  /s

Oh wait there are tons of those. 

Okay, well it's not like there are statistics I want to see or highlights from other games I might check out. /s

I would do all of the above and more, at home.  Just because you have free wifi, it doesn't mean you're not going to pay attention to the action.

Comment 20 Jun 2019

Does anyone know why Mike Weber, who had a 3rd round grade, slipped all the way until the 7th round?  I wouldn't really have any questions if he was a late round grade, then was selected in the 7th.  Something must have happened between the grading and the actual draft.  I remember reading a quote from him along the lines of, "some things happened that were out of my control."

Comment 12 Jun 2019

No offense to any MENSA readers, but I work with 2 MENSA guys (in IT).  Both think they are smarter than everyone, and spend their day doing as little as possible.  To listen to them try to solve problems is like listening to your mom who knows nothing about computer systems talk.  No one can understand how they weren't fired years ago.

After proofreading the above paragraph, I have come to realize that those guys probably are smarter than me.

Comment 16 May 2019

I think TMZ just didn't do their homework, so I'll give them a stupidity pass. 

However many people just see what they want to see in people.  For instance, I have dreadlocks.  I've sat 2 seats from a guy for about a year.  In a company of 1500, another guy starts working here with dreadlocks.  Guy who sits near me say, "Hey MassiveAttack, you have a double working here on the 2nd floor!"  I have seen the other dreadlocks-having guy.  He is 6 inches shorter, 20 years younger, significantly lighter in complexion, has a full beard to my mustache, and likely 75 pounds lighter.  Point is, all my neighbor saw was dreadlocks.

Comment 06 May 2019

BTW, this episode was really good.  I forgot how much I loved Opera Man!

Comment 06 May 2019

There is a plethora or great comics to choose from, male and female.  However, if I had to pick only one (tough choice), I'm going with Eddie Murphy.  Certainly each decade yields great foundations to build a cast around, but Phil Hartman, Kevin Nealon, Dennis Miller, all stand out out to me.

Comment 02 May 2019

I think this article's analysis solid, thank you for providing it.  A commenter above stated that he thinks the Manning's influence with the Giants is big factor.

Comment 20 Mar 2019

Absolutely do NOT miss the Bacchanal Buffet at Caesars Palace, it is expensive but well worth it.  I also recommend the Wicket Spoon Buffet at the Cosmopolitan.  Both are expensive, but a better value than ordering the same type of food as a regular entree at other restaurants.

Do not miss the Le Village Buffet at Paris for breakfast or brunch.  You will enjoy breakfast items from all over the world!

I have been 5 times over the last 15 years, and while I have eaten at many different places (the food is light years ahead of where it was 10 years ago), those 3 are "can not miss" stops.