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Comment 19 Apr 2017

You think a defense backs their defensive backs off to a depth of 10 yards when defending an offense with no vertical passing attack to keep from getting beat deep. lol You didn't know that Barrett was hit by his offensive lineman when he threw his interception at the spring game, and corrected that take only when called out on it. lol Then when that was pointed out to you, you said the pressure came up the middle and hit JT in the throwing arm, when the pressure came from the outside left and hit JT in the left side/shoulder, never making contact with his throwing arm. There is ACTUALLY video evidence to confirm that you have no idea what you are talking about. lol

Cincy is a nice guy, and was polite in pointing out what a dumb ass you are. I wish I was more like him, but I'm not. I'm an asshole and I have no patience for a dumb ass like you. You, sir, are the dumbest of all the dumb asses. Have a good evening, and take care dumb ass. /s #winkwink 

Comment 19 Apr 2017

^^ I'm not disagreeing with you about the lack of a long range passing game last year. I wasn't impressed with our passing offense last year, just like you. In fact, at times, it was infuriating. However, I know that J.T. Barrett wasn't the biggest cause of the problem. I also know that he's the best guy, right now, to be at the top of the QB depth chart.

On top of that, my patience for fans who think they know more than professional coaches boarders on next to nothing. My issue is your lack of understanding in regard to basic football. I'm not so much opposed to a layman's dumb ass hot take. It's more about a fan who doesn't take the time to figure out how football works, but thinks he has a clue when he doesn't. 

Comment 19 Apr 2017

If there is there is "no semblance of a downfield passing game" then why would "defenses play 10 yards off the line of scrimmage" as you suggest? That's the opposite of what happens. When you can't throw the ball down field, defensive backs will tighten coverage to take away shorter routes because they don't fear getting beat deep. Did you get your words mixed up, because you are definitely not a dumb ass. Or is this another JT has no pocket presence type of statement?  

Comment 18 Apr 2017

LOL!!!! This has become hilarious. You have no clue what you're talking about and the more you try to dig your way out the worse it makes you look.

1. The pressure didn't come from "up the middle", it came from the left edge of the offensive line. Sam Hubbard, the defensive end, pushed the offensive lineman into Barrett's left side / shoulder. 

2. Barrett's throwing arm wasn't hit. The contact came from the side and hit him in the left shoulder, knocking him off balance. 

At this point, I'm embarrassed for you, you silly dumb ass!!! /s

Comment 18 Apr 2017

Grasping at straws now because you got called out for making an uneducated comment is not going to make your take any less idiotic. You didn't know Barrett was hit during the release or you would've mentioned it in the original comment. Now you're trying to cover for your poor take by making it about height and pocket awareness (or lack there of), which isn't even and issue. Just quit before you lose any credibility you might have left. QB guru you are not. 

Comment 18 Apr 2017

In the sequence of throwing mechanics, as the weight transfers from the back leg to the front leg, it becomes more vulnerable to injury due to being the closest leg to the big men in front of you (both o-line and d-line). For that moment of weight transfer, you can't pick the front leg up to avoid contact and it's also in a locked position with cleats planted in the ground. The knee brace is to help protect the QB's knee in this situation. 

Comment 18 Apr 2017

Hey dumb ass, JT was hit as he was throwing the ball. Sam Hubbard pushed the OT into Barrett as he was releasing the ball. THAT was the reason for his "patented wounded duck throw". 

Now, in regard to your "patented dumb ass statement", don't be such a dumb ass.


Comment 17 Apr 2017

P.J. Fleck seems like a douche to me. The guy just rubs me the wrong way. He doesn't strike me as genuine. He does, however, strike me as a "look at me, look at me!!!" guy. The whole row the boat thing is just another way to bring the attention and focus to himself. 

Comment 16 Apr 2017

Sodomy and biting. Perversion, or a walk in the park, depending on how hard you bite. Ewing...YES!!!

Comment 07 Mar 2017

Only way to go from here is up. Let's see what happens next season. If there is no upward trend, then so be it. It has to get better, but hold the line. Do you play the stock market? I ask because I'm not a wall street guy. I would be interested to see what someone like that has to say about this situation. It would be cool to see what an investor would have to say about this situation.