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Comment 10 Jul 2020

The possible judgement calls seems very subjective in terms of "making it political" considering that somehow simply wearing masks has been made political.  This is concerning because 30 days seems really extreme if pointing out simple facts about covid is frowned upon.  It's something that should actually be discussed, not something to pretend isn't happening. 

Comment 08 Jul 2020

How long before people stop claiming this is all paranoia?  It's a deadly fucking virus that isn't going to magically go away, especially when so many of those in positions of power are not actually putting forth an effort to flatten the curve like nearly every other country has done.  

Comment 07 Jul 2020

I'm not one that says Adeleye is flipping, but to play devil's advocate, previous decommits have also recruited for us right up until the day they decomitted if I'm not mistaken.  

Comment 05 Jul 2020

Man.  I really hope TE recruits don't read these boards.  Even if the negative things people are saying about how we rarely use TEs are mostly true, not sure why they need to keep being repeated.  

Comment 02 Jul 2020

At this point from everything I've read, it seems Emeka is a silent, so I don't understand the continued speculation.  I could be wrong.  It just seems like once he commits it will come out that he has been a silent for months.  

Comment 20 Jun 2020

I went to Colerain during this time when we were beating teams senseless en route to a state championship domination.  Only knew a handful of the football players, but most of the guys I knew weren't the top players like Trammell and Eugene.  I wish Eugene could have stayed out of trouble at Ohio State because he would have been an NFL talent for sure.  

Comment 16 Jun 2020

This could actually be pretty huge considering they both were just tweeting Leigh. Obviously it doesn't mean Leigh is in, but apparently Pryor thinks they helped.