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Comment 9 minutes ago

What an absolutely bullshit call to bail out the darlings of college football. 

Comment 17 minutes ago

Penn State's QB likes his teammate a little too much, eh? lol

"Not that there's anything wrong with that!"

Comment 23 minutes ago

Leave it to Harbaugh to try to claim the runner was short, amirite? 

Comment 26 minutes ago

Not being able to stop a team on 3 straight runs when you absolutely know they're coming must not be a great feeling, eh Michigan? 

Comment 32 minutes ago

What a choke by Michigan receiver there lol

Comment 6 hours ago

Anyone else get triggered by that dumbass comment about how Joe Burrow would be boring in a Jim Tressel offense?  As if Tressel has coached here recently...

If anything, Burrow would thrive even more at Ohio State now than he is at LSU since we have better receivers.