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Long time OSU fan. I try real hard to be a Bengal fan but it's tough.


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Comment 14 Jul 2019

You are correct. I did not realize that since it wasn't nearly as publicized as the Walnut Hills students. It just offers further proof that the people of SW Ohio aren't the extension of Appalachia that Columbus and Cleveland area residents think we are. SW Ohio is not SE Ohio

Comment 14 Jul 2019

The Cincinnati Public League no longer exists per se as it did when you lived here. Withrow and Walnut Hills, at least athletically compete in the Eastern Cincinnati Conference with six non inner city schools. Also, Walnut Hills now has open enrollment which allows students outside of the city boundaries to apply for admission

Comment 13 Jul 2019

From what I've read in the past on this site Columbus area fans think Cincy is a bunch of uneducated illiterate  KY hillbillies. Fact is 3 of the top 5 high schools in Ohio are in Cincy. Walnut Hills, a Cincy public high school just had 17 kids score a perfect 36 on the ACT. No other high school in Ohio even comes close

Comment 07 Jul 2019

I like the name Brah. It's like listening to Ian-Baker Finch announce golf and announcing that so and so is 3 under pah

Comment 06 Jun 2019

I know D-Day receives and deserves all the respect that it gets, but their were others that did their part in the war. My father served in Burma under General Stillwell and was part of the Merrill's Marauders unit. I still have his Purple Heart and Silver Star that he received. The entire unit was also awarded the Bronze Star and a Presidential Unit Citation.

Comment 28 May 2019

I know Urban won 3 Big 10 titles in his 7 years as HC. When you take into account the fact that in his 7 years as HC he had the # 1 class in Big 10 recruiting and he inherited the #1 Big 10 class from 2011 yet he only won the Big 10 title 3 times. While that's by no means a failure it is a little under achieving considering he had more talent than everyone else in the Big 10. Not only were his classes # 1 in the league, most were top 5 nationally

Comment 21 May 2019

Been there once for the race. Absolutely incredible how fast these cars go. How any driver is able to maintain control and concentration for 500 miles at those speeds is mind boggling